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Ujian Nasional
Tahun 2007
Listening Section
In this section of the test, you will have the chance to
show how well you I’ understand spoken English.
There are 3 parts to this section, with special directions
for each part.
Part I
Questions: 1 to 5.
In this part of the test, you will hear some dialogues or
questions spoken in English. The dialogues or
questions will be spoken two times. They will not be
printed in your test book, so you must listen carefully
to understand what the speakers say.
After you hear a dialogue and the question about it,
read the five possible answers and decide which one
would be the best answer to the question you have
heard. Now listen to a sample question.
You will hear:
Man : How about exercising tomorrow morning?
Woman : Alright. Pick me up at six.
You will also hear:
Narrator : What will the man do?
Sample answer
You’ll read in your test book: Sample answer
Do exercise at 6.
Go with six women, A B C D E
Take exercise alone,
Leave the woman alone,
Come to the woman’s house.
The best answer to the question is “Come to the
woman’s house.” Therefore, you should choose answer
A. Hobbies.
B. Spare time.
C. Part time job.
D. Daily activities.
E. Collecting stamps,
A. The librarian.
B. The Broad Street.
C. The books in the library.
D. The location of the library.
E. The function of the library,
A. His pride.
B. His advice.
C. His intention
D. His curiosity.
E. His agreement,
A. Reading books.
B. Doing many activities.
C. Doing all sort of things.
D. Writing some articles.
E. Reading books and writing some articles.
A. Inability.
B. Uncertainty.
C. Impossibility.
D. Disagreement.
E. Dissatisfaction,
Part II
Questions: 6 to 10.
In this part of the test, you will hear several
questions or statements spoken in English. The
questions and responses will be spoken two times.
They will not be printed in your test book, so you must
listen carefully to understand what the speakers say.
You have to choose the best response to each question
or statement.
Now listen to a sample question:
You will hear:
Woman : Good morning, John. How are you?
Man : …
You will also hear: Sample answer
A. I am fine, thank you.
B. I am in the living room. A B C D E
C. Let me introduce myself.
D. My name is John Travolta.
The best answer to the question “How are you?” is
A. “I am fine, thank you.”
Therefore, you should choose answer (A.).
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Part III
Questions: 11 to 15.
In this part of the test, you will hear several
monologues. Each monologue will be spoken two
times. They will not be printed in your test book, so
you must listen carefully to understand what the
speakers say.
After you hear a monologue and the questions
about it, read the five possible answers and decide
which one would be the best answer to the questions
you have heard.
A. The water is stinky,
B. The water tastes bad.
C. The colour is not good.
D. There is no more water
E. The water is contaminated.
A. His cat.
B. His pet.
C. Bread,
D. Food.
E. Fish.
A. Bones,
B. Soft food.
C. Steamed rice,
D. Fish and bread.
E. Milk and bread.
A. To the mall,
B. To the market,
C. To the boutique.
D. To some antique shops,
E. To the department store.
A. Poor,
B. Rich.
C. Unhappy
D. Luxurious
E. Unfamiliar
This is the end of the listening section
Text I.
This text is for question 16.
Eka : Are you free today?
Lidya : Yes, what’s up?
Eka : Would you like to come with me to see the
“Peterpan” show tonight?
Lidya : Thanks, I’d be delighted to. It’s my favourite
What are the speakers going to do?
A. To stay at home.
B. To see Peterpan show.
C. To arrange their free time.
D. To watch Peterpan at home.
E. To come to their friend’s house.
Text 2.
This text is for question 17.
Mira : Hi, Dad, I will be late home because the
committee will hold a meeting after class.
Father : It’s okay but you must go straight home after
the meeting.
Mira : Don’t worry, Dad.
Mother : What did Mira say?
Father : She said that she would be late home today.
What is the most possible place where Mira is talking
to her father?
A. A hall.
B. Her home.
C. The office.
D. Her school.
E. A meeting room,
Text 3.
This text is for questions 18 to 20.
In which section would you likely read the ad?
A. Company for sale.
B. Office equipment.
C. Job vacancy.
D. Entertainment Guide,
E. Stationary and office.
What position is offered in the advertisement?
A. Salesman.
B. Wholesaler.
C. Accountant,
D. Office staff.
E. Director assistant.
Apply with curriculum vitae to Mrs. Barton.
What information should the applicant include in it?
A. Experience in managing a company.
B. A statement of salary wanted.
C. A prove of knowing about stationary.
D. A statement of responsibility.
E. A statement of education and work experience.
Text 4.
This text is for questions 21 to 23
Once upon a time, a rabbit wanted to cross a river
but he could not swim. He had an idea. He saw a boss
of crocodile swimming in the river. The rabbit asked
the boss of crocodile, “How many crocodiles are there
in the river?” The boss of crocodile answered, “We are
twenty here.” “Where are they?” the rabbit asked for
the second time. “What is it for?” the boss of crocodile
“All of you are good, nice, gentle and kind, so I
want to make a line in order. Later I will know how
kind you are,” said the rabbit. Then, the boss of the
crocodile called all his friends and asked them to make
a line in order from one side to the other side of the
river. Just then, the rabbit started to count while
jumping from one crocodile to another: one … two …
three … four … until twenty, and finally, he thanked all
crocodiles because he had crossed the river.
The story mainly tells us about …
A. twenty crocodiles
B. the boss of the crocodile
C. a rabbit and twenty crocodiles
D. a rabbit and the boss of crocodile
E. the boss of the crocodile and ail his friends
We know from the first paragraph that the rabbit
actually wanted …
A. to cross the river
B. to swim across the river
C. to meet the boss of crocodile
D. to know where the crocodiles are
E. to know the number of crocodiles there
All of you are good, nice, gentle, and kind …”
(Paragraph 2)
The underlined word is synonymous with …
A. wild
B. diligent
C. cheerful
D. easygoing
E. honourable
Text 5
This text is for questions 24 to 27.
The University of Australia
The University of Australia has an international
reputation for educational professionals and for applied
research. It is Australia’s largest university, with six
campuses, including a specialized technology campus.
The university places particular importance on the
quality of its teaching and learning programs, and on
its working links with industry, business and
The whole paragraph promotes that …
A. the University of Australia offers excellent
educational programs
B. the University of Australia is the largest university
in the country
C. the University of Australia has a specialized
technology campus
D. the university places particular importance on
E. the university has six campuses
Which information is NOT TRUE about the University
of Australia?
A. It has an international educational reputation,
B. It also has a specialized technology campus,
C. It has six technology campuses,
D. It is Australia’s largest university,
E. It has good relation with industry.
It is stated that the university has good relationship
with …
A. educational professionals
B. specialized technology
C. large universities
D. other campuses
E. industry
“The University of Australia has an international
educational reputation for …”
The underlined word means …
A. knowledge
B. prestige
C. attitude
D. character
E. interest
Text 6.
This text is for questions 28 to 31.
The police thought that two burglars started the
robbery at 151 Pattimura street on Sunday afternoon.
The burglars broke into the students’ room while they
were going to a football game. They never thought that
while they were away, burglars would break into their
boarding house.
What happened to the students’ room on Sunday
A. The police broke it.
B. The police ruined it.
C. Burglars broke into it.
D. Two burglars broke it.
E. The students started to ruin it.
The burglars broke into the room when the students …
F. were at a party
G. were taking a rest
H. were playing football
I. were at a football game
J. were watching football on TV
“The burglars broke into the students room …” The
underlined phrase means …
A. broke forcefully
B. entered by force
C. put into pieces
D. easily entered
E. came into
The students seem to think that …
A. they had locked their room
B. their boarding house was not safe
C. their boarding house was in a safe area
D. thieves would easily break into their room
E. there would be a robbery in their boarding house
Text 7.
This text is for questions 32 to 35.
An elephant is the largest and strongest of all
animals. It is a strange looking animal with its thick
legs, huge sides and backs, large hanging ears, a small
tail, little eyes, long white tusks and above all it has a
long nose, the trunk.
The trunk is the elephant’s peculiar feature, and it
has various uses. The elephant draws up water by its
trunk and can squirt it all over its body like a shower
bath. It can also lift leaves and puts them, into its
mouth. In fact the trunk serves the elephant as a long
arm and hand. An elephant looks very-clumsy and
heavy and yet it can move very quickly.
The elephant is a very intelligent animal. Its
intelligence combined with its great strength makes it a
very useful servant to man and it can be trained to
serve in various ways such as carry heavy loads, hunt
for tigers and even fight.
The third paragraph is mainly about the fact that …
A. elephants are strong
B. elephants can lift logs
C. elephants are servants
D. elephants are very useful
E. elephants must be trained
Which of the following is NOT part of the elephant
described in the first paragraph?
A. It looks strange.
B. It is heavy.
C. It is wild.
D. It has a trunk.
E. It has a small tail,
It is stated in the text that the elephant uses the trunk to
do the following, EXCEPT …
A. to eat
B. to push
C. to drink
D. to carry things
E. to squirt water over the body
“The trunk is the elephant’s peculiar feature …”
(Paragraph 2)
The underlined word is close in meaning to …
A. large
B. strange
C. tough
D. smooth
E. long
Text 8.
This text is for questions 36 to 39.
Have you ever wondered how people get
chocolate from? In this article we’ll enter the amazing
world of chocolate so you can understand exactly what
you’re eating.
Chocolate starts with a tree called the cacao tree.
This tree grows in equatorial regions, especially in
places such as South America, Africa, and Indonesia.
The cacao tree produces a fruit about the size of a small
pine apple. Inside the fruit are the tree’s seeds, also
known as cocoa beans.
The beans are fermented for about a week, dried
in the sun and then shipped to the chocolate maker. The
chocolate maker starts by roasting the beans to bring
out the flavour. Different beans from different places
have different qualities and flavor, so they are often
sorted and blanded to produce a distinctive mix. Next,
the roasted beans are winnowed. Winnowing removes
the meat nib of the cacao bean from its shell. Then, the
nibs are blended. The blended nibs are ground to make
it a liquid. The liquid is called chocolate liquor. It
tastes bitter. All seeds contain some amount of fat, and
cacao beans are not different. However, cacao beans
are half fat, which is why the ground nibs form liquid.
It’s pure bitter chocolate.
The text is about …
A. the cacao tree
B. the cacao beans
C. the raw chocolate
D. the making of chocolate
E. the flavour of chocolate
The third paragraph focuses on …
A. the process of producing chocolate
B. how to produce the cocoa flavour
C. where chocolate comes from
D. the chocolate liquor
E. the cacao fruit
” …, so they are often sorted and blended to produce …”
(Paragraph 3)
The underlined word is close in meaning to …
A. arranged
B. combined
C. separated
D. distributed
E. organized
How does the chocolate maker start to make chocolate?
A. By fermenting the beans.
B. By roasting the beans,
C. By blending the beans.
D. By sorting the beans.
E. By drying the beans
Text 9.
This text is for questions 40 to 43.
Two students were discussing the school’s new
rule that all the students must wear a cap and a tie One
of them showed her annoyance. She said that wearing a
cap and a tie was only suitable for a flag rising
ceremony. So, she was against the rule. Contrary to the
girl’s opinion, the other student was glad with it. He
said that he didn’t mind with the new rule because
wearing a cap and a tie will make the students look
great and like real educated persons. The first student
gave the reasons that they would feel uncomfortable
and hot. Moreover, the classrooms were not air
conditioned. The second said it wasn’t a big problem.
He was sure that the students would wear them
proudly. They would surely be used to it any way.
The two students are discussing …
A. the facilities in school
B. their homework
C. their uniform
D. their friends
E. their family
The boy said that he agreed with the new rule in his
Which statement shows his agreement?
A. He was not annoyed.
B. He would not obey the rule.
C. He didn’t care of the rule.
D. He didn’t like wearing a cap and tie.
E. He didn’t mind wearing a cap and tie.
The boy believed that all students would …
A. have a high spirit to study
B. solve their own problems
C. care for their environment
D. follow the new rule,
E. feel uncomfortable
“One of them showed her annoyance …” (line 3)
The underlined word is close in meaning to …
A. responsibility
B. displeasure
C. agreement
D. applause
E. response
Text 10.
This text is for questions 44 to 47.
SINGAPORE: A supervisor was jailed for two
months for repeatedly striking his Indonesian maid on
the head and back with a television remote.
Muhammad Shafiq Woon Abdullah was brought
to court in Singapore because he had physically hurt
the woman on several occasions between June and
October 2002, the Straits Time said.
The magistrate’s court heard that Shafiq, 31,
began striking Winarti, 22, about a month after she
started working for him.
He hit her on the head with the TV sets remote
control because he was unhappy with her work. On one
occasion, he punched her on the back after accusing
her of daydreaming.
S.S. Dhillon, Shafiq’s lawyer, said that his client
had become mad when he saw his daughter’s face
covered as she was lying in bed. He said his client
thought the maid had put the child in danger.
The text reported …
the arrest of a supervisor
the working condition in Singapore
an Indonesian worker in Singapore –
the Indonesian workers’ condition in Singapore
a crime by a Singaporean supervisor towards his maid
Which one of the following statements is TRUE
according to the text?
A supervisor was put in jail for two years,
The supervisor gave many kinds of jobs to the maid,
The maid has been working for him for two months,
Winarti struck the supervisor with a remote control,
The supervisor hit his maid’s head with the TV set’s
remote control.
” … he physically hurt the woman …” (Paragraph 2)
The underlined word is close in meaning to …
A. cut
B. injured
C. offended
D. punished
E. damaged
Why did Shafiq punch Winarti on her back? She was
accused of …
A. talking much time for herself
B. not working properly
C. working carelessly
D. daydreaming
E. being lazy
Text 11.
This text is for questions 48 to 50.
Singapore is a city state; it is a city but it is also a
state. It is a republic. Along with Indonesia, Malaysia,
Thailand, the Philippines and Brunei, it belongs to
ASEAN, the Association of South-East Asian Nations.
Like Indonesia, Singapore is a country of
“Bhineka Tunggal Ika.” Chinese, Malays, Indians and
Eurasians make up its citizens. Other Asians, including
Indonesians, Japanese, Philippines, Koreans, Thais and
Arabs also live on that tiny island. Singapore is
sometimes called “Instant Asia” because you can see
varieties of customs, cultures, and foods of nearly all
Asia in Singapore.
The text mainly talks about Singapore as …
a nation
an island
a republic
a city state
a member of ASEAN
Singapore’s citizens consist of …
A. Brunei, Indians
B. Chinese, Thais and Arab
C. Chinese, Malays, Indians, and Eurasians
D. Eurasians and Philippines
E. Asians and Arabs
” … Koreans, Thais and Arabs live on that tiny island.”
(Paragraph 2)
The underlined word may be replaced by “very …”
A. cute
B. huge
C. small
D. broad
E. narrow
Ujian Nasional
Tahun 2006
Bahasa Inggris
Listening section
In this section of the test, you will have the chance to show how well you understand spoken English. There are four parts to this section with special directions for each part.
Part I
Questions 1 and 2
For each question, you will see five pictures in your test book and you will hear a dialogue followed by a question. The dialogues and the questions will be spoken two times. They will not be printed in your test book, so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers say.
When you hear the question, look at the pictures in your test book and choose picture that suits the statement in the dialogues. Then on the answer sheet, find the number of the question and mark your answer. Look at the sample below.
Tape Script:
Man : Could you tell me what time the meeting will start?
Woman : The meeting will start at 2 p.m.
Narrator: Which picture illustrate the statement?
Sample answer
Picture (a) illustrates the dialogue. Therefore, you should choose (a)
A. I
E. V
A. I
E. V
Part II
Questions 3 to 7 Directions:
In this part of the test, you will hear several incomplete dialogues each followed by a question. The incomplete dialogues and the questions will be spoken two times. After you hear an incomplete dialogue and the question, read the five possible answers in your test book then decide which one would be the best response to complete the dialogue.
A. Sure I will
B. You are welcome
C. OK, nice to meet you
D. That sounds interesting
E. See you some other time
A. Please accept my condolences
B. I am proud of your sister
C. You must be very upset
D. Congratulations
E. Not at all
A. So do I
B. 1 had to watch TV
C. Oh, I got upset with her
D. That’s very kind of you
E. It was very good indeed
A. I want to get a job
B. Please help me
C. It’s just for fun
D. Yes, it’s all right
E. That’s OK
A. English
B. With pleasure
C. School library
D. Students and teachers
E. Two cups of coffee, please
Part III
Questions 8 to 11 Directions:
In this part of the test, you will hear several dialogues. They will be spoken two’ times. After you hear a conversation and the question about it, read the five possible-, answers in your test book and decide which one would be the best answer to the question you’ve just heard.
A. The woman’s father
B. The woman
C. The man’s father
D. The man
E. The man and the woman’s father
A. Pleasure
B. Gratitude
C. Satisfaction
D. Uncertainly
E. Dissatisfaction
A. She feels disappointed
B. She feels guilty
C. She hates the man
D. She feels happy
E. She likes the man
A. He offers help
B. He asks for permission
C. He expresses sympathy
D. He refuses the invitation
E. He accepts the invitation
Part IV
Questions 12 to 15 Directions:
In this part of the test, you will hear some short texts. They will be spoken two times. After you hear a text and the questions about it, read the five possible answers and decide which one would be the best answer to the question you’ve heard.
A. Dance teams
B. A gamelan orchestra
C. Traditional costumes
D. A gamelan orchestra and dance teams.
E. A gamelan orchestra and traditional costumes
A. They are not traditional dances.
B. They are performed in religious events.
C. They are very similar to Balinese dances.
D. They are performed at several ceremonies.
E. They are less energetic than Balinese dances.
A. Birthrate
B. Social problems
C. World population
D. Population in Indonesia
E. Family planning program
A. It has reached not more than 200 million.
B. It introduces the family planning program.
C. It causes many problems.
D. It grows very slowly.
E. It increases rapidly.
This is the end of the listening section
Reading section
Text l
This text is for questions 16 and 17
We are announcing today that we are bringing the Milestone and Ever Green brands even closer together. Effective as of December 5, 2005, our official name will be:
The substitution of “West” in our name-replacing “California”- is the result of an agreement we reached with California Gardening Association, following a protest over the original use of “California” in our name. We hope this does not create any confusion among our loyal consumers. While this represents a change from our initial name introduction, it does not change the quality of products we offer to our consumers.
Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the text?
A. The corporate offices were protested
B. The loyal consumers created an official name for the company.
C. There was a conflict between Green Miles West and Milestone
D. The quality of products will be different from the former products.
E. The name “Green Miles West” will be effective as of December 5, 2005.
“… it does not change the quality of the products we offer …” (Paragraph 4).
The underlined word means …
A. take
B. lose erase
C. alter
D. erase
E. throw
Text 2
This text is for questions number 18
1. Teenager
2. Adult
3. Children
50 %
10 %
0 %
20 %
30 %
20 %
20 %
10 %
80 %
10 %
50 %
0 %
From the table above we can conclude that… shows are mostly watched by children.
A. quiz
B. news
C. talk
D. cinema
E. cartoon
Text 3
This text is for questions 19 to 22
University of Cambridge
Do you plan to study abroad? Don’t hesitate. Welcome to Cambridge University. Cambridge University, an institution of higher education, is the second oldest university in Great Britain after the University of Oxford. It is located in the city of Cambridge.
The University of Cambridge is a system of faculties, departments, and 31 independent colleges. You know, although the colleges and the university per se are separate corporations, all are parts of an integrated educational entity. The university examines candidates for degrees during their residencies and at the conclusion of their studies. The colleges provide their students with lodgings and meals, assign tutors, and offer social, cultural, and athletic activities. Every student at the University of Cambridge is a member of a college.
Let’s see its academic year. The academic year is divided into three terms of approximately eight weeks each: Michaelmas (autumn), Lent (late winter), and Easter (spring). Students required to study under supervisor are usually members of the college’s faculties who maintain close relationships with small groups of students in their charge and assist them in preparing for university exams.
The author’s purpose of writing the text is …
A. to review a particular education system
B. to commemorate a particular college
C. to define a particular academic year
D. to explain a particular way to study
E. to describe a particular institution
Which of the following statements is TRUE?
A. The academic year is held in four seasons in a year.
B. Students in colleges are not members of the university
C. Students must not be in their residence during the terms.
D. The students of Cambridge University have holidays in summer.
E. University of Oxford is younger than University of Cambridge
The second paragraph tells the readers about …
A. an integrated educational entity.
B. social activities in the university.
C. the system in Cambridge University.
D. the examination for candidates’ degrees.
E. the criteria for the membership of the university.
“The colleges provide their students with lodgings and meals, assign tutors and offer …” (Paragraph 2).
The underlined word means …
A. dormitories used for studying in groups
B. places offered for doing some business
C. spaces needed for discussion
D. houses needed for taking a rest
E. rooms rented to stay in
Text 4
This text is for questions 23 to 26
The Hen with the Silver Eggs
One day, in an Arabian city, a woman went to the market and bought a beautiful L™ A few days later to her surprise the hen she bought laid a silver egg. If the hen could only be persuaded to lay more than one egg each day, the woman was sure she would never have to work again.
So the woman decided to make the hen eat more, so that it could lay more eggs. But the only result was that the hen died of indigestion and did not lay more eggs at all.
Paragraph 3 mostly discusses about …
A. the hen’s eggs
B. what the woman did to her hen
C. what the hen did for the woman
D. what the hen eats to lay more eggs
E. why the woman wanted to get more eggs
The hen died because it …
A. ate nothing
B. ate too much
C. laid more eggs
D. was badly injured
E. was forced to lay. eggs
From the text we may conclude that the woman was …
A. active
B. miserly
C. greedy
D. furious
E. dangerous
“If the hen could only be persuaded…. ” (Paragraph 2}
The underlined word means ….
A. commanded
B. influenced
C. dangerous
D. brought
E. told
Text 5
This text is for questions 27 to 30
The polar bear is a very big white bear. We call it the polar bear because it lives inside the Arctic Circle near the North Pole. There are no polar bears at the South Pole.
The polar bears live at the North Pole. There is only snow, ice, and water. There is not any land.
These bears are three meters long, and weigh 450 kilos. They can stand up on their back legs because they have very wide feet. They can use their front legs like arms. The polar bears can swim very well. They can swim 120 kilometers out into the water. They catch fish and sea animals for food. They go into the sea when they are afraid.
People like to kill the polar bears for their beautiful white coats. The governments of Canada, the United States, and Russia say that no one can kill polar bears now. They do not want all of these beautiful animals to die.
What does the passage mainly discuss?
A. The size of polar bears.
B. Where polar bears live
C. The habitat of polar bears.
D. Why people hunt polar bears.
E. A brief description of polar bears.
What is the main idea of the last paragraph?
A. Polar bears are very big animals
B. The polar bears are tame animals
C. Polar bears live at the North Pole
D. There are no polar bears at the South Pole
E. Polar bears are hunted because of their beautiful white coats
Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE about a polar bear?
A. A polar bear weighs 450 kilos.
B. A polar bear is three meters long.
C. A polar bear catches fish for food.
D. A polar bear goes into the sea when it is angry.
E. A polar bear can swim 120 kilometers out into the water.
A polar be; goes into the sea when it is afraid. The underlined word is closest ii meaning to …
A. shy
B. angry
C. scared .
D. furious
E. shocked
Tia : You look so sad. What has happened to you?
Mia :My mother was angry because I came home late last night.
Tia : Don’t be sad.
You’d better ask for her apology and admit that you’ve done a mistake.
From the dialogue we know that Tia gives … to Mia.
A. an idea
B. advice
C. an opinion
D. a surprise
E. information
Ana : What did you buy at the grocery store yesterday?
Anto : What did you say?
Ana : I wanted to know what you … at the grocery store yesterday.
A. buy
B. would buy
C. had to buy
D. had bought
E. have bought
Dito : Excuse me …,?
Diah : Oh, of course. Here it is!
A. Can you help me
B. Could you do this me
C. Could you do me a favor
D. May I borrow your dictionary
E. Would you mind opening the door
Mia : Mother, I’ve got a scholarship from Monash University in Australia.
Mother : Thank God. It’s really unbelievable!
The underlined expression shows …
A. anxiety
B. surprise
C. pleasure
D. uncertainty
E. satisfaction
Mrs. Tia : What are you doing on Saturday?
Mrs. Hera : I’m going to see a new play with some students. Would you join us?
Mrs. Tia : I’d like to but I’ll take my kinds to ‘Game Zone’.
The underlined utterance expresses …
A. A, denial
B. refusal
C. pleasure
D. approval
E. disagreement
Anisah : Mom, could I have another cookie; please?
Mother : …, but don’t forget to share it with your sister.
A. Of course
B. I don’t know
C. But it is so urgent
D. Listen, don’t bother her
E. You are kidding, I can’t
Andy : What seems to be the trouble? ….?
Indy : Of course. I need your help. The file cannot be printed out.
A. Can I help you
B. What is your trouble
C. Why don’t you ask me
D. Could you do me a favour
E. Would you mind helping me
Meity : Have you finished writing the article?
Novy : Not yet. But I … writing it by next month.
A. finish
B. would finish
C. have finished
D. will have finished
E. should have finished
Roby : We will have a party for my sister’s birthday next Sunday. Would you like to come. Ira?
Ira : I’d love to. It must be a wonderful party.
The underlined expression is used to express …
A. advice
B. intention
C. C invitation
D. satisfaction
E. suggestion
Andi : It seems that you enjoy listening to ‘dangdut’ music.
Agus : You’re right …
A. I dislike it.
B. It makes me sick.
C. I hate ‘dangdut’.
D. I am annoyed with it.
E. I like ‘dangdut’ very much.
Ardi : As you know our economic condition is unstable. Do you think our government can solve this problem soon?
Badri : I think it is very unlikely. It seems that everything is worsening.
From the underlined words we know that it is … for the government to improve the economic condition in the near future.
A. agreeable
B. improbable
C. uncertain
D. predictable
E. beneficial
Willy : This cake is very delicious. Did you make it yourself?
Betty : Since I was busy, I had it made.
From the underlined utterance we know that Betty … the cake
A. made
B. has made
C. had made
D. asked Willy to make
E. ordered someone to make
Yudi : You look tired. Lack of sleep?
Nazar : Yes. I wish I had gone to bed earlier, but I couldn’t.
From the underlined sentence we conclude that Nazar…
A. went to bed late
B. went to bed early
C. had enough sleep
D. had too much sleep
E. had gone to bed early
Sue : I know you got a bad mark for the English test. What’s wrong with you?
Chris: If I … dial there was a test, I would have prepared for it well,
A. know
B. knew
C. had known
D. have known
E. would know
Brenda : The road is too busy and the vehicles are running so fast.
Auntie : …
A. Mind your step
B. Beware of pick pockets
C. Take care of the vehicles
D. Whatever you do, do it carefully
E. Be careful when crossing the road
Tsunamis wash ashore often with disastrous effect such as severe flooding, loss of lives due to drowning and damage to property.
The synonym of the underlined word is …
A. destructive
B. suspicious
C. sufficient
D. harmless
E. ultimate
Some drugs taken in large quantities cause permanent brain damage.
The opposite of the underlined word is …
A. lasting
B. forever
C. restricted
D. unlimited
E. temporary
“It’s 12 now. The workers will be dismissed for lunch.”
The antonym of the underlined word is …
A. gathered
B. rejected
C. admitted
D. executed
E. terminated
His dry cleaning business is flourishing; he has opened two more branches this year. The underlined word means to be …
A. luxurious
B. plentiful
C. beneficial
D. productive
E. successful
A tsunami is a very large sea wave that is … by a disturbance along the ocean-1 floor.
A. composed
B. mobilized
C. generated
D. influenced
E. appreciated
Ujian Nasional
Tahun 2005
Bahasa Inggris
Listening Section.
In this .section of the test, you will have the chance lo
show how well you understand spoken English There
are four parts to this section with special directions for
each part.
Part I
Questions 1-4
For each question, you will see a picture in \our test
book and you will hear a question followed by live
statements. The questions and the statements will be
spoken two times. They will not be printed in your test
book, so you must listen carefully to understand what
the speaker says.
When you hear the question and five statements look at
the picture in your test book and choose the statement
that best describes what you see in the picture. Then on
the answer sheet, find the number of the question and
mark your answer. Look at the sample below.
Look at the picture in your test book. What is the man
a. a, He is looking at the picture of the two women,
b. He is sitting in the garden holding a camera.
c. I le is pointing at the two women.
d. He is taking a photograph of the women.
e. He is talking to the women.
Sampler answer
Statement (d) “He is taking a photograph of the
women.” best describes what you see in the picture
Therefore, you should choose answer (d).
Part II
Questions 5-10
In this part of the test you will hear a statement or a
question spoken in English, followed by five
responses, also spoken in English. The statement or
question and the responses will be spoken two times.
They will not be printed in your test book, so you must
listen carefully to understand what the speakers say.
You have to choose the best response to each statement
or question.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Part III
Questions 11-15
In this part of the test, you will hear 2 conversations.
They will be spoken two times. After you hear a
conversation and the questions about it, read the five
possible answers and decide which one would be the
best answer to the questions you have heard-
A. How to get a bus.
B. How to get a taxi.
C. How far to walk,
D. How to get to the shopping center,
E. How to shop at the market.
A. Take a taxi,
B. Wait for a bus.
C. Ask for direction,
D. Go to another place
E. Walk to the shopping center.
A. At a coffee shop.
B. At Rudi’s office
C. At Sandra’s office,
D. At the police station,
E. At a college.
A. Some tea.
B. Some soft drink,
C. Some water,
D. Some coffee.,
E. Orange juice,
A. They are visitors,
B. They are guests.
C. They are colleagues,
D. They are officers,
E. They are friends.
Part IV
Questions 16- 20
In this part of the test, you will hear 2 short texts. They
will be spoken two times. After you hear a text and the
question(s) about it, read the five possible answers and
decide which one would be the best answer to the
question(s) you have heard.
A. Albert Einstein,
B. Nobel Prize,
C. University of Zurich,
D. Hitler and his party,
E. Einstein’s famous work.
A. In 1879.
B. In 1905.
C. In 1919.
D. In 1933.
E. In 1955.
A. He wanted to meet Hitler.
B. He wanted to receive the Nobel Prize,
C. He wanted to talk to other scientists,
D. -He wanted to make scientific researches,
E. He wanted to continue his study.
A. Preparing for landing.
B. An announcement for departure.
C. A save place for landing:
D. Cabin attendants.
E. The luggage of the passengers.
A. On a bus.
B. On a train,
C. On a ship,
D. On an aero plane,
E. At the airport.
This is the end of the listening section
Reading Section
In this part of the test, you have to choose the best
answer to each question from the alternatives given.
Text 1
Read the following text to answer questions 21 and
The market is called a floating market because the
trade takes place on boats – in Indonesia they are called
klotok and jukung. This market has existed for over
400 years. In the past, people from inland areas brought
their agricultural produce or handicrafts to sell. They
bartered with people from the coastal areas. Nowadays
people can buy things such as fruit, vegetables,
traditional cakes and even clothes from this ‘pasar
terapung’. Another unique feature of these markets is
the time of trading; it begins around 5 a.m. and finishes
at 9 a.m.
The paragraph mainly talks about …
A. handicrafts
B. cakes and cuisine
C. floating markets
D. agriculture produce
E. unique features of the markets
“They bartered with people from the coastal areas.
The underlined word means …
A. sold something for money
B. exchanged goods for other goods
C. sold their belongings to buy something
D. bought something by using money
E. tried to buy something without money
Text 2
Read the following text to answer questions 23 to
Reading Cobain’s Pain
Next month late Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain’s
life will once again become public property, courtesy t
Riverhead Books. And true to Cobain form , “Journals”
which NEWSWEEK’s Lorraine Ali described in last
week U.S edition as “a collection of handwritten diary
entries: letters, band memos, drawings, screeds and
cries from the heart” – won’t be released without
Riverhead has reportedly paid Cobain’s widow
Courtney Love, and his 10-year-old daughter, France;
roughly $4 million for “Journals”. As Ali writes, some
fan “worry that it’s an invasion of Cobain’s privacy, his
suicide in April 1994 being tragic, irrefutable evidence
of his desire to be left alone.” Many would tend to
agree. But having, read the book, Ali seems to
acknowledge its value “Journals can be raw and
unsettling,” she writes. But “the book also illuminates
Cobain’s sweet, whimsical side.” She continues. “These
contradictions may enhance the way; we listen to
The passage is mainly about …
A. the contradiction between Cobain and Lorrainne
B. the publication of Kurt’s Cobain’s life
C. Lorraine All’s life in Riverhead Books
D. the 10-year-old daughter’s problems
E. Cobain’s widow’s suicide
The main idea of the second paragraph is …
A. Nirvana fans will be sweet
B. the journals make the fans tragic
C. Kurt Cobain’s life will become public property
D. Ali’s books will be written by the widow, of
E. $4 million has been paid to Cobain’s widow and
All of these statements are true, EXCEPT …
A. Kurt Cobain’s life becomes public property
B. Lorrainne Ali wrote an article in NEWSWEEK
C. Riverhead paid Cobain’s widow and his daughter
$4 million for “Journals”
D. Cobain died because of a sickness he suffered for a
E. “Journals” illuminates Cobain’s sweet whimsical
“But having read the book. AH seems to acknowledge
its value.” (Paragraph 2) The closest meaning of the
underlined word is …
A. understand
B. accustom
C. report
D. admit
E. refuse
Text 3
Read the following text to answer questions 27 to
The increasing employment of Indonesian women
workers comes mostly from middle-and-upper-income
families. This is because many of them have got higher
education. Today more than half of all women college
graduates are employed, compared to four out often
high school graduates, three out often elementary
school graduates, and only two out often among those
with less than grade five in school. Most of the
working girls in the 1980s were unskilled, but today’s
working women have considerably more education
than those who do not work. Among the working
women only three fourths are high school graduates
and less than 10 percent have not been to high school at
Most well-educated middle class working women hold
white collar or professional jobs. Although many other
kinds of work are offered to college graduated women,
clerical work and teaching are mostly preferred. About
three fifths of the girls who are graduated from high
schools take clerical jobs.
What is the passage about?
A. Tile shirt from household work to professional and
clerical work for women
B. A comparison between well-educated and lesseducated
working women
C. The number of employed middle-class working
D. Job choice for working women
E. Working women in the 1980s
The main idea of paragraph two is …
A. More than half of college graduated women are
B. Many kinds of work are offered to educated
C. Less educated working women like working as
D. The profession as a teacher and a clerk is suitable
for women
E. The profession as a teacher is better than the
profession as a clerk
Which is TRUE about women employees according to
the text?
A. Most high-school graduates take clerical jobs.
B. There arc more college graduates than high-school
C. Elementary-school graduates are comparable to
college graduates.
D. The women workers are mostly elementary-school
E. Less than twenty percent of women workers didn’t
finish elementary school.
What is meant by white collar jobs? The underlined
phrase means …
A. teachers
B. clerical work
C. professional jobs
D. middle-class work
E. upper-class work
According to the passage, teaching is considered as
A. a white collar or professional job
B. an educated employment
C. middle-class work
D. proportional work
E. clerical work
Text 4
Read the following text to answer questions 32 to
Gunung Tujuh Lake is one of the many lakes in
Kabupaten Kerinci in Jambi province. It is an amazing
tourist place to visit. The location of Gunung Tujuh
Lake is in Kecamatan Kayu Aro. It is about 50 km
from Sungai Penuh to Pelompek village by public
transport. Then people climb and walk for another 4
km or for 2.5 hours. The lake is surrounded by steep
forest slopes and seven mountains. The highest peak of
Gunung Tujuh Lake is 1,950 m above sea level. The
length of the lake is 4,5 km and the width is 3 km. It is
a volcanic lake and the highest in Southeast Asia. The
temperature around the lake is very cold. Besides
waterfalls you can also find animals such as siamang.
elephants and birds. Gunung Tujuh Lake is really
beautiful with a spectacular scenery.
What does the text mainly talk about?
A. Amazing tourist resorts in Jambi,
B. Gunung Tujuh Lake in Jambi.
C. Volcanic lakes in Jambi,
D. Steep forest slopes in Jambi.
E. Waterfalls in Jambi.
The main idea of the text is that …
A. Gunung Tujuh Lake is a beautiful tourist resort
B. the location of Gunung Tujuh Lake is difficult to
C. Gunung Tujuh Lake is the only lake in Sumatra
D. tourists from Southeast Asia visit this beautiful
E. the animals are more attractive than the lake itself
Which statement is TRUE according to the text?
A. The lake is 3 km long,
B. Gunung Tujuh Lake is not a volcanic lake.
C. Gunung Tujuh Lake is 4.5 km away from Sungai
D. There are steep forest slopes and seven mountains
around the lake,
E. Siamangs are the only animals that can be found in
Gunung Tujuh Lake.
“Gunung Tujuh Lake is really beautiful with a
spectacular scenery.”
The underlined word means …
A. amusing
B. remarkable
C. lovely
D. pretty
E. touching
“The lake is surrounded by steep …”
The underlined word means almost …
A. vertical
B. broad
C. deep
D. high
E. large
Read the following dialogues and answer the
Mom : Girls, make up your beds!
Nindy : What did mom say to you just now?
Ninin : She asked us … our beds.
A. makeup
B. made up
C. to make up
D. making up
E. should make up
Becky : What’s wrong with you, Dicky?
Dicky : I sprained my ankle when I … football,
A. play
B. was playing
C. playing
D. is playing
E. was played
A : Dad, I got a straight “A” for mathematics.
B : Really? Oh. your mom and I are really proud of
The underlined phrase expresses …
A. sympathy
B. satisfaction
C. irony
D. obligation
E. pride
Dony : Excuse me. Is it all right if I sit beside you?
Rina : With pleasure.
From the dialogue above we know that Dony asks for
A. apology
B. information
C. permission
D. sympathy
E. pleasure
X : Hi, Nina! What’s up? Why do you look so sad?
Y : I’ve got a terrible headache.
X : Oh, poor you …?
A. Can I get you some aspirin
B. May I come to your house
C. Could you come to my house
D. Can you do me a favour
E. Can you help me
Farmer : I… you’ll have delivered the fertilizer by
the end of this month.
Shopkeeper : I’m afraid I can’t. The new regulation
makes everything more complicated,
A. plan
B. hope
C. want
D. think
E. doubt
Hardi : I failed my driving test.
Budi : … I’m sure you will be successful next time,
A. Hard luck
B. That’s good
C. Good luck
D. Sincerely yours
E. God bless you
Wido : Would you like me to carry these books,
Mr. Sumadi : Sure. Thank you very much.
The underlined expression shows …
A. offering to do something
B. asking to do something
C. apologizing for someone’s mistake
D. disagreeing with someone’s opinion
E. greeting someone
Tony : Hi. Andi, what about going to Agung’s
birthday party tonight?
Andi : I’m afraid I can’t. I am going somewhere with
The underlined sentence is used to …
A. decline an invitation
B. ask for permission
C. agree to do something
D. express a surprise
E. ask for an apology
David : Have you finished doing the English
Dona : Not yet. But I … it by 5 o’clock,
A. will finish
B. will be finishing
C. will have finished
D. will be finished
E. will have been finishing
Wati : Lots of women are incapable of working in
Malaysia this year.
Warni : Why?
Wati : Because they are unskilled workers.
From the underlined expression we can conclude that
lots of women … in Malaysia.
A. are not working
B. will not work
C. cannot work
D. must not work
E. are not going to work
A : You have only a few minutes before the train
leaves, or you … it.
B : Thank you for reminding me.
A. might miss
B. have missed
C. are missing
D. have to miss
E. should have missed
A : How was the result of your test?
B : I am really…. I got a good score,
A. disappointed
B. appreciated
C. excited
D. satisfied
E. dedicated
Albert : You told me that you had an accident. Where
is your motorcycle now?
Bertha : That’s right. It … to the garage to be repaired,
A. has brought
B. is bringing
C. would be brought
D. is being brought
E. will be bringing
Agung : Send this letter today.
Secretary : Yes, Sir.
From the dialogue we know that Agung will have the
letter …
A. deliver
B. delivered
C. to deliver
D. to be delivering
E. delivering
Aldo : Did you attend the meeting last Monday?
Fery : I would if 1 had been invited.
The underlined utterance means …
A. Fery didn’t attend the meeting
B. Fery plans to attend the meeting
C. Fery knew about the meeting and he attended the
D. Fery was not invited to the meeting but he came
E. Fery was invited to the meeting but he didn’t come
Sherly : Billows of smoke from the forest fires in
Jambi, Riau and West Kalimantan are
becoming thicker and thicker. They have
harmful effects on our health and daily
Raissa : That’s right. I think the government … people
to understand the value of forests and stop
their bad habits.
A. educated
B. have educated
C. are educating
D. would educate
E. should have educated
The following incomplete paragraph is for questions
no 54 to 56. Fill in the blank spaces with suitable
The Red Cross is an international organization
that helps the sick, the hungry and the …(54). It has its
headquarters at Geneva in Switzerland. Its symbol is a
red cross on a white flag.
The Red Cross was founded by Henry Dunant in
1863 after he had seen the terrible suffering of …(55)
soldiers. The organization helps the wounded of all
armies, It does not take sides. Today it is based in more
than 70 countries and … (56) soldiers and civilians all
over the world.
A. victims
B. accident
C. screaming
D. suffering
E. soldiers
A. dead
B. killed
C. damaged
D. destroyed
E. wounded
A. cares for
B. looks for
C. asks for
D. helps for
E. gives for
Read the following sentences and answer the
Because of the … of pesticides, our environment is now
in danger.
A. use
B. misuse
C. misproduce
D. produce
E. production
People have built the dams since the earliest time to …
A. arrange
B. regulate
C. manage
D. store
E. treat
In order to stabilize self-sufficiency in food, rice
production is boosted to continuously increase mainly
by implementing a rice policy. The underlined word
means …
A. stopped the challenge
B. prevented the progress
C. given a blow
D. decreased
E. given a push up
Banks normally hold customers’ money in two distinct
forms: current account and deposit account.
The underlined word is similar to …
A. different
B. important
C. similar
D. separated
E. equal
Ujian Nasional
Tahun 2004
Bahasa Inggris
Listening Section
In this section of the test, you will have the chance to
show how well you understand spoken English. There
are four parts to this section, with special directions for
each part.
PART I Questions: 1 to 7
Directions: In this part of the test, you will hear a
dialogue or a question spoken in English, followed by
five responses, also spoken in English. The dialogue or
question and the responses will be spoken just one
time. They will not be printed in your test book, so you
must listen carefully to understand what the speakers
say. You have to choose the best response to each
dialogue or question.
Now listen to a sample question.
You will hear:
Man : What do you think of my painting?
Woman : …
You will also hear:
A. I like painting.
B. What a wonderful painting!
C. Painting is a good hobby.
D. You don’t like painting, do you?
E. I don’t like painting.
The best response to the question in “What a wonderful
painting!” Therefore, you should choose
answer (b).
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
PART II Questions: 8 to 12
Directions: In this part of the test, you will hear three
After you hear a conversation and the question (s)
about it, read the five possible answers and decide
which one would be the best answer to the question (s)
you have heard.
A. The manager’s car.
B. The manager’s office,
C. The manager’s house.
D. The manager’s address,
E. The manager’s driver.
A. Educational institution.
B. Faculty of education,
C. Law institution,
D. Professional lawyer,
E. Faculty of law.
A. Jalan Sawo thirteen, Kebayoran Baru,
B. Jalan Sawo sixteen, Kemayoran.
C. Jalan Seno thirteen, Kebayoran Baru.
D. Jalan Jambu thirteen, Kemayoran.
E. Jalan Sawo thirty, Kebayoran Baru.
A. A Chinese teacher,
B. A chef.
C. A restaurant manager.
D. A waiter,
E. A hotel manager.
A. A magazine,
B. RRI Radio,
C. newspaper,
D. Television.
E. A bulletin.
PART III Questions: 13 to 17
Directions: In this part of the test, you will hear three
short texts.
After you hear a text and the question (s) about it, read
the five possible answers and decide which one would
be the best answer to the question (s) you have heard.
A. Unmarried women.
B. Career women,
C. Married women,
D. Women’s position in a company,
E. Women’s lives.
A. Position in the company,
B. Satisfaction in career,
C. Having time for children,
D. Career in a company.
E. Marriage and children.
A. The next rice harvest.
B. Farmers in Lampung.
C. Rice fields.
D. Possible failure in the next harvest.
E. Farmers in West Java.
A. A long drought,
B. The rainy season,
C. Wet fields.
D. Next harvest,
E. Difficult farmers.
A. When he was still alive.
B. Soon after he invented the telephone,
C. Before he patented his invention,
D. In 1796.
E. In 1956.
Questions: 18 to 20
Directions: For each question, you will see a picture in
your test book and you will hear a questions followed
by five-statements. The questions and the statements
will be spoken just one time. They will not be printed
in your test book, so you must listen carefully to
understand what the speaker says.
When you hear the questions and five statements, look
at the picture in your test book and choose the
statement that best describes what you see in the
picture. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of
the question and mark your answers.
Reading Section
In this part of the test, you have to choose the best
answer to each question from the alternatives given.
Text l
A supporter of the national education bill displays
a sign reading “Endorse the national education* bill
right now” to every motorist passing the back gate of
the House of Representatives compound in Senayan,
Central Jakarta. Thousands of members from Islamic
groups gathered outside the compound on Tuesday
demanding that the bill be endorsed.
The topic of the passage is about …
A. national education
B. education bill
C. supporters of the bill
D. a supporter’s idea
E. a public demand
“… that the bill be endorsed”.
The word endorsed is closest in meaning to
A. talked
B. discussed
C. approved
D. decided
E. resumed
Text 2
Satellite Space-eye does not look like the
satellites of the 1980’s. It has large wings that gather
solar power. The power is for the motor. It keeps the
satellite in the same place above the earth. All the big
farmers in the area have paid for the cost of Satellite
Constanza is one of those farmers. His home
computer makes the connection with Satellite Spaceeye.
He asks to see a picture of the field in the southwest
corner of his farm. The picture appears on a TV
screen. It is a picture of a green wheat field. Everything
looks fine, he then asks the computer to show the same
area, but in colours. .The colours show the different
temperatures in the field. He knows healthy wheat
plants will all be green. The TV screen blinks and a
beautiful picture appears. It has many shades of blue,
red, and green.
Constanza looks closely at the large red spot near
the middle of the wheat field. He knows that something
is wrong in the wheat field. The red colour means the
spot is warmer than its surroundings. It may be due to
lack of moisture or not enough nutrients in the soil.
Insects eating the wheat can also show a red spot.
Constanza tells the computer to tell him more
about the warm spot. The computer points out that the
problem is a shortage of nitrogen in the soil. He asks
the computer to predict the harvest if he adds the
fertilizer. He then tells the computer the current market
price for wheat. He also tells the price of the fertilizer.
He asks for a costing. He wants to know if it will give
him a profit to add the fertilizer. The computer gives
him the answer. Is it a science fiction? No, it is
happening now.
The text tells about …
A. Constanza and his wheat field
B. the use of Satellite Space – eye in farming
C. the blue, red, and green colours on the TV screen
D. the meaning of the colours appeared on the TV
E. the ability of the computer to predict
The main idea of paragraph two is …
A. Constanza is one of the farmers who makes use of
the Satellite Space-eye.
B. Constanza’s home computer is connected to
Satellite Space-eye.
C. The picture appears on the TV screen comes from
Satellite Space-eye.
D. Various information can be served by Satellite
E. The Satellite Space-eye sent Constanza what he
The red colour showed on the TV screen means that …
A. the plants are healthy
B. the soil does not have enough nutrients
C. the temperature is low
D. the plants are not disturbed by any insects
E. the wheat field is in good condition
“It may be due to lack of moisture.” (Paragraph 3)
We can replace the underlined word with …
A. make
B. have
C. get
D. owing to
E. let
Text 3
Dear Rossa,
I am a guy, twenty-eight years old. I have a
problem with a girl friend. She is twenty five years old.
We have been dating each other for years, since we
were high school students. Now we have jobs. I feel
very sure that we love each other. Now it is time for me
to get married. Unfortunately, her parents never
approve of our relationship ever since the very first
time. My family, anyhow, does not really mind. At first
I thought my girl friend had the power to defend our
love. But then she surrendered. She loves, me and she
loves her family, too. On the one hand she said, “I’ll be
happy if my family is happy.” It means she had to get
approval from her parents.
For this^ I was shocked. My heart was broken.
She ended our relationship just at the time when I was
ready to marry her. When I was with her, we were very
happy. We had a lot in common and there were no
conflicts. The truth was, we separated only because of
her parents. They want her to marry her cousin, her
aunt’s son (this is one of the traditions in the Karonese).
For the time being I am very upset. When I miss
her I call her. Then we can eat together, talk together
for hours. We act like elating because she loves me,
too. The real problem is, she cannot refuse what her
parents want.
So, should I forget my girl friend, the only one
that I truly love? Or else, should I just wait, and dream
that one day she will be back to me?
Rio N., Padang
Dear Rio,
You call her your girl friend, but she has chosen her
own way. For this reason I’d, say that there is nothing
you can do except forget her and go on with your
normal life. Hopefully you can find another and live
happily forever.
The main idea of the first paragraph is that
A. the writer wants to get married
B. the writer has been dating for years
C. the writer has a problem with his girl friend
D. the writer feels sure that they love each other
E. the writer’s parents disapprove of his relationship .
Which of the following sentences is TRUE according
to the text?
A. Rio is not ready to get married.
B. Rio’s parents disagree to his marriage.
C. Rio and his girl friend often got conflicts.
D. Rio’s girl friend didn’t really love Rio.
E. Rio’s girl friend couldn’t defend her love for Rio.
Why do the girl’s parents disapprove of their marriage?
Because …
A. they don’t like Rio.
B. the girl is still studying.
C. Rio is from a different ethnic group.
D. they keep the Karonese tradition.
E. the girl has chosen another guy.
Rio cannot forget her girl friend because …
A. she is very pretty
B. she is very faithful
C. she is his true love
D. she is his first love
E. she is his last love
Text 4
Uday and Qusay are killed and the delighted
British and American governments suggest that Iraq
will be a safer place. Yes, the Iraqis may well feel
safer. And – with the dictator’s brutal sons out of the
way forever more confident about continuing the
resistance against the American occupiers.
Shortly before their deaths were announced,
Richard Gephardt, Democrat presidential hopeful,
delivered a blistering attack oh Bush’s foreign policy
which was driven, he said, by “machismo” and
“arrogant unilateralism”. Bush, he continued, had
treated U.S. allies “like so many flies on America’s
windshield”. He added: “Foreign policy isn’t a John
Wayne movie.”
The attack on the villa where Saddam’s sons were
hiding might be seen as driving home the point;
Instead, the announcement that they had been killed by
the U.S. troops in a shoot-out is welcomed by Tony
Blair as “great news”.
The text mainly discusses about …
A. Uday and Qusay who killed U.S. troops
B. Uday and Qusay who are killed by U.S. troops
C. Richard Gephardt who attacked Bush’s domestic
D. the attack on the villa where Saddam Husein was
E. Tony Blair who is welcomed by Saddam’s sons,
Uday and Qusay
The main idea of paragraph 3 is that …
A. U.S. troops killed Saddam in the attack on the
B. Uday and Qusay had killed U.S. troops and Tony
C. Tony Blair attacked the villa where Saddam’s sons
were hiding.
D. Saddam was killed by Tony Blair and U.S. in
Saddam’s sons’ villa.
E. The announcement of Saddam’s son’s death is
welcomed by Tony Blair.
Which statement is correct according to the text?
A. John Wayne movie was presented to Bush
B. Tony Blair received the “great news” of Bush and
Gephardt’s death.
C. John Wayne was a movie star who attacked the
villa of Saddam’s sons.
D. Richard Gephardt attacked Bush’s foreign policy
after Uday and Qusay’s death.
E. The news of Uday and Qusay’s death made the
British and American government pleased.
“The attack on the villa where Saddam’s sons were
hiding might be seen as’ driving home the point.”
(Paragraph 3)
The word attack has similar meaning to …
A. raid
B. resist
C. shield
D. defend
E. withdraw
“…had killed Uday and Qusay.”
A. The Iraqis
B. Tony Blair
C. U.S. troops
D. John Wayne
E. Richard Gephardt
1. The aim of a political party is to elect officials
who will try to carry their interests
2. A large political party usually has millions of
members and supporters.
3. A political party is a group organized to support
certain policies on questions of public interests.
4. When people in a democracy disagree about what
the government should do, each voter expresses
his opinion by voting for the candidate that
supports his side of the argument.
5. The questions may range from issues of peace,
war and taxes, to how people should earn a living.
The best order of the sentences above is …
A. 3 – 2 – 1 – 4 – 5
B. 2 – 1 – 3 – 4 – 5
C. 2 – 1 – 4 – 3 – 5
D. 2 – 1 – 3 – 5 – 4
E. 3 – 2 – 4 – 5 – 1
1. I decided to apply for the job.
2. I saw an interesting job advertised in the paper last
3. Then I went to the address in the advertisement.
4. I telephoned the company to see if the job was still
5. The next morning I put on my best set of clothes.
6. They told me to come to the office the next day for
an interview.
7. After asking me a lot of questions the manager
offered me the job.
8. I was asked to go into the manageress’s office.
The best arrangement of the sentences to make a good
paragraph is …
A. 1 – 2 – 4 – 6 – 5 – 3 – 7 – 8
B. 2 – 1 – 4 – 6 – 5 – 3 – 8 – 7
C. 2 – 3 – 1 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 8 – 7
D. 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 8 – 5 – 6 – 7
E. 1 – 2 – 4 – 5 – 8 – 6 – 7 – 8
Jack : Rita, …
Rita : Pleased to meet you.
Don : Pleased to meet you too.
A. Don is my friend
B. Don wants to meet you
C. don’t you know Don is my friend.
D. I’d like you to meet my friend Don
E. please introduce yourself to Don
Mother : Clean your room, Siska!
Siska : Yes, mom.
Vinda : What did your mother tell you, Siska?
Siska : She told me …
A. clean my room
B. to clean my room
C. to clean your room
D. cleaned my room
E. clean your room
Nuki : What was your sister doing when you
arrived home last night?
Rendra : She … in the kitchen.
A. cooks
B. is cooking
C. has cooked
D. has been cooking
E. was cooking
Ina : Why are you sleepy in class?
Ines : Do I look sleepy, Na? I am not sleepy, but I
have a painful stomach ache.
Ina : You should go to the doctor. Come on 111
accompany you.
The underlined words express …
A. disagreement
B. satisfaction
C. obligation
D. offering
E. advice
“Watch the TV tonight. My daughter is on TV channel
5 at eight. She always makes me happy.”
“Sure, I will.”
From the underlined words we know that the first
speaker feels … her daughter.
A. proud of
B. angry with
C. worried about
D. disappointed at
E. doubtful about
A : Have you heard that uncle Joe will come next
B : Oh. really? When did he tell you?
A : Last week. The underlined sentence is used to
A. happiness
B. pleasure
C. surprise
D. enjoyment
E. curiosity
“What a beautiful voice. She is a talented singer,”
“She … since she was a child.1′
A. sang
B. sings
C. is singing
D. had been singing
E. has been singing
Mary introduced me to her former lecturer … She
married after she had graduated.
A. of whom
B. whose
C. of which
D. whom
E. who
Atik : When will your sister finish her “study?
Mirna : I hope she … by July next year.
A. will have graduated
B. has graduated
C. will graduate
D. is going to graduate
E. intends to graduate
Niluh : I saw Sofyan come by bus this morning.
Where is his car?
Andi : His car is out of order so he asked the
mechanic to repair it.
From the dialogue we conclude that …
A. Sofyan had repaired his car
B. Sofyan had his car repaired
C. the mechanic asked to repair the car
D. the mechanic asked Sofyan to repair the car
E. the mechanic and Sofyan repaired the car
Mr.Anwar : Are you pleased that your son wants to
be a dentist?
Mr. Rahman : No, not really. I wish my son became a
manager of my shoe-store.
The underlined expression means that …
A. Mr. Rahman’s son is a manager.
B. Mr. Rahman wants his son to be a manager.
C. Mr. Rahman’s son is running a shoe-store business.
D. Mr. Rahman’s son was not a dentist.
E. Mr. Rahman’s son was the manager of the shoestore.
Jaya : Why are you still here? Didn’t you tell me that
you would go to Jakarta today?
Setiadi : I would have been in Jakarta if the bus had not
got an accident.
The underlined utterance means …
A. Setiadi is in Jakarta
B. Setiadi went to Jakarta
C. The bus was safe
D. Jaya went to Jakarta
E. The bus got an accident
Student 1 : Andi is late again.
Student 2 : He is never on time. I think he … earlier.
A. could have woken
B. ought to wake
C. should have woken
D. might have woken
E. would have woken
This text Is for questions 51 to 53.
At present, aero planes are playing a very
important role to … (51) one place to another. People
can go round the world just in a two day flight by the
world’s first supersonic airliner, Concorde, which …
(52) at a height of over 18.0000 metres and … (53) a
speed of over 2000 km per hour.
A. disjoin
B. part
C. connect
D. separate
E. divide
A. goes
B. flies
C. jumps
D. drives
E. comes
A. cuts
B. continues
C. moves
D. reaches
E. limits
Some pollutants are always … because they are
A. unavailable
B. undesirable
C. unchangeable
D. unsuitable
E. unavoidable
New research suggests that men and women should
consider … cigarettes with carrots, which are rich with
A. finding
B. knowing
C. searching
D. recognizing
E. replacing
To accelerate the economic growth, social progress and
cultural development is one purpose of ASEAN.
“To accelerate” means …
A. hold up
B. keep back
C. speedup
D. turn on
E. slowdown
The government has taken steps toward harming
certain jobs for children in order to protect them.
The underlined word means …
A. warning
B. crossing
C. preventing
D. forbidding
E. eliminating
Jack was promoted area manager at Balikpapan but he
The underlined word means …
A. disapproved
B. criticized
C. delighted’
D. defended
E. delayed
The company’s finances should be strong enough to
develop productively:
The underlined word means …
A. funds
B. loan
C. grant
D. credit
E. investment
Mother Theresa was awarded the Nobel peace prize in
1979 for her work among the homeless.
The underlined word means …
A. celebrated
B. dedicated
C. granted
D. proved
E. attacked
Ujian Nasional
Tahun 2003
Bahasa Inggris
Text 1 This test is for Kerns number 1-2
A planet is a body in space that revolves around a
star. There are nine planets in our solar system, and
these nine planets travel around the sun. The names of
the planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter,
Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.
Planets travel in orbit, around the stars. All of the
planets of the solar system revolve ill elliptical orbits.
In other Words, their orbits are like large, flat circles.
The time that it takes a planet to make one revolution
around the sun is called a year.
The Greeks were the first people to recognize and
give names to some of the planets. The word planet
comes from a Greek word meaning wanderer. If a
person wanders, tills means that he goes from one
place to another and does not have a home. The Greeks
thought that planets “wandered” in the sky. However,
modern scientists can predict the movement of the
planets very accurately.
What is the suitable title for this text?
A. The Stars.
B. The Planets.
C. The Orbits.
D. The Wanderers
E. The Greeks.
The planets in our solar system travel …
. around the stars
. around the circles
. in one movement
. from one position to another
. in elliptical orbits
Text 2 This text is for items number 3-7
There are millions of plants and animals living in
the sea. Most of the plants and animals living in the
oceans are extremely small and float near the surface of
the water in their thousands. They are food for huge
numbers of small animals that also live near the
surface. Together, they are all known as plankton.
Many fish feed on this plankton, including one of
the largest, the whale shark. Despite their great size,
certain whales live entirely on plankton.
The blue whale is the largest animal ever to live.
It grows to a length Of over 100 feet. The humpback
whale is a smaller kind and has long flippers. It can
jump right out the water. The Californian grey whale
makes long migrations every year – it spends the
summer feeding in the Artic but swims south to the
warmer waters off the coast of Mexico in the winter.
The females give birth in the shallow, warm water
Many of the fish in the sea may be eaten by other
meat-eaters. Sharks, for example, are some of the
fastest hunters, although not all of them eat other fish.
Deep down in the oceans live many strange fish.
It is so dark down there that many of these fish have
“light” on them, which are used for attracting smaller
fish for the larger ones to eat.
Jellyfish are peculiar-looking creatures ranging in
size from a fraction of an inch to 6 feet across. They
don’t really swim but drift in the currents of the open
oceans. Although they contain a powerful sting, they
are often eaten by turtles. Turtles are reptiles that spend
most of their eggs on sandy beaches.
… are food for huge numbers of small animals that also
live near the surface.
. Very small plants and animals
. Big animals
. The Ocean mammals
. The smallest animal
. Big plants
Paragraph three tells us about …
E. the life, of whales
E. the size of whales
E. the movement of whales
E. three kinds of whales
E. the migration of whales
The main information of the passage is that …
. most plants are food for animals
. the colour of the largest whale is blue
. the female whales give birth in the shallow and
warm water
. the great size fish also eat plankton
. millions of plants and animals live in the sea
Which statement is TRUE according to the text?
E. The turtles eat jellyfish.
E. The turtles lay their eggs in the seabed.
E. The sharks possess a powerful sting.
E. The Californian grey whales immigrate to the Artic
in winter.
E. The humpback whale is the largest animal in the
The word “despite” in paragraph two could be replaced
by …
. therefore
. referring to
. in spite of
. except
. instead of
Text 3 This text is for items number 3-7
The average person will say (hat agriculture
means farming. He is partly right, for raising crops is a
branch of agriculture. So do livestock raising, dairy
forming, fruit growing, chicken raising and even fur
farming. Agriculture includes the raising of every kind
of plants and animals that is useful to man.
With all its many branches, agriculture is the
world’s most, important industry. It supplies the food
we eat and many of the materials from which we make
our clothing.
Farms are classified according to the type of
farming that is done and kinds of crops and livestock
that are raised. They may be classified in several
different ways, such as general, specialized, intensive,
and extensive farms.
General farming is a farm where a variety of
things is raised. On such a farm there may be a herd of
dairy cows whose milk the farmer sells. There may
also be poultry to pro vide extra income and supply
some of the family’s needs.
There aft many factors that influence the types of
crops and livestock that a farmer raised. The most
important one is climate which includes temperature,
length of growing season, sunshine, and rainfall,
Another is the type of soil. The third is the amount of
water available of irrigation. By concentrating on the
particular crops or animals that fit best with this
situation, the specialized farmer hopes to use his land
in the most efficient and profitable way.
When a farmer devotes a great deal of labour to a
piece of land, he is practicing intensive agriculture. If
he works in a large area of land with relatively little
labour, he is practicing extensive agriculture. Intensive
agriculture usually goes together with small farms. A
great deal of careful work is always involved in
intensive agriculture. Often this work must be done by
hand. Extensive agriculture is usually practiced on
large farms or ranches where most of the work is done
by machinery.
These words are related to farming, EXCEPT …
E. livestock
E. extensive farming
E. irrigation
E. stock exchange
E. type of soil
The practice of intensive and extensive agriculture is
the main idea of paragraph …
. 2
. 3
. 4
. 5
. 6
The text tells us about …
E. intensive agriculture
E. extensive agriculture
E. types of farming
E. the important factors in farming
E. specialized farms
“They may be classified in several different ways .”
(Paragraph 3).
The underlined word refers to …
. crops
. plants
. farms
. cows
. animals
Text 4 This text is for items number 12-16
Many people now have a card which enables
them to withdraw money from a cash dispenser. You
feed your card into the machine and key in your PIN
(Personnel Identification Number) and the amount of
money you want If you have enough in your account,
the money requested will be issued to you up to a dairy
limit. Your account is automatically debited for the
amount your have drawn o&
Provided you have a sound credit, you can get a
credit card from a bank and other financial institutions.
To obtain goods or services, you present your card and
sign a special voucher. When it receives the voucher,
the credit card company pays the trader (less a
commission) and then sends you a monthly statement.
Depending on the type of card you have, you will
cither-have to pay in full or be able to pay part of what
is owed and pay interest on the balance; left
If you need to make fixed payments at regular
intervals, e.g. for insurance premiums, you can arrange
a standing order (sometimes known as a banker’s order)
so that the bank will do this for you.
If you withdraw your money from the cash dispense^
the amount of your money will … as you have drawn
A. become more
B. be credited
C. become lost.
D. become less
E. be doubled
The main purpose of the writer is to …
A. give the reader information about bank service
B. persuade die readers to have a credit card
C. check the customers’ account
D. explain to the reader how to use PIN
E. explain to the customers how to pay the!
employee’s salaries
Which of the following is the main idea of the second
A. The credit card company pays the traders.
B. The credit card company sends you a monthly
C. Banks and other financial institutions offer us
credit cards to get goods and services.
D. Other financial institutions help the banks to
provide credit cards,
E. A voucher is the only way to buy goods.
“Many people BOW have a card which enables them
______..” (Paragraph. 1).
“enables” means …
A. forces
B. supports
C. asks
D. allows
E. encourages
If you have enough money in your account …
A. you can withdraw your money from a cash
B. you have a special voucher.
C. the bank sends you a monthly statement.
D. you have paid special interest.
E. the type of card is acceptable.
Text 5 This text is for items number 17-20
Trappists are monks who are not allowed to
preach or to teach. Their lives are devoted to
meditation, studying and reading.
In 1949, one group of Trappists fled to Hong
Kong from China, leaving behind their houses and
their dairy industry. They dressed themselves as
labourers and carried only a few possessions.
‘ Here, the monks had to start a new life. They
found it difficult to obtain food and they had nowhere
to live; but somehow the managed with the help of the
community and charitable organizations. It was not
until 1995 that the Hong Kong government granted
them land on Lantao island.
The monks are not allowed to beg for a living, so
they had to work very hard on the island. They started
a dairy farm, kept about five hundred chickens and
started growing their own vegetables.
‘ A large part of the work of the Trappists is
concerned with their dairy. The cows are fed regularly,
milked and kept healthy. The dairy, which produces
about two thousand bottles of milk a day, brings the
monks their main income. The monks sell about half of
the milk to a large hotel in Hong Kong, while hospitals
and schools buy the rest. The monks also earn some
money by selling eggs. Sometimes, the Trappists sell
some of their cattle. The monks themselves do not eat
meat, however, as they are vegetarians.
The Trappists are forbidden to …
A. obtain food
B. grow vegetables
C. work very hard
D. beg for a living
E. start a dairy farm
What is the text about?
A. The monks who never preach or teach.
B. The Trappists on Lantao island.
C. The Trappists* dairy product.
D. The vegetarian monks.
E. The Trappists’ new life on Lantao island.
What is the-main idea of the last paragraph?
A. Managing the dairy is the Trappists’ main work.
B. The monks provide milk to a large hotel.
C. The Trappists feed the cows regularly.
D. The Trappists sell eggs for a living.
E. Most of the Trappists’ work is related to their
The Trappists are monks who are not allowed to preach
or to teach. (The first paragraph), “allowed” means …
A. advised
B. ordered
C. permitted
D. suggested
E. instructed
1. His sister added Wage Rudolf to His name, so it
became Wage Rudolf Supratman.
2. When he was seven years old his father sent him to
Budi Utomo elementary school.
3. Two years later he joined his sister in Ujung
4. She did this to enable her to send his brother to the
Dutch elementary school.
5. Supratman was born on 9th March, 1903.
6. In 1912, his mother died.
The best arrangement of the sentences above is …
A. 2 – 5 – 3 – 6 – 1 – 4
B. 2 – 3 – 5 – 1 – 6 – 4
C. 5 – 6 – 2 – 3 – 1 – 4
D. 5 – 2 – 6 – 3 – 1 – 4
E. 2 – 3 – 5 – 1 – 6 – 4
Tutut : Were you sleeping when I called you last
Indra : No, I went to the cinema.
From the dialogue we know that Tutut wanted to know
if India … when she called him.
A. sleeps
B. slept
C. was sleeping
D. has been sleeping
E. had been sleeping
Nindy : When did you get this cassette?
Lia : Yesterday. When I … home, a boy asked me
to give it to you.
E. walk
E. walked
E. walking
E. was walked
E. has been walking
Andi : I didn’t see your sister. Where is she?
Roy : She’s studying in Australia.
Andi : Oh, how long has she been there?
Roy : …
. Last year
. A year ago
. Since last year
. By next years
. Yesterday
Mawar : This telegram is for my husband. He’s out
on duty. What do you recommend me to do?
Putri : Why don’t you ring him and tell him that a
telegram’s arrived?
In the dialogue above,
Mawar is asking for Putri’s …
E. advice
E. curiosity
E. agreement
E. permission
E. information
Mrs. Anwar : I heard that your son had won a
scholarship to Pajajaran University.
Mrs. Budiinan : Yes, that’s right …. He never
ignores our advice and always studies hard.
A. I’m proud of him
B. I prided myself on his success
C. His pride would not let him down
D. I’m too proud to have been successful
E. He is a profile of a successful student
X : Morning, sir …?
Y : No, thanks..
A. What can I do for you
B. Something I can do for you.
C. What would you like me to do
D. Would you help me with this bag.
E. Could you carry my luggage
Shopkeeper : … to try the shoes on?
Mrs. Bakar : No, thank you. I can do it myself.
A. Can you help me
B. Would you like to help me
C. May I help you
D. Do you mind helping me
E. Do you object to helping me
X : Have you visited Bob? He got an accident last
Y : Oh. poor Bob. I hope he’ll be better soon.
The underlined sentences expresses …
A. sadness
B. pleasure
C. sympathy
D. expectation
E. satisfaction.
X : Jane didn’t pass her exam.
Y : Ok I am sorry to hear that
From the underlined words we know that the second
speaker expresses her …
A. disappointment
B. sympathy
C. displeasure
D. apology
E. anger
Tati : May I borrow your new novel?
Lina : Yes, but next Monday, I … reading it by then.
A. would finish
B. am finishing
C. have finished
D. will be finishing
E. will have finished
Koko : Have you finished your report?
Reno : Not yet.
Koko : …?
Reno : Of course. I’ll be very happy then.
A. What can I do for you
B. Would you like me to help you
C. Can you do something for me
D. Can you do me a favour
E. Is there something you can do for me
Dio : You look sad. What has happened to you?
Dipta : My father lost his crops. Insects ate them up.
Dio : What is he going to do now?
Dipta : … His brother has given him capital to start
A. He plans to have another business
B. He has nothing to do
C. He is retired from his job
D. He promises not to plant anything
E. He has no idea what to do
Fitri : What would you like to drink tea or coffee?
Helmi : Actually I drink both, but I … tea … coffee
A. prefer-than
B. like-than
C. prefer-to
D. would rather – to
E. choose – better man
Mary : Hello.
John : Hi, Mary. This is John; Do you feel like going
to a movie this evening?
Marry : That sounds great, John. I haven’t been to a
movie for a long time.
The underlined utterance expresses …
A. intention
B. invitation
C. suggestion
D. permission
E. persuasion
Harry : Would you like to go camping with us next
Donny : … but I have to take care of my mom. Site has
been hospitalized for a week.
A. It sounds interesting
B. Sorry I can’t
C. I’m afraid not
D. I am sorry to hear that
E. It’s really boring
Rudi : Why are you so late today?
Tino : Sorry, Rud. My car…
Rudi : So you came here on foot.
Tino : Yes, I did.
. is repairing
. has just repaired
. will be repairing
. is being repaired
. will have been repaired
A : Er, excuse me, Yes?
B : I wonder if you could lend me your dictionary.
I’m doing my homework.
B : Oh. sure. Here it is.
The underlined expression is used to express …
E. giving permission
E. certainty
E. pleasure
E. capability
E. possibility
A : Why don’t you try to find a job in a With tire
money you earn, you can buy things you need.
B : If I worked in a factory. I wouldn’t have time to
What does the underlined sentences mean?
. B works hard in a factory
. A allows B to work in a factory.
. B didn’t work in a factory
. B worked in a factory
. B doesn’t work in a factory
Boss : Are you sure that you can deal complaints
from angry clients?
Salesman : I’d say I am capable of doing that
The salesman wants to tell us that he has the … deal
with angry people.
A. opportunity
B. it is terrible
C. quality
D. capacity
E. reliability
Aunti : Have you heard that you have be promoted to
a higher position?
Weny : Oh, … Thank God.
A. it’s a nuisance
B. it is terrible
C. I haven’t heard about it
D. I’m sorry to hear that
E. it’s really wonderful
Dina : I will ask Fito to repair my computer.
Susi : … to do it. He knows nothing about computer.
A. He is the right person
B. Give a chance to him
C. You can ask him
D. It’s necessary for him
E. It’s impossible for him
X : Tom, are you sure that we are going to have a
math test next Monday?
Y : … We’ve finished lesson 5, haven’t we?
A. I hope so
B. I agree with that
C. I am sorry to hear that
D. It’s out of the question
E. I am 100 percent certain about it.
Lawyers : Tom, your wife wants to get half of the
property, the investment and also the
Tom : I don’t get along with that. She claims too
much, I think.
The underlined expression shows …
A. disagreement
B. impossibility
C. uncertainty
D. inability
E. denial
Dito : I heard your brother was robbed in front of a
bank after he had withdrawn a lot of money.
Yono : … He is at home and he is fine.
A. It’s not true
B. I cannot deny it
C. I bet you will deny that
D. I disagree with your opinion
E. I’m not sure about it
Waiter : What do you think of our “honey roasted
Customer : … with the dishes you served me.
A. I’m extremely satisfied
B. I hate
C. I don’t like
D. I prefer
E. I try
Ria : We’ll have to steam rice for dinner.
Yanto : Why? What’s happened with the rice cooker?
Ria : It is broken.
Yanto : … then
A. We’ll get it repaired
B. We’ll have repaired it
C. We’ll get someone repair it
D. We’ll have someone repaired ft
E. We’ll have it to repair
X : Did you come to Jane’s parry?
Y : I wish I had gone there. I had .a terrible headache.
From the dialogue we may conclude that the second
speaker … to Jane’s party.
A. didn’t come
B. doesn’t come
C. would come
D. has come
E. had come
Hayati : Bonny is very disappointed.
Hanafi : It’s his own fault. If he had come on time, he
would have got the job.
From the dialogue we can conclude mat
A. Bony got the job
B. Hanafi came on time
C. Bony came late
D. Hanafi got the job
E. Hanafi missed the opportunity
X : Why do you look sad?
Y : I got 5 for my English test.
X : …
A. You should have studied well
B. You have prepared before
C. You may prepare it
D. You have studied hard
E. You can study well if you like
Choose a suitable word to complete the following
Water pollution is really a problem for all people
to solve. Solution to the problem (51) … people to
demonstrate their quality as responsible citizens.
Individuals as well as their industries (52) … that they
should not do anything (53) … to the problem. They
must handle wastes properly. They must not (54) …
harmful substances, including chemical wastes, into the
river or other public waterways. Furthermore, it is (55)
… that everyone fully understands the impotence of
recycling rubbish.
A. makes
B. helps
C. encourages
D. brings
E. requires
A. will realize
B. could realize
C. must realized
D. are realized
E. has realized
A. contributing
B. to contribute
C. contributes
D. is contributing
E. is contributed
A. pollute
B. waste
C. dump
D. keep
E. store
A. accepted
B. welcomed
C. expected
D. cleared
E. accounted
In 1946 Mother Teresa went into the slums in order to
be of better use to the poor. “Slums” are …
A. places where people live in dirty, poor and
unhealthy environment
B. medicine which is given to the poor
C. things which are distributed to the poor
D. hospitals where poor people are treated
E. people who are poor
One bad effect of playing a computer game is eye
The underlined word means …
A. advantage
B. result
C. benefit
D. issue
E. cause
In the old of trade, people didn’t use money but they
exchanged something they had for something they
The word ‘exchanged’ is closest in meaning to …
A. gave
B. offered
C. exported
D. attired
E. bartered
It is easy to produce electricity from a wind generator.
This is simply a windmill that converts the kinetic
energy of the wind into electricity.
The underlined word means …
A. develops
B. adapts
C. changes
D. replaces
E. produces
Atomic energy can either be used to create electric or
to destroy millions of homes in war.
The underlined word means …
A. build
B. protect
C. produce
D. demolish
E. renovate
Ujian Nasional
Tahun 2002
Bahasa Inggris
Energy used to drive car engines is derived from
petrol which is also formed with the indirect aid of the
sun. Plants and animals were pressed under rocks in the
earth. These dead animal and vegetable remains
formed petroleum, from which petrol and oil are now
What does the reading text mainly discuss?
A. The use of petrol to drive car engines.
B. The formation of petroleum
C. The indirect aid of the sun
D. The vegetable remains
E. The rock in the earth
Bacaan untuk goal nomor 2 sampai dengan 4.
Many Americans like to invite friends to their
homes for an informal dinner. They may serve a
simple, family-style meal. Often Americans show their
hospitality by treating the guest as “one of the family.”
Americans often tell guests, “Make you at home.” They
want their guests to relax and be comfortable, just as
they do in their own homes. If you are invited for
dinner, it’s customary to bring a small gift such as a
bottle of wine or fresh flowers.
Which of the following is not suitable to complete the
sentence? In an informal dinner it is good for a guest to

A. behave as if he were at his own home
B. bring a present for the hostess
C. relax and be comfortable
D. arrange some flowers
E. bring some wine
The text discusses about …
A. the expression, “Make yourself at home”
B. hospitality among friends in the U.S.
C. American family-style dinner
D. inviting friends for a dinner
E. informal dinner
Which of the following does not show the Americans
friend lines?
A. Inviting friends to their homes for dinner
B. Treating their guest as member of their family
C. Wanting their guest to relax
D. Making their guest comfortable
E. Asking their guest to bring present for them
Bacaan untuk seal nomor 5 sampai dengan 9.
In total, the plant has need of at least 16 elements,
of which the most important are carbon, hydrogen,
oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, potassium,
calcium, and magnesium.
The plan obtains carbon and hydrogen dioxide
from the atmosphere; other nutrients are taken up from
the soil. Although the plant contains sodium, iodine,
and cobalt, these are apparently not essential. This is
also true of silicon and alumunium.
Overall chemical analyses indicate that the total
supply of nutrients in soils is usually high in
comparison with the requirements of crop plants. Much
of this potential supply, however, is bound tightly in
forms that are not released to crops fast enough to give
satisfactory growth. Because of this, the farmer is
interested in measuring the available nutrient supply as
contrasted to the total quantities.
Which of the following elements is not taken up from
the soil?
A. Potassium
B. Magnesium
C. Carbon
D. Calcium
E. Sulfur
Why do farmers prefer considering the only available
nutrients to the total quantities of nutrient found in the
soil? Because …
A. they do to know how to obtain all the nutrients
B. chemical analyses indicate that the soil constrains
all the nutrients needed
C. the nutrient are in the soil
D. most of the nutrients are bound in compounds
E. some of the nutrients are found in the atmosphere
The topic of paragraph three is about …
A. the result of chemical analyses
B. the requirements of crop plants
C. giving satisfactory growth to the plants
D. measuring the available nutrients supply
E. the abundant of nutrients in the soil
How many elements which are not very important can
be found in the plants?
A. Three
B. Five
C. Seven
D. Nine
E. Sixteen
“The plant obtains carbon and hydrogen dioxide …”
(paragraph 2). Obtains means …
A. gets
B. takes
C. puts
D. gives
E. has
Bacaan untuk soal nomor 10 sampai dengan 14
Polar bear are adapted to life in the polar region,
around the North Pole. Their bodies have special
features that work particularly well in the polar seas.
For instance, they have sharp and powerful claws for
catching their food, which is mainly seals. In their own
environment, they are excellent hunter; but if they had
to live on the birds and squirrels in other places, they
would die.
The science that studies the way that different
forms of life are adapted to their particular
environment is called ecology.
The first lesson of ecology is that all life in an
environment depends on other forms of life. Polar
bears depend on seals, which can live only where they
do because they depend on particular kinds of fish
which are found in the Arctic seas.
There are certain important cycles in nature that
show plants and animals depend on each other: for
example, the nitrogen cycles. Plants take nitrogen
compounds from the soil and turn them into protein.
Animals eat these proteins and return some of them to
the soil as waste products and the rest when they die.
Another cycle is the oxygen cycle. When we breathe,
we take in oxygen, and give out carbon dioxide. Plants
absorb it to make sugar compounds, and in the process
oxygen is produced and released to the atmosphere.
An ideal ecological system, living things exist in
balance. However, particularly where man interferes, a
species may become too successful and abundant, and
the balance is destroyed. For instance, the use of
pesticides to kill a particular plan pest may also kill
predatory insects and even birds, and thus other pests
are allowed to increase. Therefore, great care is needed
in the use of pesticides.
Through ecology we try to restore the balance in
the ecological system, and thus save the world from
The habitat of polar bear is in …
A. the tropical countries
B. the North pole
C. the South pole
D. the Arctic seas
E. Europe
What does the text mainly discuss?
A. ecology
B. polar bears
C. cycles in nature
D. the misuse of pesticides
E. an ideal ecological system
The ecology in certain area will be in danger if …
A. seals eat a lot of fish
B. the farmers use pesticides
C. polar bears don’t eat seals anymore
D. D, man interferes his environment too much
E. plants take nitrogen compound from the soil
The main idea of paragraph 3 is that …
A. Polar bears depend on seals
B. Ecological system needs well treatment
C. Plants and animals depend one each other
D. Plants produce and release oxygen to the atmosphere
E. There’s an interdependence of living things in a
particular area.
“… the world from devastation.” (“paragraph 6)
The synonym of the underlined word is …
A. rehabilitation
B. extinction
C. destruction
D. preservation
E. starvation
Bacaan untuk soal nomor 15 sampai dengan 19.
During the nineteenth century, women in the
United States organized and participated in a large
number of reform movement, including movements to
reorganize the prison system, improve education, ban
the sale of alcohol, and most, importantly, to free the
slaves. Some women saw similarities in the social
status of women and slaves. Women like Elizabeth
Cady Stanton and Lucy Stone were feminists and
abolitionists who supported the rights of both women
and blacks. A number of male abolitionists, including
William Lloyd Garrison and Wendell Philips, also
supported the rights of women to speak and participate
equally with men in antislavery activities. Probably
more than any other movement, abolitionism offered
women previously denied entry into politics. They
became involved primarily in order to better their
living conditions and the conditions of others.
When the Civil War ended in 1865, the
Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the
Constitution adopted, in 1868 and 1870 granted
citizenship and suffrage to blacks but not to women.
Discouraged but resolved, feminists influenced more
and more women to demand the right to vote. In
1869^6 Wyoming Territory had yielded to demands by
feminists, but eastern states resisted more stubbornly
than before. A women’s suffrage bill had been
presented to every Congress since 1878 but it
continually failed to pass until 1920, when the
Nineteenth Amendment granted women the right to
When were women allowed to vote throughout the
United States?
A. In 1865
B. After 1868
C. After 1870
D. After 1878
E. After 1920
What is mainly discussed in the second paragraph?
A. The process of giving right to vote to women.
B. The effects of the civil war.
C. The right to vote to black people.
D. The nineteenth amendment.
E. The Wyoming Territory.
What is the topic of the passage primarily concerned
A. Abolitionists
B. The civil war
C. Women’s suffrage
D. The Wyoming Territory
E. The Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendment
According to the passage, why did women become
active in politics?
A. To be elected to public office
B. To be famous throughout the world
C. To amend the Declaration of Independence
D. To support Elizabeth Cady Stanton for president
E. To improve the condition of life that existed at the
time bill had been presented to
“A women’s suffrage bill had been presented to …
“(paragraph 2).
The closest meaning to the underlined word is …
A. freedom from slavery
B. the right to vote
C. citizenship
D. expectation
E. pain
The sentences in the following paragraph are jumbled.
1. One is familiar “Tombstone” mat lists where you
went to school and where you’ve worked in
chronological order.
2. But prospective employees throw away most of
those unrequested “Tombstone” lists, preferring to
interview the quick rather than the dead.
3. The main purpose of a resume is to convince an
employer to grant you an interview.
4. It’s handy to have a “Tombstone” for certain
5. There are two kinds.
6. The other is what I call the “functional” resume
descriptive, fun to read, unique to you and much
more likely to land you an interview.
The correct arrangement of the sentences above is:
A. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
B. 1, 3, 5, 2, 4, 6
C. 2, 4, 6, 1, 3, 5
D. 6, 1, 4, 3, 2, 5
E. 3, 5, 1, 6, 4, 2
Fitri : Toni has been hospitalized because he was
electrocuted yesterday.
Hanif : He … an electrical appliance when he was
A. shouldn’t touch
B. mustn’t touch
C. shouldn’t have touched
D. should have touched
E. must have touched
Mother : What’s wrong with you, Rina? You look
pale and weak.
Rina : I don’t feel well. I couldn’t sleep last night.
Mother : You must not go to school you’d better stay
at home. We’ll see the doctor this afternoon.
Mother expresses …
A. conclusion
B. disagreement
C. prohibition
D. dissatisfaction
E. request
Vina : When did you get the letter?
Fani : Yesterday. My family … when the postman
A. have lunch
B. will have lunch
C. were Having lunch
D. will have had lunch
E. have been having lunch
Bona : … the museum to see the historical things?
Boni : No When will we go there?
Bona : Next Sunday morning,
A. Is it possible if I visit
B. Am I allowed to go to
C. Do you agree if I go to
D. What do you think if I go to
E. Do you mind accompanying me to visit
Mother : Don’t be so noisy, Herman. The baby is
Herman : Okay, mom.
Rudi : What did your mother just tell you?
Herman : She told me … because the baby was
A. I wasn’t so noisy
B. not to be so noisy
C. don’t be so noisy
D. I am very noisy
E. to be not so noisy
Sinta : Will you come with me to the cinema tonight?
Nia : …
Sinta : All right, I’ll fetch you at five o’clock.
A. I’d be unhappy to accept it.
B. Yes, that would be very nice.
C. Thank you Thanks anyway, but some other time,
D. I’d like to very much, but I am afraid I am busy
E. That’s very kind of you, but I have much work to
Paijo : Have you got the extra money from your
Juminah : Of course I have. What about you, Jo?
Have you?
Paijo : Yes, I have. And what are you going to
spend it for?
Juminah : Well,… buying a VCD.
A. I want
B. I’d like
C. I’d prefer
D. I am thinking of
E. I am interested in
A : Do you know the result of the test?
B : Not yet. The announcement … twice.
A. was postponed
B. was being postponed
C. will be postponed
D. has to be postponed
E. has been postponed
Burhan : Do you know how to plant sea weed?
Rahman : No. I don’t. I don’t have any experience
The underlined utterance expresses …
A. inability
B. uncertainty
C. displeasure
D. disagreement
E. impossibility
If we don’t hurry, the meeting … by the time we get
A. would have started
B. will have started
C. will be started
D. will start
E. starts
Doctor : Open your mouth!
Mother : What did the doctor tell you?
Son : The doctor told me …
A. that I opened his mouth
B. if I opened my mouth
C. whether I open my mouth
D. to open my mouth
E. opened my mouth
Ramli : Why do you plan to resign from your job?
Ratna : Well, if the company … me more I would not
quit my job.
A. has paid
B. paid
C. is paying
D. will pay
E. will have paid
Mr. Hasan : Last Sunday, I took my children to
Mr. Aribowo : How did they like it?
Mr. Hasan : Well, I think … It was unforgettable
experience for them.
A. they couldn’t go along with that
B. there was a chance for them
C. they would go along with that
D. it was a good time for them
E. they enjoyed it very much
Secretary : Here is the report on the implementation
of the planned parenthood program.
Chief : … Well done.
A. I can understand it
B. I’ll join the program
C. I am happy with your work
D. You don’t have to type it
E. You’ll have to make a little correction
Ani : All, you look so busy these weeks.
Ali : …, I just want to spend my time as I think best.
A. Sony
B. Thank you
C. Not at all
D. It’s a pity
E. You are welcome
Nany : Are you going to have these shoes … or shall I
throw them away?
Bossy : Be patient. I have asked Deddy to bring them
to the cobbler.
A. Is it okay
B. Are you sure
C. Are you proud
D. Is it possible
E. It doesn’t matter
Sinta : Merry missed all the English class last week.
Rini : I’m really surprised to hear that. She never
comes late.
Sinta : Well, I know that. She might have been sick.
The underlined sentence tell us that …
A. Merry is sick
B. Merry was sick
C. Merry is probably sick
D. Merry is certainly sick
E. Merry was probably sick
Lita : Hi, why do you look so sad? Something
Bagus : Yea. I wish I had time to have a date with
From the dialogue we know that …
A. A.. Lita promises to meet Ria
B. Both Lita and Bagus will visit Ria
C. Bagus loses his chance to meet Ria
D. Bagus and Lita have no time for a date
E. Neither Lita or Bagus has a date with Ria
Ranti : Do you have the new edition of Femina
Nellyta : Yes, why?
Ranti : … if I read it for a moment?
Nellyta : Sure. Go ahead.
Tourist : I’d love for a walk. I am going to the village
of Paksa Bali. Which way is it?
Guide : Go up this road about one kilometer. You’ll
get to the village of Paksa Bali.
Tourist : You’ve helped me a lot …
Guide : You’re welcome.
A. Bye-bye
B. You’re really smart
C. It’s very kind of you
D. We have a very good time
E. I am very grateful to you
Bacaan untuk soal nomor 41 sampai dengan 44
In cities … (41) poverty sometimes occurs in …
(42) slums, where some poor people have not had the
opportunity to learn skills that will help them to … (43)
a living. People trapped in this kind of situation often
have … (44) income.
A. mend
B. be mended
C. mended
D. being mended
E. to be mended
A. least
B. large
C. likely
D. extreme
E. possible
A. fare
B. small
C. urban
D. remote
E. suburban
A. get
B. owe
C. find
D. need
E. earn
A. much
B. enough
C. sufficient
D. inefficient
E. inadequate
Bacaan untuk soal nomor 45 sampai dengan 46.
Eating is important to make healthy. What you eat
affects your health. You are … (45) to eat some … (46)
food to become healthy.
A. ordered
B. described
C. required
D. asked
E. told
A. nutritious
B. canned
C. cooked
D. junk
E. raw
X : Ed, do you think that the government will be
successful in … tourists to come here?
Y : I think so. Don’t you see the activities done to
promote our tourism?
A. taking
B. calling
C. showing
D. attracting
E. informing
Read the following sentences which ape not put in
good order,
1. Luciano also enrolled in a teachers college.
2. He made him work very hard to develop his voice.
3. When Luciano Pavarotti was a boy, his father
introduced him the wonder of songs.
4. His father advised him “If you try to sit on two
chairs, you will fall between them. For life, you
must choose one chair.”
5. On graduating he was doubtful whether he would
be a teacher or a singer. .
6. Then Arrigo Pola, a professional singer took him
as a student.
The correct arrangement of the sentences above is …
A. 3 – 5 – 6 – 2 – 1 – 4
B. 3 – 2 – 6 – 1 – 5 – 4
C. 3 – 1 – 2 – 6 – 5 – 4
D. 3 – 1 – 6 – 2 – 4 – 5
E. 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 2 – 1
Ronny : Are you going to watch the movie on TV
Deny : No, I think I’ll watch the recent news.
The recent news is news that …
A. tells us about things that have just happened
B. provides a lot of advertisements
C. is printed in capital letters
D. makes the viewers laugh
E. is very important
Reporter : Do you think that air pollution has a bad
Brandon : In cities throughout the world, long periods
of heavy air pollution have increased
illnesses and raised death rates
The antonyms of the underlined word is …
A. hard
B. clean
C. fresh
D. light
E. dirty
Ujian Nasional
Tahun 2001
Bahasa Inggris
Bacaan untuk soal no 1 sampai dengan 5
The living and nonliving things in any area form a
community are called ecosystem. They act on one
another in many ways. Two of the most important
ways are through food chains and chemical cycles.
Life could not exist without energy from the sun.
The sun’s energy travels to earth as light. It affects
plants and animals through chemical processes. All
plants and animals are linked together in these
processes. The sun’s energy flows through all of them
in a continuing path called a food chain.
Plants-eating animals, or herbivores, consume
(eat) the plants. In their own bodies, these animals
reorganize the chemical in the plants and use them as
nourishment. The same thing happens when a planteating
animal, such as rabbit, is eaten by a meat-eating
animal, or carnivore, such as a fox. (animals that eat
both plants and meat are called omnivore).
A certain process takes place when living things
die. Bacteria” and fungi break the chemical compounds
down into simple nutrients. This process is called
decomposition. The nutrients from decaying animals
enter the soil, where they are used again by plants.
Thousand of years ago, the human population was
much smaller than it is today and people did not greatly
affect the balance of nature. Several hundred people
who lived as community of hunters did not kill enough
animals to disturb the balance of their ecosystem. A
few thousand people who lived by a river, and
discarded waste did not pollute the water enough to
change the ecosystem.
Today the human population is enormous; And
people have created many ecological crises, especially
in areas where the population has grown quickly. Their
demand for space, their production of waste, and their
need for quantities of food, water, and energy all have
had an important effect on natural system. Very often,
the activities of people have upset the natural balance.
Why are ecological issues more concern today rather
than, in the past?
Because …
A. the food chains has changes
B. there is less energy from the sun
C. there are more people on the planet
D. there are not many animals and pets
E. the growth of people affects the balance of nature
Each form of life can survive only when …
A. there are other living things
B. it is in its own environment
C. the ecosystem is not balance
D. the area is densely populated
E. there are plants and animals
According to the text, which statement is NOT TRUE?
A. The natural balance in the environment has been
disrupted by the human beings.
B. Ecosystem is a community of the living and non
living things in one area
C. Herbivores are chemical which process plants and
use them as nourishment
D. Foxes can be considered as carnivore
E. Bacteria and fungi are useful to the environment
The main idea of paragraph … is “energy is essential
for life”
A. one
B. two
C. three
D. four
E. five
Today the human population is enormous’ (paragraph
The underlined word means …
A. enough
B. wide
C. huge
D. ample
E. powerful
Bacaan untuk nomor 6 sampai dengan 10
A magazine is a periodical containing a variety of
articles and general illustration of an entertaining or an
instructive nature. Magazines are designed to be of
interest either to the general public or groups of people
with specialized subject matters. The essential
difference between the magazine and the newspaper is
a physical one: the magazine is smaller in size and
often bound in pamphlet form.
Magazine production involves teamwork. This
means that many people have to work together to
produce the magazine you have in your hand. But one
key person is the magazine editor. If some one has a
manuscript he wants to publish, he will send or submit
it to the editor of the magazine he likes. The magazine
editor, usually the editor-in-chief, will read it and make
recommendation so that the manuscript can be
Another task of a magazine editor is to consider
whether the article will be part of series. Will it have
photographs or illustration? will it be in full color, two
or three colors, or black and white? Once the decision
is made, the work of an illustrator or photographer
begins. Preparing manuscripts for the magazine is hard
work to do. After everything is all right, they are sent
to the typesetters. When the galleys (or typeset text)
come back, they must be carefully read. This is the job
of a proofreader to find out whether or not there are
mistakes in typesetting. Corrections are made if there
are mistakes.
What is a proofreader’s Job?
A. to check the returned galleys
B. to accept or refuse a manuscript
C. to send a manuscript to the typesetter
D. to assign illustrators and photographers
E. to decide whether an article belongs to a series
The first paragraph describes the following, EXCEPT

A. what a magazine is
B. whom the magazine is for
C. how the magazine is published
D. what the content of a magazine consists of
E. what the difference between a magazine and an
newspaper is
The function of ‘so that ‘ in the second paragraph is to
show …
A. purpose
B. contrast
C. addition
D. sequence
E. condition
Which of the following statement is TRUE about the
A. Magazines are only meant for entertainment
B. Recommendation on the manuscript is made by the
C. The editor is the most important person in
publishing magazines
D. There is no difference in size between magazines
and newspaper
E. Illustrator can start working before their work is
agreed by the editor
Who decides that a manuscript is accepted?
A. A team
B. The editor
C. The illustrators
D. The writer
E. The proofreader
Bacaan untuk soul nomor 11 sampai dengan 15.
By experimenting with combinations of chemical,
manufactures have produced a wide variety of affective
dusts and sprays to control plant pets. Some, such as
those containing pyrethrum, work well and do not
harm the people, pets, and birds. There are others that
contain stronger chemical, such as DDT, melathion,
diazinon, and chlorine. These can be extremely
dangerous if they are not properly used.
The first thing to do in dealing with plant pets is
to seek the proper advice. Trained salesman at garden
stores can supply valuable information on the correct
product to use. If the problem is a complicated or
stubborn one, additional advice should be obtained
from government agricultural department office.
How can manufactures get various affective pesticides?
A. By controlling plants pets
B. By spraying stronger chemical
C. C By producing various chemical
D. By combining different chemical
E. By experimenting with combination of chemical
What’s the main idea of the second paragraph?
A. .Farmers should have good knowledge to fight
plant pests
B. Additional advice is needed when the problem is
C. Valuable information to control plant pest is
needed by farmers
D. Proper advice to control plant pets is provided by
trained salesman
E. Pesticides can be obtained freely in government
agricultural department offices
What do farmers need to know before using pesticides?
A. Combination of chemicals
B. Various stronger of chemical
C. Various effective dusts and sprays
D. Information about harmful pesticides
E. Information on using different sorts of pesticides
‘… to seek the proper advice ‘ (paragraph 2)
The opposite of the word “proper” is …
A. useful
B. wrong
C. correct
D. suitable
E. ineffective
Which statement is TRUE according to the text?
A. Farmers have produced various effective pesticides
B. The pesticides given by the agricultural department
offices are harmful
C. Farmers had experimented with combination of
chemical before
D. Fanners should use strong and harmful pesticides
though they are difficult to get
E. Pesticides which are harmful to living things
contain more powerful chemical.
Bacaan untuk soal nomor 16 sampai dengan 20.
The sun pour plenty of energy down on the Earth,
and many homes now use this energy to heat their
water. It is difficult and expensive to trap solar energy
on a large scale but in some sunny part of the world
scientists use mirrors to reflect sunlight into a boiler on
top of a tower.
This heats up water in the boiler into steam,
which can then be used to turn electric generators.
Many countries now have nuclear power stations.
These use a rare metal called uranium as a kind of fuel.
Under certain conditions, the nucleus (center) of
uranium atoms can be made of split. This is called
fission. When this happen fantastic amount of energy is
given out. The heat produced in a nuclear reactor is
taken away by cooling liquid or gas. It goes to a boiler
where it boils water to produce steam. The hot steam
powers electric generators to make electricity.
One of the main drawbacks with a nuclear power
station is that it produces dangerous waste. It is
dangerous because it gives out radiation (rays) that can
harm most living things. Nuclear engineers have to
make very sure that none of the radiation escapes either
from the reactor (where fission takes place) or from the
Solar energy has not been popular yet because …
A. it requires high cost
B. the energy produced is weak
C. it cannot be trapped on a large scale
D. it can be used only for heating water
E. the scientists do not use it for commercial targets
Which statement is NOT TRUE according to the text?
A. Using energy has advantages and disadvantages
B. Electric generators are needed to heat up water into
C. The splitting of the nucleus of uranium atoms is
called fission
D. Radiation may be emitted from reactor or from the
waste produced
E. Uranium is a kind of metal that makes nuclear
power station produce fuel
In the ‘top of a tower’ … turns the water in the boiler
into steam.
A. the electric generator
B. a large scale of energy
C. the energy from the earth
D. a boiler on top of the tower
E. the heat from reflected sunlight
In what condition does the radiation of a nuclear power
station become dangerous?
A. When it cannot be released
B. When it reaches the reactor
C. When there is a leak in the container
D. When the container is-closed firmly
E. When none of it escapes from the reactor
Under certain conditions, the nucleus of uranium atoms
can be made split.
‘split’ means …
A. jump to the air
B. explode loudly
C. break into parts
D. release suddenly
E. launch into the air
Susan : I went to your house at 7 p.m. last night. but
you weren’t home. Where were you?
Rufy : Oh. I … for a new dictionary at the bookstore
A. look
B. looked
C. will look
D. was looking
E. have looked
Manager : Tom, … take this note to the accounting
Tom : Yes, certainly.
A. is it possible for you
B. could you please,
C. may! tell you
D. should 1 ask you
E. can I tell you to
Policeman : Your truck causes too ‘much pollution.
Driver : Oh. … Officer.
Policeman : Please consult a mechanic about it.
Driver : Yes, I will.
A. Why not
B. I’m sorry
C. How come
D. Congratulations
E. Don’t mention it
Ria : It’s break time … a cup of tea?
Yudi : That would be very nice of you.
A. Shall have
B. May you get me
C. May I offer help to get
D. Could you help me to get
E. Would you like me to get you
Tari : Why do you admire Mother Theresa so much?
Susi : Don’t you know that she was the woman
A. that she didn’t recognize me
B. who dedicated her life to the poor
C. whom the governor met at the party
D. of which house was very expensive
E. whose farmland is owned by her father
Ali : I’m afraid my parents’ rice fields were Mr.
Harun damaged by the flood. Oh, I’m sorry to
hear that.
The underlined words express …
A. regret
B. refusal
C. complaint
D. sympathy
E. condolence
Ridwan : When are the children going to see the ricefield?
Willy : In June, after the harvest time.
Ridwan : Are they? So by the time they get there, the
farmers … all the crops.
A. will have harvested
B. had harvested
C. has harvested
D. harvested
E. harvest
Kepala Desa : Pak Lurah, the village will hold a
meeting on Monday, …?
Pak Lurah : Thank you.
A. If possible, you may come
B. It will be fine for you to come
C. It you don’t mind we can come
D. You should be pleased if you could come
E. We would be delighted if you could come
Rito : Excuse me! … to help you turn the radio
Mr. Hasnil : Yes, please. Thank you very much
A. Is it possible for me
B. Would you like me
C. Can you order me
D. Is it okay for me
E. Can you ask me
Student : ‘Is man able to find an efficient way to
convert the heat of the sun into energy?
Student : … because a lot of experiments have been
done, and the result is quite-positive.
A. It’s quite improbable
B. B. It’s out of the question ‘
C. 1 don’t think it is possible
D. There is always a chance
E. There’s no certainty of it
X : What do you think of the government liquidating
several banks recently?
Y : I’m not a customer of the liquidated banks, so …
A. I’m keen on it
B. I’m aware of it
C. I’m sure about it
D. I’m interested in it
E. I’m unhappy about it
Pak Hadr : The Usman family is poor.
Pak Kasim : We all know it. … they can send their
children to universities.
A. Despite the fact that they are poor
B. They are poor despite the fact
C. However they are poor
D. They are poor although
E. Because they are poor
Toto : Science and technology has developed very
fast. Do you think we are ready for that?
Tati : ….
A. Good it is interesting
B. Why not, Just behave yourself
C. Oh. marvelous. It great for you
D. Frankly speaking, I disagree with you
E. I’m not certain. The quality of our education is still
Husband : Our car always troubles me.
Wife : Why don’t you sell it and buy a new one?
Husband : Well. I don’t have any objection to your
idea as long as we can afford it.
In the dialogue the husband expresses …
A. sympathy
B. capability
C. agreement
D. intolerance
E. E pleasure
Derry : Why do you always run around this stadium
five times a day?
Soni : I do it …
Which of the following is not suitable to complete the
A. however very tired I am
B. so that I had a healthy heart
C. so that 1 can reduce my weight
D. in order that my body gets stronger
E. because I didn’t want to be overweight
A : This is a very old building.
B : I wasn’t even born yet when it …
A. is built
B. is being built
C. was built
D. has been built
E. had built
Dodi : Did many people migrate to Kalimantan
Rina : No, the government had them migrate.
The underlined sentence means …
A. the government migrated there for them
B. the government told them not to migrate
C. the government migrated to Kalimantan
D. the government didn’t ask them to migrate
E. the government asked them to migrate there
Doni : I wish I had invested my money instead of
spending it on a new car.
The underlined part of the sentence means …
A. Doni had invested his money
B. Doni did not invest his money
C. Doni did not invest my money
D. Doni does not invest his. money
E. Doni wanted to invest his money
A : Sorry, you are too late. The bank is already closed.
B : Well, I … earlier.
A. should have come
B. might have come
C. would have come
D. will have come
E. may have come
If women in the late 1960’s had been given equal rights
as men, there would not have been women’s liberation’
The sentence means that … at that time.
A. women would not have equal right as men
B. women will not have equal rights as men
C. women have not had equal right as men
D. women didn’t have equal rights as men
E. women do not have equal rights as men
Re-arrange the following sentences into a good
1. First we prepared the food.
2. While we were preparing the food, father was
checking the car
3. We went on a picnic on the beach last Saturday
4. We had to take food and drink
5. Next came the drink
6. We started the trip when we had put everything in
the car
A. 3 – 4 – 1 – 5 – 2 – 6
B. 1 – 5 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 6
C. 6 – 4 – 3 – 1 – 5 – 2
D. 3 – 6 – 4 – 1 – 5 – 2
E. 3 – 4 – 1 – 5 – 6 – 2
From 1967 onward, cinemas began to lose their …
They prefer watching TV programs at homes.
A. sponsors
B. audiences
C. producers
D. companies
E. cameramen
Sony : What do astronomers use to see the stars?
Father : They use … which makes far away things look
larger and clearer.
A. binoculars
B. a telescope
C. a periscope
D. a stethoscope
E. a microscope
Ria : What do you know about the compul sorry …?
Tati : I think it has been extended from six to nine
A. study
B. school
C. student
D. education
E. examination
Bacaan untuk soal nomor 45 sampai dengan 47.
In 1949 Clarence Birdseye found a better way to
breeze food quickly. It was a technology helping
people to live and live better. Soon frozen food of all
kinds began to (45) … in grocery stores. Meat,
vegetables, and fruits were quick-frozen. Frozen food
and vegetables tasted very fresh and natural. It was
(46) … to have fresh fruits and vegetable in any (47) …
of the year. Many people prefer natural food to food in
cans. Natural food has more natural value. That’s why
frozen foods became so popular now.
A. find
B. prepare
C. buy
D. appear
E. discover
A. interesting
B. possible
C. extensive
D. clear
E. doubtful
A. season
B. century
C. decade
D. quarter
E. age
Bacaan untuk soal nomor 48 sampai dengan 50.
Most of the people working in the banks are
either bank officers or clerical workers. Bank officers,
depending on their (48) …, usually have some authority
to make business (49) … related to the bank. Bank
officers might (50) … positions such as president, vice
president, and treasurer. Some, such as loan and trust
officers, have specific department.
A. rate
B. rank
C. order
D. degree
E. position
A. decisions
B. regulations
C. circulations
D. formulations
E. compositions
A. form
B. cover
C. contain
D. include
E. comprise
Ujian Nasional
Tahun 2000
Bahasa Inggris
Wacana 1 untuk soal nomor 1 sampai dengan nomor
Lake Toba, which is situated in the center of the
Bukit Barisan mountain range, is an interesting
mountain resort with Samosir Island in the center of
the lake. It boats many modern hotels and facilities for
water sport such as boating, water skiing and
In West Sumatra, the center of culture and
tourism is Bukit tinggi, situated in the highlands north
of the provincial capital of Padang. West Sumatra is a
land of scenic beauty with green lakes, and blue
Java has a great number of attractions, including
the world renowned Botanic Garden in Bogor, the
wildlife reserve of Ujung Kulon on the south west part
of the island. Borobudur, a gigantic Buddhist shrine is
situated 42 kilometers northwest of Yogyakarta and the
Ijen crater lies in East Java and displays hot springs,
waterfalls and free roaming deer as well as a sulphur
crater. A three-hour drive from Surabaya, and the a
pony ride from the village of Ngadisari over the sea
will take you to mount Bromo which is an active
volcano with sulphur fumes and smoke still emitting
from its depths. The inhabitants of the surrounding
areas believe in the God of Bromo and bring offerings
to his deity.
Bali is different from the rest of Indonesia
because of its unique form of Hinduism called “Hindu
Dharma.” Religion is at the main source of traditional
custom in family and community life. The soul of a
Balinese if religion and it finds its expression in art.
Many articles and books have been written on Bali.
What natural beauty does West Sumatra have?
A. Active volcanoes
B. Water sport
C. Modern hotels
D. Mountains resort
E. Green lakes and blue mountains
Which of the following attractions is not found in at the
surroundings of the Ijen crater?
A. Hot springs
B. Waterfalls
C. A sea of sand ,
D. A sulphur crater
E. Free-roaming deer
Borobudur, a gigantic Buddhist shine is situate 42
kilometers northwest of Yogyakarta.
The underlined word means …
A. nice
B. huge
C. tall
D. large
E. wonderful
How many tourist resorts are mentioned in the third
A. three
B. four
C. fie
D. six
E. seven
Pinta’s mother is a … She teaches students at the Gajah
Mada University.
A. teacher
B. director
C. lecturer
D. registrar
E. headmistress
You’d better put on your … when you go out, it’s very
cold outside.
A. vest
B. scarf
C. tuxedo
D. sweater
E. raincoat
Newspapers have on basic purpose, that is to get … as
quickly as possible from reliable sources to readers.
A. news
B. report
C. statement
D. advertisement
E. announcement
Marlin : Christ, where are you staying?
Christ : At Sahid Hotel
Marlin asked Christ …
A. where he stays
B. where he was staying
C. where did he stay
D. where does he stay
E. where had he stayed
It’s 9 p.m. Nancy is going to bed, so she says to the …
A. Bye-bye
B. Good-bye
C. Good night
D. See you soon
E. Good evening
Yunus : Dedi, let’s spend this week-end for fishing. I
have found a good spot.
Dedi : I am sorry, I hate fishing.
From the above sentence, Dedi shows his … for fishing
A. disagreement
B. dislike
C. disappointment
D. dissatisfaction
E. discontentment
Student : I’ve finished the test. Here you are, sir!
Teacher : Good. You …
A. can’t stay here
B. will leave the room
C. can’t tell anything
D. may leave the classroom
E. must say thank you
Wacana 2 untuk soal nomor 12 sampai nomor 15.
A natural disaster is a terrible accident, e.g. a
great flood, a big fire or an earthquake. It usually
causes great suffering and loss of a large sum of
money. The causalities are injured or died. Some
people are homeless and need medical care.
Floods occur when the water of rivers, lakes, or
streams overflow their banks and pour out into the
surrounding land. Floods are caused by many different
thins. Often heave rainstorms that last for a brief time
can cause a flood. But not all heave storms are
followed by flooding. If the surrounding lands is flat
and can absorb the water, no flooding will occur. If.
however, the lands is hard and rocky heavy rain cannot
be absorbed. Where the banks are low, a river may
overflow and flood adjacent lowland.
in many parts of the world floods are caused by
tropical storms called hurricanes of typhoons. The
bring destructive winds of high speed torrents of rain,
and flooding. When a flood occurs, the destruction to
the surrounding land can be severe. Whole villages and
towns are sometimes-swept away bay water pouring
swiftly over the land. Railroad tracks buckles and are
uprooted from their beds. Highways are washed away.
When a building caught fire, the firemen pitched
in to help battle the blaze. Before the pumps were
invented, people formed bucket brigades to fight fires.
Standing side by side, they formed a human chain from
the fire to nearby well or river. They passed buckets of
water from hand to hand to be poured on the flames.
The damage of fire did depend a great deal on
were it happened. In at the country or a small village,
only a single house might burn down. But in crowded
cities, fire often destroyed whole blocks and
neighbourhoods before being controlled.
When is flood more likely to happen?
A. regret
B. caution
C. admiration
D. permission
E. prohibition
A. rain
B. storm
C. hurricane
D. flood
E. earthquake
Why do hurricanes of typhoons usually cause great
destruction? Because they …
A. bring destructive winds and torrential rains
B. are heave enough to cause flood
C. are heave storms
D. are hard winds
E. are tropical storms
Modern fire brigades use … to fight fire.
A. buckets of water
B. spraying sand
C. human chain
D. fire pump
E. fire arm
This proposal was turned down by the Personnel
The synonym of turned down is …
A. received
B. rejected
C. returned
D. agreed
E. taken
An officer in a diplomatic mission whose duty is to
care for the commercial interests of his country is
called an/a …
A. envoy
B. consul
C. attach
D. diplomat
E. ambassador
If you want to have your hair cut, why don’t you go to
He is a famous … in the city.
A. therapist
B. beautician
C. manicurist
D. barber
E. tailor
Affandi is one of the famous … in Indonesia,
We really admire his works.
A. poets
B. actors
C. artists
D. players
E. painters
Lita : Fit, which do you like better, singing or
Fitria : Well, I’d … than dance.
A. better sing
B. gave sung
C. prefer singing
D. rather singing
E. rather sing
Ruri : Do you know my cousin Bob?
Ari : Sure, I haven’t heard about him for a long time.
Ruri : He will get married next Sunday …
Ari : No, I’m not.
A. Can I see you at the wedding part?
B. Will you be attending his party?
C. Do you feel like, going to his party?
D. Are you also invited?
E. Do you mind going to the wedding with me?
Passenger : Is it allowed to bring a bird on the
Custom officer : I am sorry, that’s not allowed
The underlined utterance expresses …
A. regret
B. caution
C. admiration
D. permission
E. prohobition
Bill : Have you considered my offer to work for
our company?
George : Yes, 1 have, but I’d take the hob if the salary
suited me.
From the dialogue we may conclude that George …
A. has accepted the job
B. has worked for the company
C. has not yet considered taking a job
D. has refused to take the job
E. has not heard about the job
Mr. Bronto leaves Surabaya for Medan by G1A 707 at
9 a.m.
By 11 a.m the … there.
A. arrive
B. arrived
C. was arriving
D. will arrive
E. will have arrived
Wacana 3 untuk-soal nomor 25 sampai dengan
nomor 28.
Nobody likes paying taxes. Even those who know
that taxation is necessary and just are reluctant to pay
taxes. It is not pleasant to see part of your monthly
income taken away from you in income tax. Ignorant
people think this is an injustice and make a grievance
of it; so it is just as well that we should know why we
are taxed, so that we can see the fairness of the system.
Every country must have a government of some
sot. or life would be impossible. The primary duties of
a government are to ‘protect the life an property of the
citizens, to maintain law and order and settle dispute
between citizens in a just and orderly way through the
law-courts, to defend the country from foreign foes,
and to maintain the roads and highways. Besides, may
governments maintain and direct public duties need
money: an army and navy have to. be kept up, the
police force and the judges have to be paid, schools
have to be provided and teachers supported, expert
health-officers and sanitary engineers have to be
employed. Now where is all the money needed for the
public service to come from? The question in answered
by another. For whose benefit are all these service
maintained? The answer is, for the benefits of the
public. It is the people as a whole, rich and poor, that
benefit by security of live and property, by the sound
administration of justice, by the maintenance of roads,
by the public hospital, public schools, and good
sanitation. Therefore it is only right that the public, the
individual citizens of the country should contribute the
money needed; for the money the give comes back to
them in the shape of these public benefits which all
So long, therefore, as we have a good and
efficient government, so long as our money, is being
used in the right way, and so long as the burden of
taxation is distributed fairly, as different classes can
bear it, we have no right to grumble at having to pay
our share of the taxes. ?
Which one of these titles is the most suitable for the
text above?
A. Objections to Taxes
B. Why citizens are Taxed
C. The Burden of Taxation
D. Taxation is a Necessity
E. Income Taxes
The topic of paragraph 2 is …
A. the reasons of taxation
B. the right of citizens
C. the expenses of public duties
D. the duties of a government
E. the types of public services
Why do the people have to pay incomes tax?
Because …
A. they have to pay tax for the things they need
B. they have to pay tax whether they are rich of poor
C. the tax is heeded to carry out the government’s
public duties
D. they have to pay tax or the things they but or sell
E. they have to pay tax for the government benefit
According to the text the following statements are true,
except …
A. Everyone knows that taxation is necessary.
B. The public must bear their shares of public
C. It is the government’s duty to provide hospitals for
the sick.
D. The same amount of income tax is imposed on the
rich and the poor.
E. The taxpayers enjoy public services provided by.
the government.
Journalist : some of our forests in Kalimantan and
Sumatra were destroyed in the forest . fire.
Official : It’s a pity. The destruction of the rainforest
could also bring about the extinction of
orang utan!
The underlined word means …
A. act of putting out
B. act of preserving
C. no longer in existence
D. prevention of loss
E. keep something for special purpose
Wacana 4 untuk soal nomor 30 sampai nomor 34
JAKARTA – When the government announced
the liquidation of 16 banks last Saturday, many people
are surprised as they did not expect their bank to be on
the list. Others were still trying to come to terms with
the fact that they had lost their jobs.
“I heard .on the radio that 16 banks were
liquidated, that’s why I came there, to check whether I
could still withdraw may money,” said Prapto, who
claimed to have a deposit hi one of the liquidated banks
on Jl, Thamrin. But he said he couldn’t get it as it was
Saturday and most banks do not open then.
The headquarters of some of the liquidated banks,
such as Bank Pacific and Bank Industry look calm,
with only a few people coming and going Several
people called the ‘Observer’ last Saturday afternoon to
find out which banks had been liquidated.
I Nyoman Moena, a noted banking analyst told
the ‘Observer’ it is a normal reaction for people to panic
when hearing such things, but, he said, the government
must certainly have anticipated the situation. “I think
the monetary authority must have been prepared this
time, after the announcement of the liquidation of Bank
Summa in 1992,” Moena said referring to the guarantee
by the government to pas depositors in two weeks on
November, 13, 1977 and the naming of-the will handle
the pay outs.
When announcing the liquidations last Saturday,
Bank Indonesia assured depositors they would get their
money back. Those who had less than Rp 20 million
would t get all their money on November 13, while
those who had over Rp 20 million would get up to Rp
20 million in the first stage with the remainder being
paid later.
The President Director of Bank IFI Harry
Rachmadi said yesterday that the liquidation of sixteen
banks would certainly have an impact in the
community, as some people may lose their jobs; To
minimize the impact of the liquidations, it is important
to accelerate the process. Rachmadi said that the
decision could also be a ‘sock therapy for Indonesian
banks. “Bank owners can no longer, do as they want
when operating their own banks,” he said. He also said
that some members of the public should have
anticipated this, as the press had earlier reported the
likely liquidation of some ailing banks following the
currency turmoil that hit the country in July this year.
The article is about …
A. liquidation of 16 banks .
B. a shock therapy for banks
C. people’s reaction about liquidated banks
D. the loss of money deposited in the liquidated banks
E. the impact of liquidated bank on the employees
The main idea of paragraph 4 is …
A. some banks are assigned to handle the pay outs
B. the governments has anticipated the people’s
C. the government guarantees to pay depositors by
certain banks
D. Bank Summa was liquidated in 1992
E. I Nyoman Moena is a noted banking analyst
Which of the following statements is TRUE, according
to the text?
A. The headquarters of the liquidated banks were
crowded with people.
B. Bank summa was one of the banks liquidated last
C. The liquidated could he a shock therapy for
Indonesian banks.
D. Harry Rachmadi said that there will be no impact
of liquidation in the community.
E. The liquidated said that do not guarantee that the
depositors can get back their deposits.
The pay out will be given to depositors in stages.
This idea is stated in paragraph …
A. 1
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
E. 6
“…, that’s why I came here to check whether I could
still with draw may money, …” (paragraph 2)
The underlined word means …
A. takeout
B. make known
C. giveaway
D. put back
E. make certain
Wacana 5 untuk soal nomor 35 sampai dengan
nomor 38
MANILA (AFP): The Philippines has the most
number of endemic bird species which are in danger of
extinction, according to a nation wide wildlife report
obtained here yesterday.
“The Philippine Red Data book’, written by the
Wildlife Conservation Society of the Philippines, noted
that the country has 40 endangered bird species more
than any other country.
This includes the Cebu flower-pecker of which
only four are known to still be alive, making it the most
endangered bird in the world, the ‘Red Data Book”
An endangered species is defined as one hat has a
20 percent chance of becoming extinct in 20 years.
The ‘Data Book’ said the threat of extinction was
due to the growing destruction of the forests which are
the habitats of the birds and other wild animals, many
of which are similarly endangered.
The text is about …
A. the ‘Philippine Red Data Book’ on animals
B. the Wildlife Conservation Society in the
C. the number of endemic bird species still available
D. the endangered habitats of birds in the Philippines
E. a report about the extinction of he most
endangered birds.
According to the ‘Red Data Book’, some birds and wild
animals area in danger of extinction because people …
A. hunt them for sports
B. keep destroying forests
C. more their habitats
D. change forests into their habitats
E. catch them to be domesticated
Endangered species are …
A. the forty percent of bird species in the world
B. all wild animals except the Cebu flower-pecker
C. birds which now remains twenty percent
D. the endemic bird species kept in- captivity
E. catch them to be domesticated
“…the threat of extinction was due to …”(paragraph 5)
The word ‘threat” means …
A. notice
B. warning
C. danger
D. statement
E. announcement
Rita : The Kasepuhans, a community living in and
around the Gunung Halimun national park still
practice a traditional way of planting rice.
Kity : For example?
Rita : They only grow local rice varieties, only plant
once a year, and reject the use of pesticide.
‘reject’ means …
A. deny
B. omit
C. refuse
D. prevent
E. ignore
Tourist : Would you tell us where we can get handicraft
for souvenirs?
Guide : Well, let’s go to Pucang; it is very popular
with its handicraft. Almost all the people
there make their living by … things from the
horns of buffaloes or cows.
A. making
B. taking
C. drawing
D. painting
E. cutting
Mother : When the price of petrol rises, the price of all
basic commodities follows to rise. It always
happens like this.
Father : … that our income will be sufficient if there
is no increase in our salary.
A. 1 am sure
B. It’s certain
C. 1 am pleased
D. It’s possible
E. I doubt
X : Although this is the best cinema in town, there are
not many people visiting it.
Y : …, nowadays most people prefer spending their
time at home watching TV.
A. A, Oh, no
B. I don’t think so
C. Really?
D. That’s right
E. It’s not true
X : Has she already got some medicine?
Y : If she had visited the doctor, she would have .
been given medicine.
From the dialogue above we know that …
A. the doctor visited her and gave her medicine
B. she visited the doctor, so she was given medicine
C. she didn’t visit the doctor, so she wasn’t given
D. although she didn’t visit the doctor, she was give
E. she didn’t visit the doctor because the doctor had
already given her medicine
Burhan : The river is very dirty. People shouldn’t have
throw household rubbish into the river.
Fikri : That’s exactly what I think.
From the dialogue above we know …
A. Fikri disagrees wit Burhan’s opinion
B. Burhan thinks exactly the same way
C. waste material has not been collected
D. people polluted the river with rubbish
E. Burhan warned people not to throw rubbish in the
Ricky : You look happy with your new job here
Nelly : You’re right. My family and I are happier here,
… my salary is smaller than before.
A. in spite of
B. although
C. because
D. since
E. when
A : Do you know the woman speaking with the
B : Yes, she is our new lecturer …
A. which also can speak English well
B. with whom she will help the professor
C. whose her daughter is a famous surgeon in this
D. who is also an assistant of the minister of woman
E. whom also working as a consultant in a foreign
Dika : Can I borrow you laptop?
Ditya : Certainly, but what’s wrong with yours?
Dika : It … now
A. is being repaired
B. repaired
C. is repairing
D. has repaired
E. is going to repair
Mrs. Hilman : I like your garden. It is well maintained
Do you still have time to tidy it?
Mrs. Anton : of course not … twice a-week
A. I always tidy it myself
B. I have tidied it
C. I have to tidy it
D. I have it tidied
E. I ask somebody to tidy it
A : More and more people have died as the victims of
B : That’s terrible. I wish we were living in a world
with no war or dispute between countries.
The underlined sentence means …
A. we are living in a peaceful world
B. we were jiving in a peaceful world
C. we are not living in a peaceful world
D. we were not living in a peaceful world
E. we will live in a peaceful world
X : Do you think that the monetary crisis will console
to an end?
Y : …, this condition won’t be back to normal within
more or two years.
A. 1 am fed up with the news
B. I am sorry to hear that
C. It would be agreeable
D. It’s not my business
E. It’s very unlikelyq
Ujian Akhir Sekolah
Tahun 2007
Kucing, anjmg dan harimau memiliki kesamaan antara
lain struktur gigi dan jenis makanannya. Oleh karena
itu, hewan tersebut dikelompokkan dalam satu takson
yang sama, yaitu …
A. filum
B. kelas
C. ordo
D. famili
E. genus
Berikut mi adalah jenis penyakit yang disebabkan oleh
virus yaitu …
A. influenza dan flu burung
B. cacar dan malaria
C. cacar dan TBC
D. demam berdarah dan malaria
E. diare dan flu burung
Perhatikan gambar di bawah ini!
Bakteri yang menyebabkan
kolera adalah
nomor …
A. 5
B. 4
C. 3
D. 2
E. 1
24jam 48 jam 24jam 48jam 24 jam 48 jam
Grafik di atas menunjukan fase inkubasi Plasmodium.
Jenis malaria apakah dari kasus tersebut?
A. malaria quartana
B. malaria tropicana
C. malaria tertiana
D. malaria africana
E. malaria americana
Di antara ganggang berikut di bawah ini yang
kloroplasnya berbentuk mangkok adalah …
A. Spirogyra
B. Clamydomonas
C. Euglena
D. Navicula
E. Chhrococcum
Gambar disamping jamur dari jenis …
A. Rhizopus stolonifer
B. Volvariella volvaceae
C. Neurospora sp.
D. Mucor mucedo
E. Saccharomyces cereviceae
Bagan di bawah, label 1,2,3, dan 4 adalah …
A. protonema, ovum, spermatozoid, dan zigot
B. protalium, spermatozoid, ovum, dan zigot
C. protalium, ovum, spermatozoid, dan zigo
D. protonema, spermatozoid, ovum, dan zigot
E. protonema, spermatozoid, ovum, dan sporofit
Andri menemukan hewan dengan ciri-ciri sebagai
• kepala dada menjjadi satu
• memiliki abdomen/perut
• jumlah kaki empat pasang
Dari ciri-ciri tersebut maka hewan ini tergolong …
A. insekta
B. crustaceae
C. arachnoidea
D. myriapoda
E. decapoda
Perhatikan siklus hidup cacing hati (Fasciola hepatica)
di bawah ini!
Label 1 dan 2 dan siklus tersebut adalah …
A. miracidium dan redia
B. miracidium dan onkosfera
C. redia dan cercaria
D. cercaria dan metacercaria
E. cercaria dan onkosfera
Berikut ini adalah nama beberapa populasi dalam suatu
1. pohon
2. tumut
3. lumut kerak
4. perdu
5. rumput
Urutan rangkaian suksesi dengan komponen-komponen
berikut adalah …
A. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
B. 2, 3, 4, 5, 1
C. 3, 4, 5, 1, 2
D. 3, 2, 4, 5, 1
E. 3, 2, 5, 4, 1
Perhatikan gambar sel di bawah!
Organel yang ditunjuk berfungsi sebagai …
A. pelindung bagian dalam sel
B. tempat sintesis protein
C. penghasil pigmen
D. mengatur semua kegiatan sel
E. tempat respirasi sel
Pertumbuhan batang monokotil cenderung tidak
membesar, sedangkan batang tumbuhan dikotil dapat
membesar. Hal ini disebabkan adanya …
A. akti vitas stele
B. aktivitas korteks
C. aktivitas titik tumbuh
D. d aktivitasmeristematik
E. aktiyitas kambium
Perhatikan jaringan penyusun organ daun di bawah ini!
Jaringan yang ditunjuk berfungsi sebagai …
A. tempat fotosintesis
B. pengangkut air dan unsur hara
C. pelindung
D. tempat pertukaran udara
E. tempat menyimpan hasil fotosintesis
Melengkungnya tulang punggung ke arah depan akibat
kesalahan sikap disebut …
A. Fraktura
B. Rakhitis
C. Lordosis
D. Kifosis
E. Nekrosis
Berikut ini merupakan fungsi getah bening …
A. mengangkut hasil pencernaan lemak yang berupa
asam lemak dan gliserol
B. mengangkut hasil pencernaan berupa asam lemak
dan gliserol
C. mempertahankan tubuh dan kuman dan penyakit
D. mengangkut dan menyerang kuman-kuman
E. mengangkut asam amino dan garam mineral
Label 1, 2, dan 3 dan gambar penampang jantung di
bawah adalah …
A. arteri kanan,ventrikel kanan, arteri kiri
B. aorta, ventrikel kanan, berkas His
C. aorta, arteri pulmonalis, vena pulmonalis
D. arteri pulmonalis, aorta, arteri pulmonalis
E. vena cava superior, vena cava inferior, vena
Jenis gangguan sistem
pencernaan yang sering
terjadi yang ditunjuk dan
gambar di samping …
A. apendisitis
B. ulkus
C. diare
D. konsttpasi
E. enteritis
Label x pada gambar di
samping adalah …
A. kardiak penghasil HCl
B. kardiak menghasilkan
C. pylorus menghasilkan
cairan alkali
D. fundus penghasil HCl dan musin
E. fundus menghasilkan cairan alkali
Dalam proses penyerapan makanan, lemak akan
dipecah menjadi …
A. asam lemak dan enzim
B. asam amino dan asam lemak
C. asam lemak dan gliserol
D. asam lemak dan glukosa
E. asam lemak dan amilum
Pada label x gambar nefron di bawah dihasilkan …
A. urine primer
B. urine sekunder
C. darah bersih
D. urine produktif
E. urine racun
Pergerakan bola mata dikendalikan oleh saraf cranial
yaitu …
A. opticus
B. okulomotor
C. trigeminal
D. vagus
E. auditori
Perhatikan gambar penampang telinga di bawah.
Jika bagian ini rusak,
maka bagian telinga
tengah mudah terinfeksi.
Bagian tersebut ditunjukkan
oleh nomor

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5
Berikut ini adalah gambar penampang kandung
lembaga pada tumbuhan Angiospermae. Endospenn
terbentuk melalui peleburan inti generatif dengan
nomor …
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 2 dan 3
Fertilisasi terjadi pada bagian label …
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5
Pengikatan bagian vas deferen dengan tujuan untuk
menghambat pematangan gamet jantan dalam istilah
KB disebut …
A. sterilisasi
B. inflant
C. tubektomi
D. vasektomi
Peristiwa etiolasi pada kecambah terjadi karena …
A. pertumbuhan terhambat akibat banyak cahaya
B. pertumbuhan cepat akibat tidak ada cahaya
C. menumpuknya auksin pada bagian batang
D. terhambatnya auksin karena kurang cahaya
E. dormansi biji-bijian karena faktor kelembapan
Seorang siswa ingin meneliti pengaruh cahaya lampu
terhadap banyaknya oksigen yang diproduksi oleh
Hydrilla. Manakah yang tergolong variabel bebas …
A. siswa
B. intensitas cahaya lampu
C. volum oksigen
D. Hydrilla
E. tabung reaksi
Berikut adalah jenis enzim yang termasuk dalam
golongan karbohidrase, kecuali …
A. katalase
B. sellulose
C. hidrolase
D. sitokrom
E. karboksilase
Perhatikan skema respirasi aerob di bawah ini !
Dari bagan di bawah peristiwa 1 dan 2 secara berturutturut
adalah …
A. siklus Krebs dan glikolisis
B. siklus Krebs dan reaksi antara
C. glikolisis dan siklus Krebs
D. glikolisis dan STB
E. STE dan siklus Krebs
Reaksi terang pada peristiwa fotosintesis adalah …
A. fotosintesis
B. fiksasi CO2
C. penguraian klorofil
D. siklus Calvin – Benson
E. pemecahan molekul air
Kromosom somatik sel manuisia adalah …
A. 44 A/XX atau 44 A/XY
B. 22 A/XX atau 22 A/YY
C. 22 A/XY atau 23 A/XY
D. 44 A/XX atau 44 A/YY
E. 22 A/X atau 22 A/Y
Berikut ini adalah beberapa kodon dengan asam amino
yang diikatnya.
Kodon Asam Amino
GUA valin
CCU prolin
AUC isoleusin
UCU serin
Bila urutan asam amino yang terbentuk adalah
isoleusin, prolin, valin, dan serin maka urutan basa
nitrogen dari DNA sense adalah …
Fase-fase sintesa protein ;
1. RNA d meninggalkan inti menuju ribosom
2. RNA t mengikat asam amino yang sesuai
3. RNA d dibentuk di dalam inti oleh DNA
4. asam amino berderet sesuai dengan urutan kode
5. pembentukan protein yang diperintahkan
Urutan yang sesuai dengan sintesa protein adalah …
A. 3, 2, 1, 4, dan 5
B. 1, 2, 3, 4, dan 5
C. 3, 1, 2, 4, dan 5
D. 5, 4, 1, 2, dan 1
E. 2, 3, 4, 1, dan 5
Dari gambar di samping fase yang benar pada
pembelahan sel tersebut adalah …
A. interfase
B. profase
C. anafase
D. metafase
E. telofase
Label yang benar dari gambar spermatogenesis di
bawah adalah …
A. 1 spermatogonium, 4 spermatid
B. 1 spermatid, 3 spermatosit
C. 1 spermatogonium, 3 spermatosit
D. 1 spermatogonium, 4 sperma
E. 1 spermatid, 4 sperma
Peristiwa yang terjadi pada profase dari meiosis I
adalah …
A. membelahnya sentromer menjadi dua
B. meleburnya dinding inti
C. terbentuknya benang-benang kromatin
D. bergeraknya kromatid ke arah kutub
E. berkumpulnya kromosom di bidang equator
Gen-gen di bawah ini menyatakan bulu yang diwarisi
oleh beberapa hewan.
Gen A bulu keriting (dominan)
Gen a bulu lurus (resesif)
Gen B bulu bitam (dominan)
Gen b bulu putih (resesif)
Hewan yang mewarisi gen AaBb akan memiliki fenotip

A. hitam lurus
B. hitam keriting
C. putih halus
D. putih keriting
E. abu-abu ikal
Gen A (daun berklorofil), gen a (daun tidak
berklorofil), gen B (batang tinggi) dan gen b (batang
pendek). Jika genotip aa bersifat letal, maka hasil
persilangan AaBb dengan Aabb akan diperoleh
perbandingan fenotip …
A. Hijau tinggi : hijau pendek = 1 : 1
B. Hijau tinggi : hijau pendek = 3 : 1
C. Htjau tinggi : putih pendek = 1 : 1
D. Hijau tinggi : putih pendek = 2 : 1
E. Putih tinggi : hijau pendek = 3 : 1
Penyilangan bunga Linaria marocana AAbb (merah)
dengan aaBB (putih), F1 AaBb (Ungu), F2 terjadi
kombinasi fenotip dengan perbandingan:
A. Ungu : Merah : Putih = 12 : 3 : 1
B. Ungu : Merah : Putih = 1 : 1 : 1
C. Merah : Putih = 9 : 7
D. Ungu : Putih = 9 : 7
E. Ungu : Merah : Putih = 9 : 3 : 4
Sistem Penentuan jenis kelamin pada belalang yaitu …
A. 3Y
Jika nomor 1 golongan darah A (IAIO) maka nomor 2
mempunyai genotip …
Seorang laki-laki normal menikahi wanita normal yang
ayahnya hemofilia. Kemungkinan anak laki-laki
mereka yang hemofilia adalah …
A. 0%
B. 12,5%
C. 25%
D. 50%
E. 75%
Perkawinan antarsepupu (satu silsilah dekat) tidak baik
secara genetik karena …
A. sering terjadi pertengkaran
B. muncurnya sifat yang sama dalam keluarga
C. terjadinya perebutan warisan
D. susah mendapat keturunan
E. munculnya keturunan yang abnormal
Mutasi kromosom dapat terjadi akibat adanya …
A. pautan
B. gagal pisah
C. pindah silang
D. pautan seks
E. polimeri
Karena mengalami mutasi, kromosom mengalami
perubahan seperti pada gambar di bawah.
Jenis mutasi tersebut adalah …
A. translokasi
B. katenasi
C. inverse
D. duplikasi
E. delesi
Sayap burung dan sayap serangga merupakan organ
yang dapat dijadikan petunjuk adanya evolusi.
Berdasarkan perbandingannya organ tersebut tergolong

A. analog
B. homolog
C. comparative
D. organologi
E. speciasi
Disuatu pulau ditemukan wanita berpenglihatan normal
84%, berapa persen pria berpenglihatan buta wama?
A. 20%
B. 30%
C. 40%
D. 80%
E. 96%
Dari 1000 penduduk di suatu kota ditemukan 49%
orang normal haemofilia, berapakah jumlah penduduk
yang haemofilia?
A. 25 orang
B. 90 orang
C. 180 orang
D. 250 orang
E. 510 orang
Pemanfaatan aplikasi bioteknologi untuk pemenuhan
kebutuhan pangan sudah mulai beralih ke pemanfaatan
PST (Protein Sel Tunggal) karena memiliki kelebihan
kecuali …
A. nilai ekonomi tinggi
B. sumber energinya cukup banyak
C. kadar protein tinggi ± 80%
D. media pembiakannya selulosa, methanol atau
minyak bumi
E. semua orang bisa melakukannya
Bioteknologi di bawah adalah …
A. Hibridoma
B. Kloning
C. Transplantasi gen
D. Kultur jaringan
E. Transplantasi nucleus
Ujian Akhir Nasional
Tahun 2006
Siswa secara sistematik mengurut klasifikasi seekor
kucing, adaiah …
A. Carnivora – chordata – mammalia – felidae –
vertebrata – felis
B. Mammalia – vertebrata – chordata – carnivora –
felidae – felis
C. Chordata – vertebrata – mammalia – carnivora –
felidae – felis
D. Vertebrata – chordata – carbivora – mammalia –
felis – felidae
E. Felidae – chordata – mammalia – vertebrata –
carbivora – felis
Manakah perbedaan yang tepat antara Kingdom
Monera dan Protista pada label berikut!
Kingdom Monera Kingdom Protista
Bersel tunggal
Memiliki alat gerak
Hidup berkoloni
Reproduksi secara
Bersel banyak
Tidak memiliki alat gerak
Hidup soliter
Reproduksi aseksual dan
Perhatikan gambar di bawah ini!
Di antara tumbuhan tersebut yang termasuk golongan
lumut nomor …
A. 1 dan 2
B. 1 dan 3
C. 2 dan 3
D. 2 dan 4
E. 3 dan 4
Tingkat erosi di daerah aliran sungai (DAS) Cijolang
110,41/ton/ha/th dan DAS Cisanggarung 54 ton/ha/th,
sementara itu ambang batas erosi yang diperbolehkan
masing-masing 6 ton/ha/th dan 7,25 ton/ha/th. Kondisi
ini dapat menyebabkan pendangkalan sungai sehingga
terjadi banjir pada musim hujan. Upaya yang harus
dilakukan untuk mengatasi masalah tersebut adalah …
A. Meluruskan sungai sehingga laju air meningkat
B. Membuat aturan pembuangan limbah dari pabrik
C. Membuat tanggul di sepanjang daerah aliran sungai
D. Mengeruk dasar sungai sehingga menjadi lebih
E. Melakukan reboisasi di sepanjang daerah aliran
Berdasarkan hasil pengamatan para ahli diperoleh
informasi bahwa organel tertentu hanya terdapat pada
sel hewan dan akan tampak peranannya pada saat
pembelahan sel. Organel manakah yang dimaksud
keterangan tersebut …
A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D
E. E
Pada saat praktikum, seorang siswa mengamati sayatan
melintang daun dengan menggunakan mikrbskop. Hasil
pengamatan menunjukkan adanya jaringan dengan ciriciri
sebagai berikut:
– bentuk sel seperti balok
– sel-selnya tersusun rapat
– dilapisi kutikula
Berdasarkan ciri-ciri di atas, siswa nienyimpulkan
bahwa jaringan tersebut berfungsi sebagai …
A. pelindung
B. tempat fotosintesis
C. alat pengangkut
D. tempat penyerapan
E. tempat pertukaran udara
Gambar di samping ini merupakan
berbagai jaringan yang
menyusun organ usus halus.
Jaringan pada organ usus tersebut
yang berfungsi menyerap sari
makanan ditunjukkan pada
gambar bernomor …
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5
Seseorang mengalami kecelakaan lalu
lintas dan setelah diperiksa dengan
menggunakan sinar X, tampak
kelainan pada tulang pahanya seperti
gambar di samping. Kelainan tulang
tersebut dinamakan …
A. Skoliosis
B. Kofosis
C. Lordosis
D. Fraktura
E. Fisura
Perhatikan gambar bagan penampang jantung di bawah
Pembuluh darah yang membawa darah kaya akan
oksigen adalah….
A. 1 dan 2
B. 1 dan 3
C. 2 dan 3
D. 2 dan 4
E. 3 dan 4
Fungsi organ yang diberi nomor X pada gambar di
bawah ini adalah .„…
A. Menyerap asam amino dan
B. Mencerna disakarida secara
C. Menghasilkan ptyalin untuk
mencerna amilum
D. Menghasilkan amilase, lipase,
dan tirpsinogen
E. Menghasilkan tripsinogen dan
Gambar di bawah ini memperlihatkan percobaan
tentang pernapasan pada kecambah yang dilakukan
oleh beberapa siswa.
Faktor yang menyebabkan larutan berwarna bergerak
ke arah kecambah karena …
A. CO2 dan NaOH diserap kecambah untuk fotosintesis
B. CO diserap oleh kecambah dari NaOH diikat oleh
C. O2 digunakan untuk respirasi dan CO2 diikat oleh
D. O2 dan CO2 digunakan untuk fotosintesis oleh
E. O2 dan NaOH diserap kecambah untuk respirasi
Dari hasil uji urine seseorang diperoleh data:k
No. Perlakuan Hasil Pengamatan
1. Urine + Biuret Tidak berubah
2. Urine + Fehling A dan
B dipanaskan Warna merah bata
3. Urine + PerakNitrat Endapan putih
4. Urine dipanaskan Bail ammonia
Berdasarkan data dapat disimpulkan bahwa orang
tersebut …
A. Menderita albuminuria
B. Tidak ada kelainan pada ginjal
C. Terjadinya gangguan pada filtrasi
D. Menderita diabetes melitus
E. Ada radang pada kandung kemih
Urutan jalannya rangsang pada lengkung refleks
sederhana adalah …
A. Reseptor – serabut sensosir – efektor – serabut saraf
motors – serabut saraf konektor
B. Reseptor – serabut saraf sensoris – serabut sarat
konektor – serabut saraf motoris – efektor
C. Reseptor – serabut saraf motoris – serabut saraf
sensoris – efektor
D. Reseptor – serabut saraf motoris – serabut saraf
konektor – serabut saraf sensoris – efektor
E. Reseptor – serabut saraf konektor – serabut saraf
sensorisi – serabut sarat motoris – efektor
Perbedaan kerja sistem saraf dan sistem endoktrin
adalah …
Faktor pembeda Sistem saraf Sistem
A zat kimia sebagai
penghantar rangsang tidak ada ada
B sumber rangsang luar dan dalam
tubuh dalam tubuh
C respon terhadap
rangsang cepat lambat
D target respon tidak langsung langsung
E peran dalam tubuh mengatur
Perhatikan gambar organ reproduksi wanita di
samping. Fungsi organ P adalah …
A. tempat berlangstingnya proses
B. tempat berlangsungnya
peristiwa fertilisasi
C. tempat pertumbuhan dan
perkembangan embrio
D. tempat menempelnya plasenta
E. sebagai jalan keluarbayi pada saat dilahirkan
Hormon-hormon yang berpengaruh di dalam siklus
menstruasi adalah …
A. androgen dan ekstrogen
B. estrogen dan progesteron
C. prolaktin dan laktogen
D. angdrogen dan laktogen
E. somatotrop dan estrogen
Gaos melakukan percobaan seperti pada gambar di
bawah ini. Variabel yang dia buat untuk rancangan
percobaannya ini adalah …
A. Tumbuhan sebagai variabel kontrol
B. Data tinggi tumbuh sebagai variabel kontrol
C. Arah sinar matahari sebagai variabel bebas
D. Hasil pengukuran sebagai variabel bebas
E. Tempat gelap sebagai variabel terikat
Tuti sedang melakukan pengamatan pertumbuhan dan
tumbuhan. Dia ingin membuktikan bahwa suhu berpengaruh
terhadap pertumbuhan kedua tumbuhan
tersebut. tumbuhan ke-1 ditempatkan di tempat gelap
sebagai variabel kontrol, sedangkan tumbuhan ke-2
ditempatkan di tempat terang. Kedua tumbuhan
merupakan tumbuhan sejenis. Kesalahan apa yang dia
lakukan dalam percobaan tersebut?
A. Tidak terdapat variabel bebas untuk kedua
tumbuhan tersebut
B. Tidak melakukan pengukuran suhu lingkungan
C. Menggunakan tumbuhan sejenis untuk tempat
D. Tempat yang dipilih tidak sesuai dengan tujuan
E. Variabel kontrol seharusnya tumbuhan ke-2
Bila sumbu X menunjukkan waktu, Y kecepatan
tumbuh. Grafik yang menunjukkan kecepatan
pertumbuhan kecambah di tempat gelap dan di tempat
terang adalah …
A. D.
B. E.
Perbedaan antara respirasi aerob dan anaerob adalah …
Respirasi aerob Respirasi anaerob
A. Energi yang dihasilkan
Energi yang dihasilkan
B. Berlangsung di
Berlangsung di
C. Terbentuk CO2, H2O
dan ATP
Terbentuk asam laktat/
alkohol dan ATP
D. Tahapan reaksi lebih
Tahapan reaksi sangat
E. Tidak memerlukan
oksigen bebas
Memerlukan oksigen
Diagram berikut ini memperlihatkan jalur respirasi.
Proses glikolisis ditunjukkan pada tahap …
A. Q dan S
B. Q dan R
C. P dan Q
D. R dan S
E. P dan R
Asam piruvat hasil proses glikolisis dalam keadaan
aerob akan diubah menjadi asetil ko-A, NADH2 dan
CO2 yang yerjadi pada:
A. matrik mitokondira
B. sitoplasma
C. plastida
D. sentrosom
E. protoplasma ,
Persamaan reaksi kimia anabolisme adalah …•
A. 12 H2O + C6HI2O6 → 6 CO2 1 12 H2O
B. C6H12O6 + 12 H2O → 6 C02 + 12 H2O
C. C6HI2O6 → 6 C02 + 12 H2O + energi
D. C2H5OH + O2 → CH3COOH + H2O + energi
E. 6 CO2 + 6 H2O → C6H12O6 + 6 O2 + energi
Perubahan energi cahaya menjadi energi kimia pada
fotosintesis berlangsung dalam …
A. plastida
B. tilakoid
C. C stroma
D. grana
E. mitrokondria
Perhatikan gambar perangkat percobaan Ingenhousz di
bawah ini! Perangkat seperti gambar dibuat empat
buah dan diberi tanda 1, 2, 3, dan 4.
1. Diletakkan pada tempat terkena
cahaya matahari
2. Diletakkan di tempat teduh
3. Diletakkan pada tempat terkena
cahaya dan ditambah NaHCO3
4. Diletakkan di tempat terkena
cahaya dan diberi es sehingga
suhunya menjadi 15-20bC.
Dari data pengamatan pada gambar tiga lebih banyak
terbentuk gelembung O2. Kesimpulan yang dapat
diambil dari percobaan di atas adalah …
A. CO2 sangat berperan dalam fotosinthesis
B. H2O tidak berperan dalarn fotosinthesis
C. Cahaya tidak berperan dalaffl fotosinthesis
D. Pada fotosinthesis dihasilkan CO2
E. Suhu tidak berpengaruh terhadap fotosinthesis
Jika makhluk di muka bumi lebih banyak melakukan
katabolisme daripada anabilisme maka akan terjadi …
A. Persediaan bahan makanan melimpah
B. Jumlah oksigen di atmosfer berlebihan
C. Makhluk herbivora lebih banyak daripada
D. suhu bumi meningkat karena kelebihan
E. energi yang dihasilkan mengakibatkan efek rumah
Berikut skema hubungan antara katabolisme
karbohidrat, lemak dan protein:
Dari skema di atas, hasil pemecahan lemak yang akan
masuk ke dalam jalur glikolisis adalah …
A. asam amino
B. asam lemak
C. asam piruvat
D. asam lemak dan gliserol
E. gliserol
Perhatikan label kandungan gizi pada beberapa
macam.tnakanan dalam berat 100 gr di bawah ini!
Kandungan Gizi
No Jenis
makanan KH
A gado-gado 60 45 28 30 1 3,5
B singkong
goreng 35 100 1,2 60.000 0,06 3,0
C tumis
kangkung 9 1,3 5,7 6.300 0,07 3,2
D jagung
rebus 33,1 1,3 5,0 435 0,24 8
E kue dari
singkong 40 40 13 61.000 0,17 30
Berdasarkan label di atas, maka makanan yang rendah
kalori adalah …
A. gado-gado
B. singkong goreng
C. tumis kangkung
D. jagung rebus
E. kue dari singkong
Gambar sepotong molekulADN
Satu nukeotida ditunjukkan oleh nomor …
A. 5 – 6 – 8
B. 4 – 1 – 2
C. 2 – 3 – 7
D. 2 – 3 – 1
E. 1 – 2 – 3
Berdasarkan gambar di atas, bentuk kromosom b dan d
dinamakan …
A. Metasentrik dan sub metasentrik
B. Metasentrik dan akrosentrik
C. Telosentrik dan sub metasentrik
D. Telosentrik dan akrosentrik
E. Sub metasentrik dan akrosenteik
Salah satu peristrwa perkembangan embrio manusia
adalah pembentukan testis, terjadi melalui pembelahan
sel. Hasil sel anak dalam peristiwa pembelahan ini
memiliki jumlah kromosom …
A. 13 kromosom
B. 22 kromosom
C. 23 kromosom
D. 44 kromosom
E. 46 kromosom
Pembelahan miosis II terhadap oosit sekunder pada
oogenesis menghasilkan …
A. Satu polosit sekunder dan satu ootid
B. Dua ootid
C. Satu ootid satu ovum
D. Dua polosit sekunder
E. Tiga polosit dan satu ovum
Sepasang suami istri harus ke rumah sakit untuk
memperoleh penanganan khusus pada kehamilan
anaknya yang kedua, sehubungan dengan golongan
darah yang dimiliki mereka. Faktor yang mungkin
mengganggu keselamatan kelahiran anak tersebut
adalah …
A. thalasemia
B. siklemia
C. haemofilia
D. aglutinogen
E. factor rhesus
Peta silsilah di bawah ini mengenai sifat buta warna
yang terpaut kromosom X, jika C untuk penglihatan
normal dan c untuk buta warna. Orang yang
mempunyai genetik Cc adalah …
█ : laki-laki buta warna
☻: perempuan buta warna
􀀀 : laki-laki normal
O : perempuan normal
A. 6
B. 5
C. 4
D. 3.
E. 2
Jika individu bergenotif AaBbCcDd gen C dan D bertautan,
maka macam gamet yang terbentuk adalah …
A. 4
B. 6
C. 8
D. 12
E. 16
Perhatikan gambar kerusakan kromosom di bawah ini!
A. inverse
B. katenasi
C. translokasi
D. delesi
E. duplikasi
Berikutadalah ciri-ciri mutan:
1. jumlah kromosom 47
2. ovarium menyusut
3. keterbelakangan mental
4. testis kecil
5. anti sosial
Penderita syndrome Klinefelter memiliki ciri …
A. 1, 2, 3
B. 1, 4, 5
C. 2, 3, 5
D. 3, 4, 5
E. 4, 3, 1
Pernyataan di bawah ini yang merupakan peristiwa
evolusi biologi adalah …
A. terbentuknya asam amino pertama di muka bumi
sebagai zat yang mirip virus
B. perbedaan warna bunga pada tumbuhan sejenis
karena pemberian hormon
C. siput sawah bereproduksi secara vivivar sedangkan
siput lainnya ovivar
D. perbedaan ukuran tubuh pada dua tumbuhan
sejenis karena pemupukan
E. peningkatan populasi ngengat berwarna gelap di
daerah pemupukan
Pasangan dua organ yang dimiliki. dua macam organisme
di bawah ini menunjukkan adanya homologi …
A. alat gerak ikan paus dengan sirip ikan kakap
B. kaki depan kuda dengan tangan manusia
C. sayap serangga dengan sayap burung
D. insang berudu dengan insang ikan gabus
E. kaki kecoa dengan kaki tikus
Diketahui frekuensi gen orang albino pada suatu
masyarakat adalah 16 di antara 10.000 orang.
Berapa persenkah orang pembawa sifat albino …
A. 77,8%
B. 76,8%
C. 67,8%
D. 7,68%
E. 7,78%
Perhatikan bagan siklus hidup cacing hati Fasciola
a. Tuliskan nama tdhap pada bagian yang diberi
riomor 1, 2, dan 3!
b. Tahap mana yang berada di dalam tubuh inang
c. Apa peran cacing ini bagi manusia?
Tiga orang siswa Rudi, Sita dan Riri masing-masing
bergolongan darah AB, O dan A. Hasil uji tampak pada
diagram di bawah ini:
Zat/Sampel P Q
Menggumpal Tidak menggumpal
a. Siapakah pemilik sampel X, Y, dan Z?
b. Teatukan zat apa yang diteteskan pada kolom P
dan Q!
Seorang siswa melakukan percobaan mengenai
respirasi tumbuhan dengan perangkat alat seperti
gambardi bawah!
a. Apa yang terjadi dengan
keadaan permukaan air A
dan B setelah percobaan
berlangsung 45 menit?
b. Apa fungsi KOH dalam
percobaan tersebut?
Di bawah ini adalah gambar dari sebagiari molekul
DNA urutan polinukleotidanya sudah terurai.
Diketahui translasi kodon-kodon berikut:
Kodon Asam amino
Berdasarkan data di atas jawablah pertanyaan berikut:
a. Tentukan urutan basa nitrogen hasil transkripsi
DNA (RNAm) !
b. Tentukan urutan basa nitrogen pada RNA!
c. Tentukan rangkaian asam amino yang tersusun
hasil translasi!
Perhatikan peta silsilah berikut:
a. Tentukan genotip nomor 1, 2, 3, 4 dan 11!
b. Jika nomor 10 menikah dengan wanita normal,
tentukan kemungkinan anak-anaknya yang akan
Ujian Akhir Sekolah
Tahun 2005
Tumbuhan tebu diberi nama ilmiah Saccharum
officinarum, sedangkan tumbuhan gelagah diberi nama
ilmiah Saccharum spontaneum. Ini berarti bahwa
tumbuhan tebu dan gelagah memiliki …
A. genus berbeda, spesies berbeda
B. genus sama. spesies sama
C. genus berbeda, spesies sama
D. genus sama, spesies berbeda, famili berbeda
E. genus sama, spesies berbeda, famili sama
Amati struktur tubuh vir,us di bawah ini!
Nomor 1,2, dan 3 merupakan …
A. kapsid, DMA, ekor
B. kapsid, RNA, ekor
C. DNA, ekor, kapsid
D. kepala, kapsid, ekor
E. DNA, kapsid, ekor
Berikut ini skema pergiliran keturunan pada tumbuhan
paku. Nomor 1,2,3 dan 4 adalah …
A. protalium, antheridium, arkegonium, zigot
B. protalium, arkegonium, antheridium, zigot
C. protonema. antheridiuni, arkegoniuin, zigot
D. protonema, arkegonium. antheridium, zigot
E. zigot, antheridium. arkegonium, protalium
Alga biru yang hidup bersimbiosis dengan tumbuhan
tinggi dan berperan mengikat N, bebas di udara adalah
A. Rivularia dan Oscilatoria
B. Anabaena
C. Rhizobium dan Anabaena
D. Rivularia
E. Nostoc
Perhatikan ciri-ciri hewan Protozoa berikut ini:
1. tidak mempunyai rangka
2. mempunyai bulu cambuk sebagai alat gerak
3. hidup soliteratau berkoloni
4. ada yang mempunyai klorofiI
Hewan Protozoa di atas termasuk kelas …
A. Rhyzopoda
B. Cilliata
C. Flagellate
D. Sporozoa
E. Sarcodina
Dalam suatu ekosistem hutan terdapat rantai makanan
sebagai berikut:
Rumput → kijang → harimau → pengurai
Jika padang rumput dibakar dan disana didirikan
bangunan, dampak yang akan terjadi adalah …
A. populasi kijang akan stabil dan tidak akan ada
B. menurunnya populasi kijang dan harimau
C. meningkatnya populasi kijang dan pengurai
D. meningkatnya populasi harimau karena tidak ada
E. populasi harimau tidak terpengaruh karena bukan
Untuk memenuhi kebutuhan pangan sekarang maupun
masa yang akan datang telah dikembangkan teknologi
pertanian. Badan Atom Negara (BATAN) di Indonesia
telah menghasilkan padi jenis unggul hasil radiasi sinar
gamma, yaitu …
A. PB 5 dan PB 8
B. Sigadis dan Cisadane
C. Cisadane dan Bogo\vonto
D. Sigadis dan Bogowonto
E. Atomital dan Atomitall
Faktor-faktor yang mempengaruhi kecepatan pertumbuhan
pada tanaman adalah …
A. oksigen, air dan suhu
B. air, suhu dan nutrisi
C. cahaya, suhu dan karbondioksida
D. nutrisi, oksigen dan karbondioksida
E. air. karbondioksida dan cahava matahari
Berikut ini tahapan metamorfosis pada kupu-kupu
1 2 3 4 5
Urutan metamorfosis yang benar adalah ….
A. 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5
B. 3 – 2 – 1 – 4 – 5
C. 3 – 4 – 2 – 5 – 1
D. 3 – 4 – 5 – 2 – 1
E. 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – 5
Fungsi jaringan epidermis pada tumbuhan kecuali …
A. untuk menyimpan cadangan air
B. proteksi terhadap kehilangan air
C. melindungi jaringan di bawahnya
D. absorpsi air dan garam mineral
E. untuk pertukaran udara
Perhatikan gambar sel saraf berikut ini!
Fungsi bagian yang ditunjuk adalah …
A. menerima rangsang
B. menanggapi rangsang
C. memberi zat makahan bagi sel saraf
D. melanjutkan rangsang ke sel saraf lainnya
E. mengatur segala aktifitas sel saraf
Berikut ini gambar mekanisme antagonistic otot
Perubahan posisi lengan bawah dari X ke posisi Y
disebabkan oleh …
A. kontraksi otot bisep
B. kontraksi otot trisep
C. kontraksi otot bisep dan trisep
D. relaksasi otot bisep
E. relaksasi otot trisep
Pengangkutan ekstravasikuler pada organ akar melalui
berbagai jaringan, berurutan dari luar ke dalam
A. korteks – endodermis – epidermis – perisikel –
B. korteks – epidermis – perikambium – endodermis –
C. epidermis – perisikel – korteks – endodermis –
D. epidermis – korteks – endodermis -floem – perisikel
E. epidermis – korteks – endodermis – prisikel – floem
Pada skema pembekuan darah berikut ini, nomor I, II
dan III berturut-turutmenunjukan….
A. trombin, fibrinogen, tromboplastin
B. trombin, tromboplastin, fibrinogen
C. tromboplastin, fibrinogen, trombin
D. tromboplastin, trombin, fibrinogen
E. fibrinogen, trombin, tromboplastin
Pada percobaan respirasi seperti terlihat pada gambar,
dapat disimpulkan bahwa faktor yang mempengaruhi
perjalanan eosin yaitu….
NaOH kapas
Serangga eosin
A. berat serangga dan jumlah eosin
B. aktivitas serangga dan berat KOH/NaOH
C. berat serangga dan aktivitas tubuh
D. berat kapas dan berat serangga
E. berat serangga dan berat KOH/NaOH
Berikut ini gambar sebuah Nefron.
Proses reabsorpsi dan augmentasi berlangsung pada
A. 1 dan 2
B. 1 dan 3
C. 2 dan 3
D. 2 dan 4
E. 3 dan 5
Perhatikan label hasil uji makanan berikut ini!
Bahan Hasil Uji Makanan
makanan Lugol Biuret Fehling A + B
I biru kehitaman tetap tetap
II tetap ungu merah bata
III biru kehitaman kuning tua merah bata
IV hijau ungu hijau
V tetap ungu tetap
Bahan makanan yang mengandung protein dan glukosa
adalah …
A. I
C. Ill
D. II dan III
E. IVdanV
Urutan yang benar tentang jalannya impuls pada gerak
refleks ketika kaki menginjak duri adalah …
A. Reseptor – sensorik – otak – motorik – efektor
B. Efektor – sensorik – otak – motorik – reseptor
C. Reseptor – motorik – sumsum belakang – sensorik –
D. Efektor – sensorik – sumsum belakang – motorik –
E. Reseptor – sensorik – sumsum belakang – motorik –
Setelah sampai di kornea, impuls cahaya agar sampai
di retina harus melewati bagian-bagian mata di
antaranya …
A. aqueous humor – pupil – lensa – vitreus humor
B. aqueous humor – lensa – pupil – vitreus humor
C. lensa – pupil – aqueous humor – vitreus humor
D. vitreus humor – pupil – lensa – aqueous humor
E. vitreus humor – lensa – pupil – aqueous humor
Pada pria terdapat alat-alat reproduksi sebagai berikut:
1. Vas deferens
2. Testis
3. Uretra
4. Epididimis
5. Penis
Jalannya sperma dari mulai dibentuk sampai
dikeluarkan dari tubuh (ejakulasi) adalah ….
A. 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5
B. 1 – 4 – 2 – 3 – 5
C. 2 – 1 – 4 – 3 – 5
D. 2 – 4 – 1 – 3 – 5
E. 4 – 2 – 1 – 3 – 5
Grafik. berikut menunjukkan perubahan suhu tubuh
seorang wanita selama siklus menstruasi.
Apakah yang terjadi pada suhu tubuh ketika
mengalami ovulasi?
A. Suhu tunuh turun dari 36,8oC menjadi 36,4oC
B. Suhu tunuh naik dari 36,4oC menjadi 36,8oC
C. Suhu tubuh sekitar 36,4oC
D. Suhu tubuh sekitar 36,83oC
E. Suhu tubuh sekitar 36,34oC
Hubungan yang tepat antara alat perkembangbiakan
dengan cara pemencarannya terdapat pada …
Alat perkembangbiakan Cara pemencaran
1 hidrokon
2 ormtokon
3 kiropterokon
4 anemokon
5 entomokon
Organel yang hanya terdapat pada sel tumbuhan adalah

A. Ribosom, nukleus, plastida
B. Mitokondria, membran sel, dinding sel
C. Nukleus, plastida, kloroplas
D. Membran sel, nukleus, plastida
E. Dinding sel, plastida, kloroplas
Berikut ini yang berhubungan dengan Mitokondria
adalah …
A. tempat pembentukan energi
B. tempat menyimpan zat makanan
C. tempat terjadinya sintesa protein
D. tempat keluar masuknya zat antar sef
E. tempat terjadinya fotosintesis
Gambar beberapa tahapan perubahan kromosom pada
pembelahan meiosis: Metafase 1, Anafase 1, dan
Profase II secara berurutan ditunjukkan oleh nomor.
A. 1, 2, dan 3
B. 2, 1, dan 3
C. 1, 3, dan 2
D. 2, 3, dan 1
E. 3, 2, dan 1
Pada peristiwa oogenesis, setiap 1 oogonium yang
mengalami meiosis akan membentuk …
A. 1 ovum fungsional dan I badan kutub
B. 1 ovum fungsional dan 3 badan kutub
C. 2 ovum fungsional dan 2 badan kutub
D. 3 ovum fungsional dan 1 badan kutub
E. 4 ovum fungsional
Reaksi terang dari siklus Calvin menghasilkan 2 zat
penting yang akan digunakan dalam reaksi pembentukan
glukosa. Zat tersebut adalah …
A. ATP dari asam fosfogliserat
B. NADPH2 dan asam fosfogliserat
C. ATP dan fosfogliseraldehid
E. NADPH2 dan fosfogliseraldehid
Substrat yang digunakan dalam tahapan Glikolisis
adalah …
A. Fruktosa
B. Asam piruvat
C. Gliseraldehid
D. Glukosa
E. Maltosa
Manakah pernyataan berikut yang tidak tepat?
A. semua sifat ditentukan oleh satu gen
B. satu gen mengatur satu sifat
C. batas-batas antar gen tidak dapat ditentukan secara
D. jika gen berubah, berubah pula sifat makhluk hidup
E. gen diwariskan
Apabila rantai antisense memiliki urutan basa Nitrogen
S-G-A-T-S, maka urutan basa Nitrogen pada RNA-d
yang terbentuk adalah …
A. S-G-A-U-S
B. S-G-A-T-S
C. G-S-T-A-G
D. G-S-U-A-G
E. S-G-U-A-S
Kelinci memiliki jumlah kromosom 44, maka kariotip
kromosom pada se| hati kelinci betina adaiah….
A. 44 AA
B. 44A + XY
C. 22AA + XX
D. 22A + XX
E. 44AA + XX
Garnet yang dibentuk oleh genotip AaBb dimana gen
A dan B berpautan adalah …
A. AB, Ab, aB, ab
B. AB, Ab
C. AB, aB
D. AB, ab
E. AA, BB, aa, bb
Bunga warna merah homozigot dominan terhadap
bunga warna putih. Apabila bunga warna merah
heterozigot disilangkan dengan sesamanya, diperoleh
keturunan berjumlah 36 batang. Berapa batangkah
yang berbunga merah ?
A. 9 batang
B. 18 batang
C. 27 batang
D. 30 batang
E. 35 batang
Gandum berkulit hitam (Hhkk) disilangkan dengan
gandum berkulit kuning (hhKk), hitam epistasis
terhadap kuning maka keturunannya …
A. hitam semua
B. kuning semua
C. 50% hitam, 50% kuning
D. 50% hitam, 25% kuning, 25% putih
E. 25% hitam, 50% kuning, 25% putih
Dari pembastaran antara genotip Bb dengan Bb dimana
gen b bersifat lethal, keturunan yangdiharapkan hidup
adalah …
A. 25%
B. 40%
C. 50%
D. 60%
E. 75%
Apabila suami isteri memiliki golongan darah A, maka
kemungkinan golongan darah anak-anaknya adalah …
A. A dan O
C. A
D. O
E. B dan O
Pada Drosophila melanogaster, tubuh kelabu sayap
panjang dominan terhadap tubuh hitam sayap pendek.
Dalam suatu eksperimen diperoleh keturunan sebagai
Tubuh kelabu sayap pendek 944
Tubuh hitam sayap panjang 965
Tubuh hitam sayap pendek 185
Tubuh kelabu sayap panjang 206
Maka nilai pindah silangnya …
A. 17%
B. 41%
C. 42%
D. 58%
E. 83%
Berikut ini tahap-tahap pembentukan benda-benda di
angkasa raya:
1. hujan turun membentuk samudera
2. terbentuk debu-debu nebula
3. terbentuk kompleks tata surya
4. terbentuk galaksi-galaksi
5. bumi dalam keadaan panas
Urutan yang tepat proses di jagat raya yang mengawali
pembentukan makhluk hidup pertama adalah …
A. 2-3-4-5-1
B. 2-4-3-5-1
C. 3-2-4-5-1
D. 3-4-5-2-1
E. 4-2-3-5-1
Perhatikan model eksperimen Stanley Miller ini.
Tempat air mendidih, sumber daya, dan air yang
mengandung bahan organik secara berturut-turut
adalah nomor …
A. 1,2, dan 4
B. 1,3, dan 5
C. 2,3, dan 4
D. 2.4, dan 5
E. 3.4, dan 5
Diketahui persentase orang normal (tidak albino)
dalam suatu populasi penduduk adalah 64%, berarti
frekuensi genotip AA : Aa : aa dalam populasi tersebut
adalah …
A. 48 : 36 : 16
B. 36 : 16 : 48
C. 16 : 48 : 36
D. 36 : 48 : 16
E. 16 : 36 : 48
Berikut ini contoh homologi dan analogi organ tubuh
1. sayap kupu-kupu dengan sayap burung
2. sayap kupu-kupu dengan tangan manusia
3. kaki depan kuda dengan tangan manusia
4. sayap kupu-kupu dengan sayap kelelawar
5. kaki depan kuda dengan kaki depan gajah
Yang termasuk organ homolog adalah …
A. 1 dan 4
B. 1 dan 5
C. 2 dan 3
D. 3 dan 5
E. 4 dan 5
Faktor yang tidak berpengaruh terhadap penyebarar
organisme di muka bumi adalah …
A. hubungan ekologi masa lampau
B. sejarah dan iklim masa lampau
C. bentuk dan susunan suatu benua
D. interaksi antar komponen lingkungan
E. kemampuan manusia mengubah dan mengatu
Suatu biomamempunyaiciri-ciri:
1. curah hujan 225 – 250 cm Hg
2. spesies pepohonan beraneka ragam
3. pohon berbentuk kanopi
4. memiliki iklim mikro
Berdasarkan ciri-ciri tersebut dapat diasumsikan
sebagai bioma …
A. hutan gugur
B. padang rumput
C. hutan basah
D. taiga
E. tundra
Pemanfaatan bakteri untuk mendapatkan insulin bagi
kehidupan manusia dilakukan dengan cara teknologi …
A. kulturjaringan
B. rekayasa genetika
C. pembuatan vaksin
D. mutasi dan hibridisasi
E. fermentasi
Berikut ini beberapa bahan makanan yang difermentasikan
oleh mikroorganisme dengan produk-produl
nya :
No. Bahan Mikroorganisme Produk
1 susu Streptococus yoghurt
2 kedelai Aspergillus tempe
3 kedelai Rhizopus kecap
4 singkong Sacharomyces tape
5 susu Aspergillus krim asam
Hubungan yang benar antara bahan mentah dengan
mikroorganisme dan produknya adalah …
A. 1 dan 2
B. 1 dan 4
C. 2 dan 3
D. 3 dan 4
E. 3 dan 5
Soal Uraian:
Gambar ini memperlihatkan jamur Rhizopux
oligosporns yang dimanfaatkan dalam pembuatan
tempe. 2
a. Berilah nama pada bagian yang bernomor 1, 2 dan
3 !
b. Apakah peranan jamur ini pada proses pembuatan
tempe ?
Sebutkan organ pembentuk sistem pernafasan pada
Kelenjar Pankreas berfungsi sebagai kelenjar eksokrin
dan endokrin, jelaskan !
Pada suatu daerah presentasi laki-laki buta warna
sebesar 4 %. Carilah presentasi wanita carier dan
wanita buta warna !
Sebutkan upaya-upaya yang dilakukan manusia agar
sumber daya alam hayati tetap terjaga kelestariannya
dalam arti memberi manfaat dalam jangka waktu yang
lama dan bcrkesinambungan dari generasi ke generasi!
Biologi Ujian Nasional
Tahun 2004
Kelompok tumbuhan yang merupakan tingkatan satu
jenis adalah …
A. rumput, jahe, kunyit
B. jambu, mangga, pepaya
C. kelapa sawit, kelapa gading, aren
D. aren, jambu, kelapa sawit
E. kelapa sawit, kelapa hijau, kelapa gading
Berdasarkan gambar daur hidup virus, fase x, y dan z
secara berurutan adalah …
A. Penetrasi, Lisis, Sintesis
B. Penetrasi, Absorpsi, Sintesis
C. Sintesis, Replikasi, Absopsi
D. Absorpsi, Replikasi, Simtesis
E. Absorpsi, Sintesis, Lisis
Di antara bakteri-bakteri berikut ini, yang menyebabkan
penyakit raja singa (sipilis) …
A. Neiseriameningkat
B. Neiseria gonorhoeae
C. Treponemapartenue
D. Treponema pallidum
E. Clostridium pasteurianum
Secara berurutan 1, 2, 3 dan 4 dari daur hidup paku ini
menunjukkan …
3 4
A. Sorangium, Spora. Antheridium, Archegonium
B. Spora, Protalium, Antheridium, Archegoium
C. Spora, Protonema, Antheridium, Archegonium
D. Sporangium, Spora, Mikroprotalium, Makroprotalium
E. Sporangium, Spora, Mikroprotonema, Makroprotonema
Ciri-ciri cacing antara lain :
1. Ditemukan di usus
2. Hidup sebagai parasit dan hospes perantara sapi
3. Pada Scholeks terdapat alat pengait
4. Sistem pencernaannya mempunyai mulut dan
5. sistem reproduksi dengan cara fragmentasi
Ciri-ciri Taenia Saginata adalah …
A. 1, 2 dan 3
B. 1, 2 dan 4
C. 1, 2 dan 5
D. 2, 3 dan 4
E. 3, 4 dan 5
Lapisan yang membentuk mutiara pada kerang mutiara,
mulai dari luar ke dalam secara berurutan …
A. Nakreas, Periostrakum, Prismatik
B. Periostrakum, Prismatik, Nakreas
C. Prismatik, Nakreas, Periostrakum
D. Nakreas, Prismatik, Periostrakum
E. Perostrakum, Nakreas, Prismatik
Untuk membuat kecap diperlukan bantuan mikroorganisme
yang berasal dari golongan …
A. Deuteromycetes
B. Ascomycetes
C. Basidiomycetes
D. Mycomycetes
E. Phycomycetes
Di padang rumput yang mengalami kekeringan berkepanjangan,
hidup sekelompok zebra dan singa. Akibat
kekeringan terjadi penurunan produsen yang selanjutnya
akan terjadi …
A. peningkatan populasi zebra dan singa
B. penurunan populasi zebra dan peningkatan populasi
C. penurunan populasi zebra dan singa
D. peningkatan populasi zebra dan populasi singa
E. populasi rumput musnah
Perhatikan bagan berikut !
Pada jaring-jaring makanan tersebut, burung merupakan
A. konsumen ke-1
B. konsumen ke-2
C. konsumen ke-3
D. konsumen ke-2 dan ke-3
E. konsumen ke-1 dan ke-2
Prinsip etika lingkungan yang mendasari tindakan
manusia agar dapat menjaga keseimbangan lingkungan
adalah …
A. manusia dapat berbuat sesukanya terhadap
B. SDA harus dijaga karena jumlahnya terbatas dan
hanya untuk kepentingan manusia
C. sumber energi jumlahnya tak terbatas di negeri kita
maka dapat dipakai sesuka kita
D. manusia harus bekerja sama dengan lingkungan,
karena manusia bagian dari lingkungan
E. negara mempunyai peranan untuk mengeksploitasi
sebanyak-banyaknya agar dapat digunakan secara
Berbagai pelestarian daya alam hayati yang dilakukan
antara lain :
1. kebun koleksi Bone
2. kebun plasma nuftah di Cibinong
3. penangkaran komodo di pulau Komodo
4. Rafflesia di Kebun Raya Bogor
5. pengembangan badak Jawa di Ujung Kulon
Pelestarian tersebut yang bersifat ex situ adalah …
A. 1 dan 2
B. 2 dan 3
C. 3 dan 4
D. 4 dan 5
E. 2 dan 4
Perhatikan bagian tubuh manusi berikut !
1. ginjal 6. hati
2. paru-paru 7. usus halus
3. lambung 8. tenggorokan
4. hidung 9. kerongkongan
5. mulut 10. usus besat
Bagian tubuh yang merupakan sistem organ pencernaan
adalah …
A. 5 – 9 – 3 – 7 – 10
B. 4 – 8 – 2 – 1 – 6
C. 1 – 2 – 6 – 8 – 7
D. 5 – 9 – 3 – 10 – 7
E. 4 – 9 – 3 – 7 – 10
Perhatikan gambar penampang melintang daun di bawah
ini !
Jaringan yang berlabel X mempunyai fungsi …
A. penyokong dan penguat
B. mengangkut hasil fotosintesa
C. menunjang jaringan yang lain
D. pelindung jaringan yang lain
E. mengangkut air dan garam mineral
Perhatikan tabel berikut ini !
No. Hormon Fungsi
1 Kaukalin P mempercepat pertumbuhan
2 Asam Asetat Q menunda pengguguran daun
3 Giberelin R menghambat pembentukan
4 Etilen S mempercepat pembuahan
5 Sitokonin T mengatur pembentukan
Pasangan yang sesuai antara hormon dengan fungsinya
adalah …
A. 1 dan T
B. 3 dan P
C. 2 dan R
D. 5 dan S
E. 4 dan Q
Semua organ di bawah ini menghasilkan hormon, kecuali

A. hipofisa
B. gondok
C. limpa
D. ovarium
E. testis
Tulang seperti diagram di bawah dihubungkan oleh …
A. sendi engsel
B. sendi putar
C. sendi pelana
D. sendi peluru
E. sendi luncur
Perhatikan gambar perangkat pervobaan yang menunjukkan
peristiwa osmosis di bawah ini !
Pernyataan berikut yang sesuai dengan ganbar tersebut
adalah …
A. Permukaan A bertambah karena larutan A hipotonis
B. Permukaan B berkurang karena larutan B hipertonis
C. Permukaan A bertambah karena larutan A hipertonis
D. Permukaan B bertambah karena larutan A hipotonis
E. Permukaan A bertambah karena larutan B hipotonis
Perhatikan diagram pembekuan darah berikut :
Trombosit Trombokenaso
Protrombin y
Fibrinogen z
Label x, y dan z secara berturut-turut pada diagram
tersebut adalah …
A. Trombin, Ca++ dan Fibrin
B. Vitamin K, Ca++ dan Fibrin
C. Ca++, Trombin dan Fibrin
D. Vitamin K. Trombin dan Fibrin
E. Tromboplastin, Ca++ dan Trombin
Di suatu daerah, terdapat anak yang keadaannya : badan
kurus, perut buncit, pertumbuhan terhambat, mata rusak
dan kulit kusam. Anak tersebut ternyata mengalami
defisiensi …
A. protein dan vitamin
B. protein dan mineral
C. protein dan karbohidrat
D. protein dan lemak
E. karbihidrat dan lemak
Sistem pernafasan pada manusia disusun oleh kekerapan
organ. Bagian yang paling efektif untuk terjadi difusi
oksigen dan karbon dioksida adalah …
A. rongga hidung
B. larinx
C. broncheolus
D. tracheolus
E. alveeolus
Asma merupakan gangguan pada sistem respirasi yang
mengakibatkan …
A. peradangan pada mukosa rongga hidung dan
mengeluarkan lendir
B. sesak nafas, batuk dan bunyi mendesah
C. peradangan pada pleura
D. tumor ganas yang merusak paru-paru
E. terjadinya penyempitan pada alveoli
Organel berupa saluran halus dalam sitoplasma yang
berbatas sistem membran dan erat kaitannya dengan
sistem angkutan pada sintesis protein adalah …
A. ribosom
B. retikulum endoplasma
C. plasmadesmata
D. badan golgi
E. lisosom
Pernyataan yang menunjukkan perbedaan Spermatogenesis
dan Oogenesis :
Spermatogenesis Oogenesia
A. dihasilkan 4 sel sperma
dihasilkan1 sel ovum
B. dda badan kutub tidak ada badan kutub
C. diketemukan spermatid tidak diketemukan
D. meiosis I menghasilkan
sel primer
meiosis I menghasilkan
sel sekunder
E. spermatogonia terbatas Oogonia tak terbatas
Pada tumbuhan, pembelahan reduksi terjadi pada …
A. lingkaran kambium
B. jaringan meristem
C. pucuk batang
D. alat berkembang biak
E. ujung akar
Gambar ini menunjukkan biji tumbuhan dengan alat
pemencaran yang khas dengan bantuan …
A. burung
B. serangga
C. manusia
D. angin
E. air
Pemencaran tumbuhan tanpa bantuan dari luar dengan
mekanisme perubahan kadar air yang diikuti oleh
pecahnya kulit buah ditemukan pada tumbuhan …
A. bunga Canna
B. straberi
C. karet
D. kacang
E. pacar air
Pada gambar sel di bawah, yang diberi label (X) adalah

A. miokondria
B. lisosom
C. kloroplas
D. tonoplas
E. golgi kompleks
Fase pembelahan pada gambar menunjukkan …
A. anafase 1
B. anafase 2
C. telofase 1
D. telofase 2
E. metafase
Pernyataan berikut ada hubungannya dengan pembelahan
sel :
1. terjadi pada sel tubuh
2. jumlah kromosom sel anak separuh dari sel
3. jumlah kromosom anak sama dengan kromosom
4. terjadi dalam pembentukan sel kelamin
5. pembelahan berlangsung 2 kali
Ciri khas mitosis adalah …
A. 1 dan 2
B. 1 dan 3
C. 2 dan 5
D. 3 dan 4
E. 3 dan 5
Zat makanan yang pada metabolisme menghasilkan
energi tertinggi untuk satuan berat yang sama adalah …
A. protein
B. vitamin
C. lemak
D. karbohidrat
E. serat kasar
Perbedaan antara reaksi terang dan reaksi gelap …
Reaksi Terang Reaksi Gelap
A. menggunakan energi
tidak menggunakan
energi kimia
B. berlangsung di Stroma berlangsung di Grana
C. menghasilkan ATP
menghasilkan glukosa
D. terbentuk ATP dan
terbentuk H2 dan O2
E. melalui siklus calvin melalui fotofosforrilase
Diketahui salah satu rantai DNA dengan urutan basa NGCTAGGCTA
Urutan basa N yang terdapat pada RNA yang dibentuk
oleh DNA tersebut di atas adalah …
Syaraf parasimpatik berpengaruh terhadap aktivitas
beberapa organ tubuh, kecuali …
A. kontraksi pembuluh darah
B. pengecilan pupil
C. peningkatan sekresi kelenjar saliva
D. pengecilan bronkus
E. kontraksi dinding usus
Pada Drosophila melanogester normal, tubuh warna
kelabu, sayap panjang dominan terhadap warna tubuh
hitam, sayap pendek.
Dalam suatu eksperimen, diperoleh keturunan sebagai
berikut :
• Tubuh kelabu, sayap panjang 206
• Tubuh hitam, sayap pendek 185
• Tubuh hitam, sayap panjang 965
• Tubuh kelabu, sayap pendek 944
Maka nilai pindah silangnya adalah …
A. 17 %
B. 41 %
C. 42 %
D. 58 %
E. 83 %
Warna kuku pada kelinci ditentukan oleh alela ganda
dengan urutan dominasi C > Cch > cH > c , dimana :
C = kelabu cH = himalaya
Cch = chincila c = albino
Perkawinan kelinci kelabu Cc dengan Ccch akan
menghasilkan keturunan …
A. kelabu : chincila : albino = 1 : 2 : 1
B. kelabu : chincila : albino = 1 : 1 : 2
C. kelabu : chincila : albino = 2 : 1 : 1
D. kelabu: albino = 3 : 1
E. kelabu : chincila = 3 : 1
Apabila terjadi perkawinan antara parental bergolongan
darah A heterozigot dengan B heterozigot, maka
kemungkinan golongan darah anak-anaknya adalah …
A. A dan B
B. A dan AB
C. AB dan O
D. A, B, AB dan O
E. B dan AB
Seekor cumi-cumi yang bertemu dengan predatornya
akan menghamburkan cairan berwarna hitam sementara
tubuhnya menjadi lebih pucat dan berenang menjauh.
Bentuk adaptasi seperti ini disebut adaptasi …
A. morfologi
B. fisiologi
C. tingkah laku
D. divergensi
E. konvergensi
Perhatikan bahan-bahan ini !
1. kolkisin
2. digitonin
3. asam askorbin
4. nitrat
5. temperatur
6. sinar rontgen
bahan kimia yang bersifat mutagenik adalah …
A. 1, 2, 3
B. 1, 2, 4
C. 2, 3, 4
D. 3, 4, 5
E. 4, 5, 6
Hasil eksperimen Stanley Miller adalah terbentuknya zat
yang kita sebut …
A. amoniak
B. asam nukleat
C. asam asetat
D. asam amino
E. asam dioksi nukleat
Dasar proses evolusi menurut Darwin ialah bahwa …
A. nenek moyang manusia adalah kera
B. spesies yang kuat membunuh yang lemah
C. spesies baru timbul terus menerus
D. perubahan perlahan-lahan dalam waktu yang lama
E. perubahan yang bersifat menurun
Perhatikan organ ini !
1. Rambut kepala
2. Rambut di dada
3. Tulang ekor
4. Umbai cacing
5. Bulu mata
Petunjuk evolusi dari alat tubuh yang tersisa pada
manusia adalah …
A. 1 dan 2
B. 2 dan 3
C. 3 dan 4
D. 2 dan 5
E. 1 dan 5
Penyebaran fauna langka yang sesuai dengan daerah
sebarannya adalah …
A. cenderawasih di Maluku
B. badak cula satu di Lampung
C. kuda di Sumbawa
D. komodo di Lombok
E. anoa di Sulawesi
Perhatikan pernyataan berikut ini !
1. Agar menguntungkan petani dilakukan
pertanian intensif yang hanya menanam satu
jenis makanan.
2. Menanam tanaman tumpang sari untuk
mempertahankan kesuburan tanah.
3. Meningkatkan kualitas tumbuhan yang
meliputi perbaikan dalam ukuran, rasa, warna
dan kandungannya.
4. Mempertahankan sumber plasma nuftah untuk
kepentingan masa depan.
Tindakan yang mendukung pelestarian sumber daya alam
hayati adalah …
A. 3 dan 4
B. 2 dan 3
C. A dan 4
D. A dan 3
E. A dan 2
Perhatikan pernyataan ini !
1. Kultur jaringan dapat meningkatkan produksi
suatu tanaman.
2. Rekayasa genetika dapat meningkatkan kualitas
dari tanaman pangan.
3. Cara konvensional peningkatan mutu pengadaan
pangan umumnya lebih mudah diterima
masyarakat dari produk bioteknologi.
4. Produk biotektologi dikhawatirkan menjadi
bahan polutan biologi.
Yang menunjukkan kekurangan dari bioteknologi adalah

A. 1 dan 2
B. 1 dan 3
C. 1 dan 4
D. 2 dan 3
E. 3 dan 4
Produksi antibodi monoklonal yang merupakan
pemanfaatan salah satu cabang bioteknologi yaitu …
A. teknologi enzim
B. teknologi hibridoma
C. teknologi DNA rekombinan
D. teknologi reproduksi
E. kultur jaringan
a. Sebutkan 3 ciri Nasidiomycatina !
b. Sebutkan 2 contoh jamur Basidiomycotina
Dengan memperhatikan diagarm satu unit alat eksresi
a. tuliakan nama-nama bagian nefron yang ditunjuk
dengan nomor 1, 2 dan 3 !
b. jelaskan proses-proses yang terjadi pada bagianbagian
bernomor a, 2 dan 3 !
Jelaskan tahap-tahap proses pendengaran !
Telah dikenal adanya alela biasa dan alela ganda.
a. Jelaskan perbedaan antara alela biasa dan alela
ganda !
b. Berikan contoh penurunan sifat alela biasa dan
contoh penurunan alela ganda !
Dengan adanya kemajuan teknologi disegala bidang,
perkembangbiakan vegetatif tanaman dapat dilaksanakan
dengan carakultur jaringan.
Jelaskan keuntungan yang diperoleh dari kuktur jaringan
berdasarkan :
a. sifat generasi yang dihasilkan !
b. alat pembibitan !
c. kepentingan produksinya !
d. waktu yang diperlukan !
Tahun 2003
Di dalam klasifikasi, jeruk bali (Citrus maxima), jeruk
nipis (Citrus auran tifilia) dan jeruk keprok (Citrus
nobilis) termasuk dalam satu kelompok, yaitu pada
tingkat …
A. spesies
B. genus
C. familia
D. ordo
E. kulas
Selubung protein penyusun virus disebut …
A. virion
B. kapsid
D. membran
E. dinding sel
Dalam usaha manusia mencari sumber makanan baru,
ternyata Chlorella mendapat perhatian yang cukup
besar. Hal ini dikarenakan Chlorella mempunyai
kandungan protein yang cukup tinggi dan mudah
berfotosintesis. Chlorella termasuk polongan …
A. Chlorophyta
B. Phaeophyta
C. Rhodophyta
D. Cyanophyta
E. Chrisophyta
Perhatikan diagram siklus hidup Bryophita berikut ini !
(3) (4)
spermatozoid ovum
Secara berurutan nomor 1, 2, 3 dan 4 adalah …
A. protonema, tumbuhan lumut, arkegonium dan
B. protonema, tumbuhan paku, arkegonium dan
C. protonema, tumbuhan lumut, erteridium dan
D. protonema, tumbuhan lumut, anteridium dan
E. protalium tumbuhan paku, anteridium dan
Berikut ini adalah fase-fase dari daur hidup Fasciola
hepatica :
1. Mirasidium 5. cacing dewasa
2. telur 6. serkaria
3. sporokis 7. metaserkaria
4. redia
Urutan fase-fase pada cacing adalah …
A. 2–1–3–4–6–7–5
B. 2–1–4–7–6–3–5
C. 2–1–4–3–7–6–5
D. 2–1–3–4–6–7–5
E. 2–3–4–5–7–6–1
Penularan penyakit cacing berikut ini melalui …
A. Ascaris lumbricoides dan Oxyuris vermicularis
B. Fillaria bancarofti dan Ancylostoma duodenale
C. Ascaris lumbricoides dan Fillaria bancarofti
D. Ascaris lumbricoides dan Ancylostoma doudenale
E. Oxyuris vermicularis dan Ancylostoma doudenale
Ciri-ciri Arthropoda, antara lain:
1. kepala dan dadanya bersatu, perut terpisah
2. tubuhnya ditutupi oleh kerangka luar
3. kaki hanya pada segmen dada saja, berjumlah
4 pasang
4. sayap ditemukan berpasangan pada ruas dada
5. matanya merupakan mata facet
Ciri-ciri yang dimiliki insecta adalah …
A. 1, 2 dan 3
B. 1, 2 dan 4
C. 2, 3 dan 4
D. 2, 3 dan 5
E. 2, 4 dan 5
Saccharomyces adalah jamurbersel satu dari golongan
Ascomycotina yang berperan dalam pembuatan minum
an keras. Saccharomyces mampu mengubah …
A. glikogen menjadi alkohol
B. ragi menjadi alkohol
C. amilum menjadi alkohol
D. tepung menjadi alkohol
E. glukosa menjadi alkohol
Perhatikan gambar arus energi dan daur materi dalam
suatu ekosistem berikut.
cahaya matahari komponen biotik energi panas
komponen abiotik
arus energi
daur materi
Di bawah ini merupakan pernyataan yang berhubungan
dengan gambar tersebut, kecuali …
A. cahaya matahari dimanfaatkan oleh tumbuhan
B. komponen biotik melakukan berbagai aktivitas
memerlukan energi
C. unsur hara yang siderap tumbuhan keberadaannya
dipasok dari sisa-sisa atau bangkai komponen
D. setiap perubahan energi ada sebagian energi yang
hilang dalam bentuk panas
E. keberadaan komponen abiotik sama sekali tidak
ada interaksi dengan komponen biotik
Eksploitasi sumber daya alam secara berlebihan dapat
menyebabkan berkurangya persediaan sumber daya
alam yang ada. Hubungan antara ketersediaan sumber
daya alam dengan eksploitasi sumber daya alam dapat
digambarkan dengan grafik …
A. y
B. y
C. y
D. y
E. y
Jaringan yang melapisi rongga mulut dan rongga
hidung adalah jaringan epitel …
A. kubus
B. silindris selapis
C. kubus bersilia
D. pipih selapis
E. pipih berlapis banyak
Berikut ini adalah ciri-ciri tumbuhan :
1. batang bercabang
2. pertulangan daun menyirip/menjari
3. mempunyai empulur pada pusat akar
4. pertulangan daun sejajar
5. akarnya berkambium
Berdasarkan data di atas, tumbuhan yang termasuk ke
dalam golongan dikotil memiliki ciri-ciri …
A. 1–2–4
B. 1–2–5
C. 1–3–4
D. 2–3–4
E. 2–4–5
Berikut ini adalah daftar berbagai fungsi hormon
tumbuhan :
1. merangsang pembelahan sel
2. mendorong pemasakan buah
3. menghambat pertunasan daun
4. meningkatkan perkembangan buah dan bunga
5. mendorong perkembangan biji dan tunas
Fungsi hormon Auksin adalah …
A. 1 dan 2
B. 1 dan 5
C. 2 dan 3
D. 2 dan 4
E. 3 dan 5
Di bawah ini merupakan contoh gerak tropisme adalah

A. Euglena bergerak dengan bulu cambuk menuju
B. mekarnya bunga pukul empat karena pengaruh
C. gerak melilit ujung batang/sulur pada famili
Cucurbitaceae karena sentuhan
D. menutupnya daun putri malu karena sentuhan
E. gerak tidur pada tanaman Leguminosae karena
pengaruh cahaya
Hubungan antar tulang-tulang pada siku, lutut dan
ruas-ruas jari membentuk …
A. sendi putar
B. sendi peluru
C. sendi pelana
D. sendi engsel
E. sendi rotasi
Pada akar tumbuhan, perjalanan air terjadi melalui
transportasi ekstravackuler dan transportasi intra
vaskuler yang merupakan transportasi ekstravaskuler
ialah …
A. mengalirnya air melalui xilem
B. perjalanan air di luar berkas pembuluh pengangkut
C. mengalirnya air di dalam xilem karena daya adhesi
D. keluarnya air dalam bentuk uap air melalui
E. perjalanan air yang berlawanan dengan gaya berat
Perhatikan skema proses pembekuan darah berikut
a. Trombosit pecah mengeluarkan (1)
faktor anti hemofili
b. (2) Trombin
vitamin K
c. (3) fibrin
Komponen 1, 2 dan 3 adalah …
A. protrombin, trombokinase, ion Ca
B. tromboplastin, ion kalsium, protrombin
C. trombokinase, protrombin, fibrinogen
D. tromboplastin, fibrinogen, protrombin
E. protrombin, ion Ca, fibrinogen
Pasangan aglutinogen dan aglutinin yang menunjukkan
golongan darah O adalah …
Aglutinogen Aglutinin
A. A (alfa)
B. A (beta)
C. tanpa aglutinogen (alfa dan beta)
D. A dan B tanpa aglutinin
E. B (beta)
Organ Enzim Fungsi
1. kelenjar
amilase memecah amilum
2. kelenjar
memecah protein
menjadi asam
3. kelenjar
amilase memecah protein
menjadi pepton
4. usus halus enterokinase memecah lemak
menjadi asam lemak
dan gliserol
5. pankreas tripsin memecah protein
menjadi asam
Hubungan yang tepat antara organ, enzim yang dihasilkan
dan fungsinya ditunjukkan oleh …
A. 1 dan 4
B. 2 dan 3
C. 2 dan 5
D. 1 dan 5
E. 3 dan 5
Infeksi bakteri Diplococcus pneumonia pada alveolus
bisa menyebabkan gangguan pernapasan yang dikenal
dengan istilah …
A. asma
B. pneumonia
C. tubercolosis
D. bronchitis
E. asfiksi
Di bawah ini merupakan contoh penyakit karena ginjal
mengalami kelainan pada saat peristiwa reabsorpsi
yaitu …
A. nefritis
B. batu ginjal
C. polyuria
D. albuminuria
E. oligouria
Syaraf olfaktori sangat berhubungan dengan kepekaan
pada …
A. pengecapan
B. penglihatan
C. pendengaran
D. penciuman
E. pergerakan
Yang bukan merupakan gangguan mata karena di
sebabkan kelainan struktur bola mata yang benar
adalah …
A. myopi
B. presbiop
C. hypermetrop
D. astigmat
E. heneralopi
Pada peristiwa pembuahan ganda, munculnya endosperma
terbentuk dari hasil pembuahan spermatozoid
dengan …
A. ovum
B. antipoda
C. sinergid
D. inti kandung lembaga sekunder
E. inti kandung lembaga primer
Pernyataan di bawah ini berkaitan dengan masa-masa
reproduksi pada wanita kecuali …
A. menstruasi terjadi karena tidak terjadi peristiwa
B. kadar progresteron tinggi pada rahim menghambat
C. wanita hamil, payudaranya tampak lebih mengembang,
hal ini karena pengaruh progesteron dan
D. kadar progesteron menurun, menstruasipun terjadi
E. pada saat hamil, menstruasi terjadi secara tidak
Pernyataan yang paling tepat untuk Retikulum
endosplasma adalah …
A. organel terbesar di dalam sitoplasma
B. organel kecil di dalam sel tersusun atas protein dan
C. sepasang badan silinder dan merupakan satu
D. sistem membran yang komplek membentuk jaringjaring
kerja disitoplasma
E. berperan dalam sintesa protein, sintesa lemak, dan
transport materi di dalam sel
Berikut ini adalah beberapa gambaran tentang tahapan
pembelahan mitosis :
1. nukleus tidak lagi dapat dilihat
2. benang-benang kromatin memendek dan menebal
3. terlihat adanya sepasang bangunan yang disebut
4. semua kromitida mengatur diri di bidang
5. kromatid berpisah menuju kutub yang berlawanan
6. nukleus dapat dilihat kembali
Yang terjadi pada profase adalah …
A. 2–3–4
B. 3–4–5
C. 3–4–6
D. 1–2–3
E. 4–5–6
Perbedaan pembuahan tunggal dan pembuahan ganda
adalah …
Pembuahan tunggal Pembuahan ganda
A. ovum tidak dilengkapi
bulu getar
ovum dilengkapi bulu
B. oertilasi melalui
fertilasi tidak melalu
C. embrio yang terjadi selalu
hasil dari peleburan
ovum dan spermatozoid
embrio yang terjadi
bukan hasil peleburan
ovum dan spermatozoid
D. terjadi pada angiospermae
terjadi pada gymnospermae
E. spermatozoid tidak di
lengkapi bulu getar
dilengkapi bulu getar
Enzim merupakan protein yang berperan sebagai
biokatalisator dalam berbagai reaksi metabolisme sel.
Sifat enzim adalah …
A. memerlukan sifat asam
B. bekerja spesifik
C. memerlukan suhu tinggi
D. memecah barbagai substrat
E. menyusun berbagai substrat
Transpor elektron yang berlangsung di dalam mitokondria,
prosesnya akan berakhir setelah elektron H+
bereaksi dengan oksigen yang berfungsi sebagai
akseptor terakhir yang akan membentuk …
A. CO2
B. H2O
C. asam piruvat
D. energi terkecil
E. energi
Di bawah ini merupakan pernyataan yang benar dari
proses fotosintesis, kecuali …
A. reaksi gelap memanfaatkan CO2 untuk membentuk
B. O2 yang terbentuk berasal dari pemecahan H2O
C. hasil reaksi terang adalah O2
D. cahaya bukan merupakan faktor penting karena
justru klorofillah yang harus senantiasa ada
E. H2O yang dimanfaatkan diambil dari dalam tanah
Perhatikan gambar bagian-bagian kromosom berikut
ini !
Sentromer ditunjukkan oleh nomor …
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5
Gambar di bawah ini merupakan struktur molekul
ADN yang dibentuk oleh suatu polinukleotida :
gula – basa N – basa N – gula
gula – basa N – basa N – gula
gula – basa N – basa N – gula
gula – basa N – basa N – gula
Jumlah nukleotida pada gambar tersebut adalah …
A. 4
B. 6
C. 8
D. 5
E. 7
Suatu rantai ADN melakukan transkripsi seperti
berikut :
ARN duta
ARN yang terbentuk adalah …
Di bawah ini merupakan pernyataan yang benar dari
peristiwa suatu persilangan, yaitu …
A. filial terbentuk setelah terjadinya peleburan
B. genotip dibentuk oleh susunan gen yang sifatnya
C. gamet muncul dengan memperhatikan fenotip
yang ada
D. setiap genotip yang terbentuk akan memberikan
fenotip yang sama
E. fenotip merupakan sifat tampak dengan
menerjemahkan genotip yang ada
Bila bunga Mirabillis jalapa merah muda (Mm)
disilangkan dengan putih (mm) akan menghasilkan
keturunan …
A. merah semua
B. merah muda : putih = 2 : 1
C. merah muda : putih = 1 : 1
D. merah muda : putih = 1 : 3
E. merah muda : putih = 3 : 1
Wanita normal yang ayahnya buta warna menikah
dengan pria normal. Kemungkinannya akan lahir lakilaki
buta warna adalah …
A. 12,5 %
B. 25 %
C. 50 %
D. 75 %
E. 100 %
Hal-hal berikut ini merupakan upaya menghindari
penyakit menurun, kecuali …
A. perlunya memahami hukum hereditas
B. mengenal secara baik calon yang akan dijadikan
pasangan hidup
C. menghindari perkawinan antara sesama keluarga
yang masih dekat hubungan darahnya
D. menghindari aktivitas donor darah pada saat
E. memelihara kesehatan badan dan mental
Perhatikan peta silsilah keluarga berikut !
Berdasarkan peta silsilah tersebut, kemungkinan
genotip ibunya adalah …
C. IBIO , XbXb
Yang bukan mutagen berupa bahan kimia di bawah ini
adalah …
A. pestisida
B. cafeine
C. antibiotik
D. sinar ultraviolet
E. limbah industri
Pengaruh buruk yang ditimbulkan mutagen bagi
kehidupan manusia, yaitu …
A. munculnya hama mandul
B. untuk mengawetkam makanan
C. pertunasan bisa dihambat
D. memunculkan bibit unggul
E. munculnya sifat letal pada suatu individu
Stanley Miller menggunakan campuran gas metana, hidrogen,
amonia dan air dalam percobaannya. Dari hasil
percobaan tersebut, Miller membuktikan bahwa …
A. teori abiogenesis adalah benar
B. kehidupan pertama terjadi di daratan
C. makhluk hidup pertama ada di udara
D. energi listrik diperlukan untuk membentuk
makhluk hidup
E. asam amino merupakan dasar dari suatu kehidupan
Pernyataan tentang asal-usul kehidupan yang berkaitan
dengan evolusi biologi adalah …
A. makhluk hidup penghuni bumi berasal dari zarah
yang menyerupai telur
B. molekul CH4, NH3, H2 dan H2O yang terdapat
dalam atmosfer bumi merupakan komponen
penting tubuh
C. makhluk hidup dan materi pembentukannya
merupakan bagian integral dari alam semesta
D. proses perkembangan makhluk hidup ditentukan
semata-mata oleh persenyawaan CH4, NH3, H2O
dan H2
E. makhluk hidup penghuni bumi berasal dari spora
Di bawah ini adalah beberapa pernyataan :
1. populasi besar
2. terjadi migrasi
3. perkawinan terjadi secara acak
4. terjadi mutasi gen
5. memiliki viabilitas dan fertilitas tinggi
Hukum Hardly Weinberg hanya berlaku dalam
keadaan …
A. 1–2–3
B. 1–3–4
C. 2–3–4
D. 1–3–5
E. 3–4–5
Terbentuknya berbagai spesies burung Finch di
kepulauan Galapagos disebabkan oleh …
A. tersedianya berbagai jenis makanan
B. lingkungan yang berbatu mendorong lahirnya
keturunan yang berubah patuhnya
C. seluruh populasi mengalami mutasi spontan
D. terjadinya hibridisasi dengan spesies burung
E. spasialisasi dalam menggunakan bahan makanan
yang berbeda
Contoh hewan daerah Ethiopia yang banyak dikenal
adalah …
A. zebra, jerapah, gorila
B. gajah, harimau, banteng
C. marmut, rodentia, monyet
D. kuda, kijang, kangguru
E. kuda, rodentia, kijang
Salah satu usaha peningkatan produksi pangan dengan
melakukan intensifikasi pertanian melalui pelaksanaan
panca usaha tani adalah sebagai berikut kecuali …
A. pengolahan lahan yang baik
B. penggunaan bibit unggul
C. pemupukan yang tepat
D. pemberantasan hama dan penyakit
E. memperluas areal pertanian
Pengembangan teknologi hibridoma, sebagai salah satu
bentuk bioteknologi untuk menghasilkan …
A. vaksin
B. antibiotik
C. antibodi
D. antibodi monoklonal
E. antigen
Penisilin contoh antibiotik yang dihasilkan oleh mikroorganisme
sejenis …
A. protozoa
B. fungi
C. bakteri
D. alga
E. virus
Pada proses pengolahan air limbah, salah satunya dilakukan
proses filtrasi. Untuk hal tersebut, kita menggunakan
alat atau bahan sebagai berikut kecuali …
A. pasar
B. injuk
C. kerikil
D. saringan
E. udara (oksigen)
Soal Uraian
Tumbuhan alga digolongkan berdasarkan pigmen
dominan yang dimilikinya. Sebutkan empat macam
golongan alga beserta pigmen dominan yang
Jelaskan tiga macam etionom
Jelaskan perbedaan respirasi aerob dan anaerob
berdasarkan :
a. kebutuhan oksigen
b. jumlah energi yang dihasilkan
c. reaksi kimianya
Bila seorang wanita bergolongan darah A homozigot
RH- menikah dengan seorang pria bergolongan AB Rh+
a. Tentukan kemungkinan fenotip anak-anak mereka
yang akan lahit !
b. Berapa persen anaknya yang bergolongan darah A
Rh- ?
c. Buat diagram persilangannya !
Jelaskan pengertian dari :
a. kultur jaringan !
b. rekayasa genetika !
Tahun 2002
Amfioxus, ikan nila, ikan pari dan paus memiliki
tingkat takson terendah yang sama, yaitu
A. filum
B. subfilum
C. kelas
D. ordo
E. famili
Contoh Cyanophita (alga biru) yang berproduksi
dengan hormogonium adalah …
A. Oscillatoria
B. Chroococcus
C. Gloeocapsa
D. Rivularia
E. Nostoc
Perhatikan gambar tumbuhan lumut di samping ini !
Pada bagian nomor 1 terjadi proses …
A. mitosis untuk mempentuk spora
B. meiosis untuk mempentuk spora
C. pembentukan sporogonium
D. pembentukan spermatozoa
E. pembentukan ovum
Gambar berikut ini adalah kelompok ganggang biru :
Nama ganggang dari nomor 1, 2, 3, 4 secara berurutan
adalah …
A. Rivularia, Oscillatoria, Nostoc dan Anabaena
B. Rivularia, Nostoc, Gloeocapsa dan Oscillatoria
C. Rivularia, Anabaena, Nostoc dan Oscillatoria,
D. Rivularia, Nostoc, Oscillatoria dan Gloeocapsa
E. Oscillatoria, Nostoc, Gloeocapsa dan Rivularia
Ditemukan hewan dengan ciri-ciri :
1. tubuh dan kaki beruasruas
2. dada terdiri atas tiga ruas
3. memiliki tegmina
4. ukuran semua kakinya relatif sama
Hewan yang dimaksud adalah …
A. lalat
B. capung
C. lipas
D. laron
E. kepik
Untuk memutus daur hidup cacing darah (Schistosoma
japonicum) yang paling efektif adalah …
A. jangan makan daging siput setengah matang
B. jangan makan ikan setengah matang
C. selalu memakai alas kaki
D. menghindarkan diri dari gigitan nyamuk
E. jangan makan daging setengah matang
Ciri-ciri Basidiomycotina adalah …
A. semua anggotanya bersifat makroskopis dan
B. semua hifanya berinti satu dan bersifat diploid
C. hifanya bercabang-cabang, tidak bersekat dan
bersifat dikariotik
D. basidiospora dan kanidiospora sebagai hasil
reproduksi generatif dan vegetatif
E. basidium berbentuk papan, payung, benang atau
seperti kuping
Pernyataan berikut yang mendukung ciri-ciri hutan
hujan tropika basah adalah …
A. kelembaban udara tinggi, suhu hampir konstan
sepanjang hari
B. hujan tidak teratur, tetapi kadang-kadang tejadi
hujan yang lebat
C. tumbuhan relatif kecil-kecil, berupa semak
D. curah hujan tidak merata sepanjang tahun dan
berupa padang rumput
E. vegetasi spesifik adalah konifer dan hewan aktif di
malam hari
Perhatikan diagram daur biogeokimia unsur C berikut
ini !
Proses yang terjadi pada tanda X adalah …
A. fotosintesis
B. respirasi
C. mati
D. pembakaran
E. pengendapan
Berikut ini yang berperan sebagai konsumen I pada
komunitas kolam adalah …
A. ikan kecil karena memakan plankton
B. plankton karena menduduki tingkat tropi I
C. fitoplankton karena merupakan pengkonsumsi
energi matahari yang pertama
D. ikan besar karena memakan ikan kecil
E. fitoplankton karena berada pada urutan pertama
rantai makanan untuk tingkat komunitas kolam
Pada sungai yang alirannya lambat, airnya akan
menjadi subur sekali untuk pertumbuhan ganggang dan
tanaman pengganggu lainnya, keadaan ini disebut
eutrofikasi. Peristiwa ini disebabkan oleh …
A. kelebihan CO2 dan SO2 hasil dari pelapukan
sampah organik
B. kekurangan dekomposer yang akan membusukkan
sampah buangan
C. timbunan bahan anorganik hasil penguraian
sampah organik dan polutan
D. sampah organik yang tidak mampu terurai oleh
E. limbah minyak tanah menutupi lapisan permukaan
perairan dan mematikan mikroorganisme
Usaha-usaha berikut yang tidak termasuk melestarikan
SDA hayati adalah …
A. mendaur ulang penggunaan tembaga
B. menjaga habitat asli hewan-hewan tertentu
C. memelihara kebun botani
D. melakukan penghijauan di hutan-hutan
E. mencegah polusi
Ditemukan jaringan dengan ciri-ciri sebagai berikut :
– bentuk pipih, kubus atau silindris
– terletak pada permukaan organ
– berfungsi proteksi, sekresi
Jaringan yang dimaksud adalah :
A. saraf
B. epitel
C. otot
D. lemak
E. ikat
Organ yang membangun sistem ekskresi adalah …
A. pankreas, paru-paru, kulit, usus besar
B. hati, usus halus pankreas, kulit
C. ginjal, paru-paru, usus besar, kulit
D. usus besar hati, pankreas, ginjal
E. kulit, paru-paru hati, ginjal
Perhatikan gambar
penampang melintang
daun di samping ini !
Jaringan yang
berlabel x mempunyai
fungsi untuk …
A. penyokong dan penguat
B. mengangkut hasil fotosintesis
C. menunjang jaringan yang lain
D. mengangkut air dan garam mineral
E. pelindung jaringan lain
Perhatikan gambar di samping ini !
Pada bagian x terjadi proses …
A. pendewasaan sel
B. perpanjangan sel
C. perbanyakan sel
D. diferensiasi sel
E. pertumbuhan primer dan sekunder
Perhatikan tabel berikut ini !
No. Hormon No. Fungsi
1. Kalin P. mempercepat pemasakan buah
2. Asam Absisat Q. menunda pengguguran daun
3. Giberilin R. menghambat pembentukan biji
4. Etilen S. mempercepat pembuahan
5. Sitikinin T. mangatur pembentukan bunga
Pasangan yang sesuai antara hormon dengan fungsinya
adalah …
A. 1 dan T
B. 2 dan R
C. 3 dan Q
D. 4 dan P
E. 5 dan S
Pada hewan setelah telur dibuahi oleh sperma
terbentuklah zigot yang akan berkembang secara
bertahap melalui beberapa fase. Pada fase gastrulasi
terjadi proses …
A. pembelahan sel terus menerus sehingga terbentuk
massa sel berbentuk seperti bola
B. pembentukan massa sel seperti bola yang
mempunyai rongga berisi cairan
C. pembentukkan massa sel yang berbeda-beda
sehingga terbentuk 3 lapisan sel yang tidak sama
D. perubahan mesoderm menjadi bentuk awal sebuah
E. pembentukan jaringan berbentuk seperti bola padat
yang mempunyai kutub berbeda
Jika persendian pada gambar di
samping ini digerakkan, akan
menimbulkan gerakan …
A. satu arah
B. menggeliat
C. berporos dua
D. dua arah
E. ke segala arah
Pengangkutan air dan mineral-mineral tanah dari
lapisan korteks menuju lapisan endodermis terjadi
karena …
A. tekanan akar
B. daya kapilaritas
C. daya hisap daun
D. difusi dipermudah
E. transpor aktif
Perhatikan gambar berikut !
Yang berlabel x berfungsi …
A. membawa O2 dan sari makanan ke jaringan tubuh
B. membawa O2 dan sari makanan ke jantung
C. membawa CO2 dan sisa metabolisme ke jantung
D. memompakan darah ke insang
E. memompakan darah ke jantung
Pernyataan berikut yang benar tentang sistem
pembuluh limfe adalah …
A. Pembuluh limfe merupakan sistem peredaran
B. Gerak cairan limfe disebabkan oleh adanya denyut
C. Pembuluh limfe bergabung dengan pembuluh
D. Pembuluh limfe tidak memiliki klep
E. Cairan limfe banyak mengandung sari makanan
Seseorang yang menderita sakit akibat infeksi virus
akan mengalami …
A. peningkatan jumlah neutofil dan makrofag untuk
memakan virus
B. peningkatan jumlah limfosit untuk membuat
C. penurunan jumlah limfosit karena berinteraksi
dengan toksin
D. penurunan jumlah neutrofil dan makrofag karena
banyak yang mati
E. penurunan jumlah leukosit untuk merespon
Berikut ini adalah hasil uji coba terhadap sejenis bahan
No. Reagen Warna awal
bahan Warna akhir
1 Lugol Coklat Biru kehitaman
2 Benedict Biru muda Merah bata
3 Biuret Biru muda Ungu
Berdasarkan data pada tabel di atas, secara berurutan 1,
2 dan 3, dapat disimpulkan bahwa bahan makanan
tersebut mengandung zat …
A. protein, glukosa, amilum
B. amilum , glukosa, protein,
C. amilum , protein, glukosa
D. glukosa, amilum, protein,
E. protein, amilum, glukosa
Pernyataan yang bukan merupakan gejala akibat
kekurangan vitamin A adalah …
A. rabun senja (hemeralopia)
B. kerusakan epitel kulit
C. gangguan pada metabolisme zat kapur
D. kerusakan kornea mata
E. pendarahan pada selaput lendir usus
Bila hati tidak mampu menghasilkan empedu, maka
akan menimbulkan gangguan pada …
A. pencernaan lemak
B. pencernaan karbohidrat
C. pencernaan protein
D. kadar gula darah
E. kadar kolesterol darah
Faktor yang menyebabkan larutan berwarna bergerak
masuk ke arah kecambah karena …
A. O2 digunakan untuk respirasi dan CO2 diikat oleh
B. O2 dan CO2 digunakan untuk fotosintesa oleh
C. O2 dan NaOH diserap oleh kecambah untuk
D. CO2 diserap oleh kecambah dan NaOH diikat oleh
E. CO2 dan NaOH diserap oleh kecambah untuk
Sistem pernafasan pada manusia disusun oleh beberapa
organ, bagian yang paling efektif untuk terjadi difusi
oksigen dan karbondioksida adalah …
A. rongga hidung
B. larings
C. pleura
D. alveolus
E. trakeolus
Perhatikan gambar Apefridium berikut ini !
Bagian bertanda X
berfungsi menyerap
sisa-sisa metabolisme,
dan bagian itu disebut
Alat tersebut terdapat pada …
A. cacing pita (Taenia solium)
B. cacing hati (Fasciola hepatica)
C. cacing tambang (Anchylostoma doedenale)
D. cacing perut (Ascaris lumbricoides)
E. cacingtanah (Lumbricus terretris)
Manakah pasangan yang sesuai antara organ dan zat
yang dihasilkannya ?
Organ Zat yang dihasilkan
A. paru-paru H2O dan urea
B, kulit keringat dan urobilin
C. hati urea dan bilirubin
D. usus besar logam dan urobilin
E. ginjal gula dan garam mineral
Fungsi neuron sensorik pada lengkung refleks lutut
adalah …
A. menyampaikan impuls ke otak depan
B. menyampaikan impuls ke sumsum tulang belakang
C. menyampaikan imuplus ke efektor
D. menyampaikan impuls ke reseptor
E. sebagai saraf penghubung di dalam pusat safar
Hubungan antara fungsi saraf dan organnya yang
sesuai adalah …
A. saraf para simpatik mempercepat denyut jantung
B. saraf simpatik melebarkan pupil mata
C. saraf simpatik memacu prosesproses pencernaan
D. saraf simpatik melebarkan arteri
E. saraf para simpatik melebarkan bronkiolus
Manakah hormon berikut ini yang dapat menebalkan
dinding uterus ?
B. prostalglandin
C. progresteron
D. relaksin
E. oksitosin
Bagian berlabel A pada gambar
telinga di samping adalah

A. sanggurdi
B. kokglea
C. tingkap oral
D. landasan
E. kanalis semisirkularis
Gambar alat perkembang biakan
tumbuhan di samping,
menunjukkan cara pemencaran
tumbuhan dengan …
A. tuber
B. rhizoma
C. stolon
D. tunas adventif
E. umbi
Saluran reproduksi internal pada laki-laki yang
berfungsi untuk pemasakan sperma adalah …
A. epidimis
B. tubulus seminifterus
C. vesicula seminalis
D. kelenjar prostat
E. vas deferens
Bagian yang berlabel x, y, z pada gambar struktur
membran di atas adalah …
A. lipida, glokolipida, protein
B. protein, glikolipida, lipida
C. glikolipida, protein, lipida
D. glikoperotein, lipida, protein
E. glikoprotein, protein, lipida
Pada proses fotosintesis CO2 masuk ke dalam sel-sel
daun secara …
A. absorbsi
B. difusi
C. imbubisi
D. osmosis
E. transpoo aktif
Perhatikan fase pembelahan berikut !
Gambar I dan II secara
berurutan adalah
pembelahan sel secara
mitosis yang berada pada
fase …
A. anafase – profase
B. anafase – telofase
C. profase – anafase
D. profase – telofase
E. interfase – metafase
Pada pembelahan meiosis terjadi peristiwa berikut :
– pemisahan kromatid yang membentuk kromosom
– gerakan kromatid ke kutub-kutub yang letaknya
Peristiwa tersebut terjadi pada tahap …
A. metafase I
B. telofase I
C. anafase I
D. metafase II
E. anafase II
Pada gambar oogenesis di samping,
nomor 1, 2 3 adalah …
A. oosit primer
B. oosit sekunder
C. ovum
D. oogenium
E. polosit
Manakah pernyataan di bawah ini yang merupakan
sifat enzim ?
A. Mempercepat semua reaksi kimia.
B. Spesifik pada substrat tertentu, suhu tertentu.
C. Sebagai biokatalisator, karena ikut bereaksi.
D. Hanya mempercepat reaksi metabolisme.
E. Tahan terhadap suhu yang tinggi karena terdiri
atas protein.
Tempat berlangsungnya dan jumlah ATP yang dihasilkan
pada tahapan transpor elektron adalah …
A. mitokondria, 2 ATP
B. sitoplasma, 2 ATP
C. mitokondria, 6 ATP
D. sitoplasma, 34 ATP
E. M sitoplasma, 2 ATP mitokondria, 34 ATP
Berikut ini tempat proses dan hasil akhir dalam 3
tahapan respirasi :
1. dalam matriks mitokondria
2. 34 ATP
3. dalam sitosol
4. dihasilkan CO2
5. dengan bantuan sitokrom
6. 2 ATP
7. dihasilkan H2O
8. asam piruvat
Tempat, proses dan produk pada 2 tahapan respirasi
berikut ini adalah …
Glikolisis Daur Krebs
A. 1, 2, 7 3, 4, 6
B. 1, 5, 7 3, 5, 7
C. 3, 4, 8 1, 2, 5
D. 3, 6, 8 1, 4, 6
E. 3, 7, 8 1, 2, 7
Perbedaan yang terlihat pada fermentasi asam laktat
dengan fermentasi alkohol ialah bahwa fermentasi
alkohol …
A. prosesnya membutuhkan oksigen
B. ATP yang dihasilkan jumlahnya lebih banyak
C. terjadi tanpa bantuan mikroorganisme
D. senyawa yang dihasilkan berasal dari asam asetat
E. tidak dibutuhkan tambahan elektron
Perhatikan gambar sebuah khloroplas berikut !
Tempat berlangsungnya pembentukan glukosa sebagai
produk akhir fotosintesis terjadi pada bagian yang
bernomor …
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5
Berdasarkan gambar percobaan
di samping, dapat diambil
kesimpilan bahwa dari proses
tersebut gelembung …
A. diperlukan H2O dan
Hydrilla gas
B. diperlukan cahaya dan air
C. diperlukan CO2 dan cahaya
D. diperlukan cahaya dan O2
E. dihasilkan O2 + air hydrilla
Diketahui salah satu rantai DNA dengan urutan basa N
= GCTAGGCTA. Urutan basa N yang terdapat pada
RNAd yang dibentuk oleh rantai DNA tersebut di atas
adalah …
Gambar satu nukkleotida dengan 3 titik basa (triple
point base) pada DNA.
Komponen yang menyusun nukleotida pada gambar di
atas adalah …
A. 1 = PO4
-3 ; 2 = Deoxyribosa; 3, 4, 5 = Basa
B. 1 = PO4
-3 ; 2 = Ribosa; 3, 4, 5 = Basa nitrogen
C. 1 = PO4
-3 ; 2 = Basa Nitrogen; 3, 4, 5 =
D. 1 = PO4
-3 ; 2 = Basa Nitrogen; 3, 4, 5 = Ribosa
E. 1 = PO4
-3 ; 2 =Deoxyribosa; 3, 4, 5 = Ribosa
Perbedaan antara RNA dan DNA yang benar adalah …
A. Purin: sitosin dan
buanin dipengaruhi
– Pirimidin : Sitosin dan
B. Kecepatan sintesa
– Tidak dipengaruhi oleh
kecepatan sintesa protein
C. Gula : ribosa – Gula : diribosa
D. Terdapat di sitoplas
ma nukleus
– Terdapat nukleus, mito
E. Rantai pendek dan
– Rantai panjang dan
Kuning dalam keadaan homozigot letal (KK), perkawinan
tikus jantan berbulu kuning (Kk) dengan tikus
betina berbulu kuning (Kk) mempunyai 60 anak yang
semuanya sudah beranjak dewasa. Kemungkinan sifat
genotip dari ke-60 anak tikus tersebut adalah …
A. kk
B. Kk
D. Kk dan Kk
E. Kk, Kk dan KK
Warna bulu pada kelinci ditentukan oleh alela ganda
dengan urutan dominasi C > cch > CH > c.
C = kelabu cH = himalaya
cch = Chincila c = kelabu
Warna bulu pada kelinci kelabu Cc dengan CcCH akan
menghasilkan keturunan …
A. kelabu : chincila : albino = 1 : 2 : 1
B. kelabu : chincila : albino = 1 : 2 : 1
C. kelabu : chincila : albino = 1 : 2 : 1
D. chincila : albino = 2 : 2
E. chincila : albino = 3 : 1
Seorang murid menderita penyakit keturunan. Murid
tersebut memiliki silsilah keluaraga sebagai berikut :
Berdasarkan gambar silsilah, penyakit tersebut
disebabkan oleh …
A. gen resesif pada autosom
B. gen dominan pada autosom
C. gen resesif pada kromosom-x
D. gen dominan pada kromosom-x
E. gen pada kromosom-y
Berikut gambar mutasi gen:
Berdasarkan gambar di atas, tipe mutasi yang terjadi
dinamakan …
A. translokasi
B. transversi
C. transisi
D. inversi
E. selesi
Hal-hal berikut merupakan petunjuk adanya evolusi,
kecuali …
A. anatomi perbandingan yang bersifat analog
B. anatomi perbandingan yang bersifat homolog
C. embriologi perbandingan berbagai hewan
D. data fosil pada berbagai lapisan batuan
E. domestikasi dengan perkawinan silang
Hewan dan daerah sebarannya pada tabel berikut ini
yang paling tepat adalah …
Hewan Daerah
A. Gorila, zebra, burung unta Neartik
B. Lendak, babi hutan, rusa kecil Neotropik
C. Marsupalia, kelelawar, tikus Australian
D. Burung merak, siaman, badak Oriental
E. Tikus air, karibu, kambing
Hal berikut yang merupakan keuntungan pembuatan
bibit unggul dengan penyinaran radioaktif (mutasi)
adalah …
A. prosesnya pendek
B. hasilnya pasti
C. prosesnya aman
D. tidak timbul kerusakan
E. sifat unggul diwariskan
Hubungan yang sesuai antara organisme dengan
produk yang dihasilkannya dalam usaha meningkatkan
nilai tambah bahan adalah …
Bahan mentah Bahan mentah Sebaran
A. Aspergillus oryzae Kedelai Tempe dan
B. Rhizopus oryzae Kedelai Tauco dan
C. Saccaromycetes
Tepung gandum Roti dan kuekue
D. Streptococcus lactis Kedelai Keju dan roti
E. Penicillium
Susu Yoghurt dan
Manfaat kultur jaringan adalah untuk memperoleh …
A. hasil yang bervariasi dari tanaman jenis unggul
B. keturunan yang sifatnya unggul dalam jumlah
C. tanaman jenis baru yang tahan hama
D. Individu baru dalam jumlah besar dalam waktu
relatif singkat
E. Individu baru yang cepat berkembang biak
Permasalahan-permasalahan berikut dapat diatasi
dengan rekayasa genetika, kecuali …
A. membentuk sifat baru pada organisme tertentu
B. membentuk enzim baru pada organisme tertentu
C. mengobati penyakit infeksi baru pada organisme
D. membentuk kemampuan baru pada organisme
E. mencegah munculnya penyakit keturunan baru
pada organisme tertentu
Tahun 2001
Ciri-ciri Protozoa antara lain :
1. unisellular
2. sel bersifat eukariotik
3. mempunyai pseudopodia (kaki-kaki palsu
4. mempunyai alat gerak berupa rambut halus
5. hanya mempunyai makronukleus saja
Dari ciri-ciri tersebut, yang merupakan ciri kelas
Ciliophora adalah …
A. 1, 2 dan 4
B. 1, 4 dan 5
C. 2, 3 dan 4
D. 2, 4 dan 5
E. 2, 4 dan 5
Berikut adalah ciri-ciri tumbuhan :
1. mempunyai sorus
2. gametofit lebih dominan
3. mempunyai protonema
4. mempunyai tulang daun sejajar
5. tingkat sporofit lebih dominan dalam hidupnya
6. mempunyai protalim
Ciri-ciri paku adalah …
A. 1, 2 dan 3
B. 1, 5 dan 6
C. 2, 3 dan 4
D. 3, 4 dan 5
E. 4, 5 dan 6
Berikut ini adalah fase-fase dari daur Fasciola hepatica
1. mirasidium
2. telur
3. sporokist
4. redia
5. cacing dewasa
6. metaserkaria
7. serkaria
Urutan fase-fase cacing adalah …
A. 2–1–3–7–6–4–5
B. 2–1–4–7–6–3–5
C. 2–1–3–4–7–6–5
D. 2–1–4–3–7–6–5
E. 2–3–4–5–7–6–5
Jenis penyakit yang disebabkan oleh virus antara lain

A. campak, rabies, kolera
B. influensa, demam berdarah, tifus
C. demam berdarah, rabies, trakom
D. TBC, diphteri, influensa
E. rabies, kolera trakom
Kelompok hewan yang merupakan tingkatan satu jenis
adalah …
A. kambing, sapi, kerbau
B. ayam horn, ayam kate, ayam walnut
C. ayam horn, angsa, burung pelikan
D. ayam horn, tikus, kambing
E. kucing, anjing, tikus
Perhatikan gambar bentuk bakteri berikut ini !
Kelompok bakteri streptokokus ditunjukkan pada
nomor …
A. 1 dan 3
B. 1 dan 4
C. 2 dan 3
D. 2 dan 5
E. 3 dan 5
Jenis alga yang dapat mengikat N2 bebas dan mengubahnya
menjadi nitrat sehingga dapat digunakan
untuk sumber N bagi tanaman adalah …
A. Nostoc dan Anabaena
B. Nostoc dan Rivularia
C. Nostoc dan Oscillatoria
D. Anabaena dan Rivularia
E. Rivularia dan Oscillatoria
Berikut ini tabel ciri Arthropoda :
No. Tubuh Kaki Kepala Dada Sayap
1 Terbagi banyak
ruas yang
Setiap ruas ada
1 pasang
Jelas terlihat Tidak ada Tidak ada
2 Terbagi menjadi
2 bagian
4 pasang Menjadi satu
dengan dada
Menjadi 1 dengan
Tidak ada
3 Terbagi menjadi
3 bagian
4 pasang Jelas terlihat Ada tiga ruas Ada
4 Terbagi menjadi
2 bagian
Terdapat pada
setiap ruas
Menjadi satu
dengan dada
Menjadi 1 dengan
Tidak ada
Ciri-ciri Arachnidea dan Insecta secara berurutan
ditunjukkan oleh nomor …
A. 1 dan 2
B. 1 dan 3
C. 2 dan 3
D. 2 dan 4
E. 3 dan 4
Manakah dari jamur berikut ini yang pembentukan
sporanya dalam basidium ?
Berikut ini beberapa komunitas darat :
1. lahan gambut
2. padang belukar
3. padang rumput
4. hutan kayu
Urutan komunitas darat yang akan menunjukkan
terjadinya komunitas klimaks adalah …
A. 1–2–3–4
B. 1–3–2–4
C. 2–3–4–1
D. 4–3–2–1
E. 4–2–3–1
Eutrifikasi dalam suatu ekosistem air akan mengakibatkan
kematian hewan air. Hal ini disebabkan air
banyak mengandung …
A. oksigen
B. senyawa organik
C. CO2 dan sedikit O2
D. O2 dan sedikit CO2
E. mineral
Tindakan manusia yang mendukung terjadinya keseimbangan
lingkungan adalah …
A. menggunakan pupuk hijau
B. menggalakkan industri kayu
C. membuka tanah pertanian baru
D. menggalakkan perdagangan hewan langka
E. penggunaan pestisida dan herbisida
Perhatikan gambar tentang pengaruh vahaya terhadap
hormon dan pertumbuhan tanaman berikut !
Manakah pernyataan yang benar tentang bagan di atas?
A. Cahaya mempercepat produksi auksin pada tanaman
B, sedangkan cahaya menghambat produksi
auksin di tanaman A sehingga tumbuh lurus.
B. Tanaman A dan B berbeda arah pertumbuhan
karena intensitas cahaya yang diterima tidak sama.
C. Tanaman A mendapat cahaya dari atas, sehingga
auksin menuju ke bawah, sedangkan tanaman B
mendapat cahaya dari samping sehingga auksin ke
arah samping
D. Tanaman A tumbuh lambat, sedangkan tanaman B
tumbuh cepat sehingga tanaman B membelok ke
arah cahaya.
E. Tanaman A tumbuh lurus karena sebaran auksin
merata, sedangkan tanaman B tumbuh ke arah
cahaya karena auksin terurai jika terkena cahaya.
Perkembangan alat indera mata
berasal dari lapisan embrio …
A. 1
B. 2
C. 1 dan 2
D. 1 dan 3
E. 2 dan 3
Gerak membelit ujung batang (sulur) tumbuhan famili
Cucurbitaceae menunjukkan gerakan …
A. tigmotropisme
B. tigmonasti
C. niktinasti
D. geotropisme
E. fotonasti
Mekanisme yang terjadi dalam kontraksi otot adalah …
A. memanjangnya ukuran otot akibat geseran molekul
aktin dan miosin yang memerlukan energi dari
pemecahan ATP
B. memanjangnya ukuran otot akibat geseran mifibril
yang memerlukan energi dari metabolisme aerobik
C. mengendurnya ukuran otot akibat geseran
miofibril yang memerlukan ion kalsium dan fosfat
D. menggesernya filamen-filamen uang lebih tebal ke
filamen yang lebih tipis dan diperlukan energi dari
pemecahan asam piruvat
E. memendeknya ukuran otot akibat zone Z menjadi
lebih panjang dan zone H menjadi lebih pendek
yang prosesnya memerlukan energi dari
pemecahan ATP
Perbedaan antara pengangkutan secara simplas dengan
apoplas yang tepat adalah …
Simplas Apoplas
A. penagngkutan berlangsung
secara difusi
pengangkutan berlangsung
secara osmosis
B. pengangkutan yang
memerlukan energi peraktif
pengangkutan yg tidak memerlukan
energi pengaktif
C. pengangkutan air dari sel ke
sel lewat plasmodesmata
pengangkutan air
melewati ruang sel
D. pengangkutan secara
pengangkutan air secara
E. pengangkutan lewat
pembuluh angkut
pengangkutan di luar
pembuluh angkut
Pasangan aglutinogen dan aglutinin yang menunjukkan
golongan darah O adalah …
Aglitinogen Aglutinin
A. A α(alpha)
B. A β(beta)
C. Tanpa aglitinogen α dan β (alpha dan beta)
D. A dan B Tanpa aglutinin
E. B β (beta)
Pernyataan yang benar tentang macam sel darah putih
dengan perananannya adalah …
A. eosinofil memakan antigen dan mengontrol respon
B. neutrofil mengenali antigen dan menghasilkan
C. basofil menembus pembuluh darah dan
mengontrol respon kebal
D. monosit memproduksi antibodi dan menembus
pembuluh darah
E. limfosit mengontrol respon kebal dan
menghasilkan antibodi
Pernyataan yang benar mengenai gangguan pencernaan
dan penyebabnya adalah …
A. sembelit, disebabkan kurang makanan berserat
B. diare, disebabkan kelebihan asam lambung
C. gastritis, disebabkan racun yang dikeluarkan oleh
D. ulkus, disebabkan racun yang dikeluarkan oleh
E. radang usus buntu, disebabkan adanya gangguan
absorpsi air
Kantung udara pada waktu burung terbang berfungsi
untuk …
A. melindungi tubuh dari kedinginan
B. mencegah pengeluaran panas tubuh
C. meringankan tubuh
D. memperkeras suara
E. alat bantu pernapasan
Asfiksi adalah gangguan pada sistem pernafasan yang
disebabkan …
A. pembengkakan kelenjar getah bening pada trakea
B. bengkaknya kelenjar limfe rongga hidung
C. radang di sebelah atas rongga hidung
D. sukar bernapas karena kekejangan pada trakea
E. gangguan pengangkutan O2 ke jaringan
Berdasarkan gambar kulit manusia di samping, organ
yang berperan dalan ekskresi adalah …
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
Bila urine yang dikeluarkan seseorang mengandung sel
darah merah, hal ini menunjukkan adanya peradangan
pada …
A. glomerulus
B. korteks
C. medula
D. pelvis renalis
E. vesica urinatia
Perhatikan jalannya
rangsang di samping !
Proses yang terjadi
pada bagian X adalah

A. menghantarkan tanggapan ke lingkungan
B. memberi reaksi terhadap rangsang
C. menghantar tanggapan ke efektor
D. menghantar rangsang ke pusat saraf
E. menerima rangsangan dari lingkungan
Perhatikan gambar
penampang kulit di
samping !
Tanda X merupakan
reseptor yang fungsinya
untuk menerima
rangsang …
A. panas
B. sakit
C. tekanan
D. dingin
E. sentuhan
Proses metabolisme dan oksidasi di dalam sel
dipengaruhi oleh hormon …
A. kalsitonin
B. parathormon
C. adrenalin
D. androgen
E. tiroksin
Perbedaan pembuahan tunggal dan pembuahan ganda
adalah …
Pembuahan tunggal Pembuahan ganda
A. Spermatozoid dilengkapi bulu getar Spermatozoid tidak
dilengkapi bulu getar
B. Ovum tidak dilengkapi bulu
Ovum dilengkapi bulu
C. Fertilasi melalui tahapantahapan
Fertilasi tidak melalui
D. Terjadi pada Angiospermae Terjadi pada
E. Embri yg terjadi bukan hasil
peleburan ovum dan
Embrio yg terjadi selalu
dari hasil peleburan ovum
dan spermatozoid
Berikut ini diagram siklus menstruasi :
􀁲 􀁰 folikel masal
LH 􀁰 ovulasi
􀁲 􀁰 estrogen berkurang
Dari skema peranan hormon di atas, pembuahan paling
tepat terjadi pada saat …
A. folikel masak
B. kadar estrogen tinggi
C. pembentukan progesteron
D. pembentukan FSH
E. terbentuknya folikel
Hubungan yang tepat antara alat perkembang biakan
tumbuhan dengan cara penyebarannya adalah …
A. tembakau dengan serangga karena biji tembakau
kecil dan mengandung lemak
B. tembakau dengan serangga karena biji tembakau
kecil dan tidak dapat dicerna
C. padi dengan karena bijinya kecil sehingga mudah
D. kelapa dengan angin karena pohonnya tinggi dan
buahnya kering dan ringan
E. beringin dengan mamalia karena buahnya dapat
menempel pada badan mamalia
Perhatikan gambar membran sel berikut !
Bagian membran sel yang terdiri atas lipida dan
karbohidrat ditunjukkan oleh nomor …
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5
Proses pencernaan dengan mengeluarkan enzim keluar
sel dinamakan …
A. osmosis
B. pinositosis
C. eksositosis
D. endositosis
E. transpor aktif
Amati gambar pembelahan mitosis berikut !
Fase metafase dan anafase ditunjukkan oleh nomor …
A. 1 dan 2
B. 1 dan 3
C. 2 dan 3
D. 4 dan 1
E. 4 dan 2
Pada tahapan-tahapan pembelahan meiosis I berikut,
yang menunjukkan terjadinya reduksi kromosom sel
anak adalah …
Enzim yang dipakai pada proses sintesis untuk
menghasilkan energi dalam sel disebut …
A. koenzim
B. endoenzim
C. apoenzim
D. haloenzim
E. eksoenzim
Dua tahapan respirasi berdasarkan tempat terjadi dan
hasilnya adalah …
Tahapan Tempat Hasil
A. Glikolisis
daur Krebs
Asam piruvat + ATP
B. Glikolisis
C. Daur Krebs
Asam piruvat + ATP
D. Glikolisis
daur Krebs
Asam piruvat + ATP
E. Glikolisis
Asam piruvat + ATP
Perhatikan gambar struktur kloroplas berikut !
Reaksi terang
dan reaksi
gelap pada
terjadi pada
nomor …
A. 1 dan 2
B. 1 dan 3
C. 2 dan 4
D. 3 dan 5
E. 4 dan 5
Perbedaan utama antara kemosintesis dengan fotosintesis
ditentukan berdasarkan …
A. asal energi yang diperlukan
B. bahan dasar yang akan disintesis
C. hasil sintesis yang terbentuk
D. bentuk reaksi kimianya
E. asal bahan dasar yang akan disintesis
Berdasarkan letak sentromenya, bentuk kromosom
metasentrik ditunjukkan oleh …
Gambar berikut merupakan satu molekul nukleotida :
Secara berurutan 1, 2 dan 3 dari rangkaian tersebut
adalah …
A. gula pentosa – fosfat – basa nitrogen
B. fosfat – basa nitrogen – gula pentosa
C. fosfat – gula pentosa – basa nitrogen
D. basa nitrogen – gula pentosa – basa nitrogen
E. gula pentosa – basa nitrogen – fosfat
Bulu pada populasi marmut dipengaruhi oleh gen alela
ganda dengan urutan dominasi sebagai berikut :
W > wch>wh > w
W = normal wh = himalaya
Wch = abu-abu w = albino
Perkawinan kelinci normal heterozigot (Ww) dengan
bulu abu-abu (wchw) heterozigot akan menghasilkan
keturunan …
A. normal : abu-abu : himalaya = 2 : 1 : 1
B. normal : abu-abu : albino = 2 : 1 : 1
C. normal : abu-abu : himalaya : albino = 1 : 1 : 1 : 1
D. normal : abu-abu : albino = 1 : 2 : 1
E. normal : abu-abu : albino = 1 : 1 : 2
Tabel berikut adalah daftar kodon dengan asam
Kodon Asam amino
SAU Serin
SSA Prolin
GGA Glutamin
GUG Valin
GSS Alanin
Apabila urutan basa nitrogen DNA yang akan melakukan
transkripsi adalah SAS SST SGG GGT GTA,
urutan asam amino yang akan dibentuk adalah …
A. serin – valin – glutamin – alanin – prolin
B. valin – alanin – valin – serin – prolin
C. glutamin – alanin – valin – serin – prolin
D. valin – glutamin – alanin – serin – prolin
E. valin – glutamin – alanin – prolin – serin
Dari persilangan ayam walnut (sumpel) (RrPp) dengan
ayam berpial pea (biji) (rrPp), kemungkinan akan
diperoleh keturunan walnut, rose (mawar), pea dan
single (bilah) dengan perbandingan …
A. 1 : 1 : 3 : 3
B. 1 : 3 : 3 : 1
C. 3 : 1 : 1 : 3
D. 3 : 1 : 3 : 1
E. 3 : 3 : 1 : 1
Perhatikan gambar kromosom yang mengalami meiosis
berikut ini !
Kromosom ini mengalami peristiwa …
A. pindah silang
B. pindah silang dan pautan
C. gagal berpisah
D. pautan
E. gen letal
Lalat buah jantan berbadan abu-abu sayap panjang
(GgLl) disilangkan dengan yang betina berbadan hitam
sayap pendek (ggll). Pada gen G dan L maupun gen g
dan l terjadi pautan. Dari hasil perkawinan tersebut
diperoleh fenotipe keturunan sebagai berikut: abu-abu
sayap panjang : abu-abu sayap pendek : hitam sayap
panjang : hitam sayap pendek = 820 : 185 : 195 : 800.
Berdasarkan kasus tersebut dapat disimpulkan bahwa
selama pembentukan gamet terjadi pindah silang
dengan nilai pindah silang sebesar …
A. 0,19 %
B. 1,90 %
C. 19,00 %
D. 23,00 %
E. 24,00 %
Gambar di atas menunjukkan kromosom jantan dan
betina dari Drosophila. Kromosom yang menentukan
jenis kelamin adalah …
A. 1 dan 5
B. 2 dan 4
C. 3 dan 4
D. 4 dan 5
E. 5 dan 6
Pada tikus gen K berbulu coklat dominan terhadap gen
k berbulu putih. Gen P berekor pendek dominan terhadap
gen p berekor panjang. Tikus coklat berekor
pendek heterozigot disilangkan sesamanya, akan menghasilkan
keturunan dengan perbandingan fenotipe …
A. coklat pendek : coklat panjang : putih pendek :
putih panjang = 6 : 2 : 3 : 1
B. coklat pendek : coklat panjang : putih pendek :
putih panjang = 3 : 3 : 3 : 1
C. coklat pendek : coklat panjang : putih pendek :
putih panjang = 9 : 3 : 3 : 1
D. coklat pendek :: putih pendek : putih panjang = 9 :
3 : 4
E. coklat pendek : putih panjang = 9 : 7
Berikut ini adalah penyakit-penyakit pada manusia :
2. Albinisme
3. TBC
4. Hemofilia
5. Buta warna
Yang termasuk penyakit bawaan adalah …
A. 1, 2 dan 3
B. 1, 4 dan 5
C. 2, 3 dan 4
D. 2, 4 dan 5
E. 3, 4 dan 5
Hemofilia disebabkan oleh gen terpaut X resesif. Jika
seorang wanita normal (ayahnya hemofilia) menikah
dengan pria normal, kemungkinan fenotip anak-anak
nya adalah …
A. Semua anak wanitanya karier hemofilia
B. 50 % anak laki-lakinya karier hemofilia
C. 50 % anak laki-lakinya hemofilia
D. 75 % anaknya normal, 25 % anak-anaknya
E. 100 % anaknya normal
Berikut ini yang bukan pernyataan tentang mutasi gen
adalah …
A. perubahan kodon dalam DNA gen dapat
menyebabkan mutasi pada protein
B. mutasi gen tidak selalu terdeteksi karena bersifat
C. mutasi gem merupakan sumber penting untuk
menghasilkan varian genetik baru
D. mutasi gen adalah perubahan yang terjadi pada
susunan basa nitrogen molekul DNA
E. mutasi gen adalah perubahan yang terjadi pada
susunan basa nitrogen molekul RNA
Perhatikan gambar kromosom di atas !
Berdasarkan gambar di atas, jenis kerusakan
kromosom yang terjadi adalah …
A. translokasi
B. delesi
C. duplikasi
D. inversi perisentrik
E. inversi parasentrik
Pada perangkat eksperimen
Stanley Miller ini, nomor 1 dan
2 adalah …
A. pendingin – labu pemanas
B. pompa hampa – pendingin
C. elektroda – sumber energi
D. pendingin – penampung
E. elektroda – pendingin
Populasi jerapah adalah heterogen, ada yang berleher
pendek dan ada yang berleher panjang. Dalam kompeti
si mendapatkan makanan, jerapah yang berleher panjanglah
yang lestari, sedangkan jerapah berleher pendek
lenyap secara perlahan-lahan. Peristiwa tersebut
mengingatkan teori evolusi yang dikemukanan oleh …
A. Weisman
B. Erasmus Darwin
C. Charles Darwin
D. Anaximander
E. Gregor Johan Mendel
Sebuah desa dihuni oleh 10.000 orang penduduk, 9 %
di antaranya adalah laki-laki buta warna. Brapakah
jumlah wanita pembawa sifat buta warna yang ada di
desa tersebut ?
A. 81 orang
B. 819 orang
C. 1.638 orang
D. 9.281 orang
E. 9.000 orang
Contoh hewan daerah Ethiophia yang banyak dikenal
A. gajah,harimau, banteng
B. zebra, jerapah, gorila
C. marmut, rodentia, monyet
D. kuda, kijang, kanguru
E. kuda, rodentia, kijang
Peningkatan produksi pangan dapat dilakukan dengan
menggunakan bibit unggul dan peningkatan
kemampuan daun melakukan fotosintesis. Kegiatan ini
pada dasarnya dilaksanakan pada …
A. ekstensifikasi pertanian
B. revolusi biru
C. pemuliaan tanaman
D. intensifikasi pertanian
E. revolusi hijau
Cara menghasilkan bibit unggul pada hewan antara lain
dengan …
A. seleksi dan mutasi buatan
B. hibridisasi dan mutasi buatan
C. inseminasi buatan
D. mutasi buatan
E. seleksi dan kultur jaringan
Manakah yang menunjukkan hubungan yang tepat
antara mikroorganisme dengan perannya dalam
bioteknologi ?
Mikroorganisme Peran
A. Saccharomyses
membuat yogurt
B. Monilia sitopillta membuat tempe
C. Rhyzopus oryzae membuat kecap
D. Spirullina penghasil protein
E. Chlorella penghasil karbohidrat
Pemanfaatan sifat totipotensi pada tumbuhan adalah
untuk memperoleh …
A. anakan yang unggul dalam jumlah besar dan cepat
B. anakan seragam dalam jumlah besar dan cepat
C. bibit unggul yang bergizi tinggi
D. anakan yang diperlukan untuk hibridisasi
E. anakan yang sifatnya lebih baik dari induknya
Untuk memperoleh antibodi dalam skala besar di
bidang kedokteran dapat dilakukan dengan cara …
A. teknologi hibridoma
B. kultur jaringan
C. totipotensi jaringan
D. terapi genetik
E. transplantasi gen
Tahun 2000
Pengklasifikasian tumbuhan dengan sistem artifisial
dilakukan berdasar …
A. habitat dan morfologi
B. persamaan morfologi
C. kekerabatan antar takson
D. kesamaan tatanan biokimia
E. perbedaan bentuk dan fungsi
Beberapa ciri jasad renik sebagai berikut :
1. Ultra mikroskopis
2. Berkembang biak di dalam sel hidup
3. Sel bersifat prokariotik
4. Mempunyai materi genetika RNA atau DNA
5. Mempunyai khlorofil
Ciri-ciri virus adalah …
A. 1, 2 dan 3
B. 1, 2 dan 4
C. 2, 3 dan 4
D. 2, 3 dan 5
E. 3, 4 dan 5
Bakteri nitrifikasi dapat menyuburkan tanah karena …
A. mengikat N2 dari udara bebas
B. mencegah senyawa anorganik menjadi organik
C. membantu menambah kandungan nitrat
D. membantu penguraian senyawa nitrat
E. memperbaiki aerasi tanah
Kelompok alga memiliki ciri-ciri sebagai berikut :
– Umumnya unuseluler
– Hidup di air tawar atau laut
– Mempunyai klorofil a dan c, karoten, santofil dan
– Reproduksi aseksual dengan pembelahan dan
seksual dengan membentuk aukspora
Kelompok alga yang dimaksud adalah …
A. Chlorophyta
B. Cyanophyta
C. Crysophyta
D. Rhodophyta
E. Phaenophyta
Perhatikan gambar lumut berikut ini !
Sporofit terdapat pada bagian …
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5
Perhatikan skema irisan melintang embrio hewan
berikut !
Keterangan :
1. Eksoderm 3. Endoderm 5 Mesoglena
2. Mesoderm 4. Pseudoselom 6. Selom
Skema irisan melintang embrio hewan yang dimiliki
oleh cacing tanah adalah …
A. I
E. V
A. I
E. V
Jamur memiliki ciri-ciri antara lain :
1. Hipa bersekat
2. Ujung-ujung hipa membentuk konidium
3. mengandung inti diploid
4. reproduksi aseksual dengan konidiospora
5. reproduksi seksual dengan oospora
Ciri jamur Oomycotina adalah …
A. 1 dan 3
B. 1 dan 4
C. 2 dan 4
D. 2 dan 5
E. 3 dan 5
Bentuk hubungan antara populasi kelinci dan populasi
kambing yang saling berebut rumput untuk makanannya
dinamakan …
A. netral
B. parasitis
C. mutualis
D. kompetisi
E. komensalis
Beberapa organisme di alam :
1. Padi 4. Elang 7. Kucing
2. Pepaya 5. ular 8. Srigala
3. Ayam 6. Tikus 9. Musang
10. Jagung
Rantai makanan yang dapat terjadi adalah …
A. 1 􀁰 3 􀁰 6 􀁰 7
B. 1 􀁰 6 􀁰 5 􀁰 9
C. 2 􀁰 3 􀁰 6 􀁰 8
D. 10 􀁰 6 􀁰 5 􀁰 4
E. 10 􀁰 6 􀁰 7 􀁰 4
Faktor penyebab gangguan lingkungan terhadap
keseimbangan alam antara lain …
A. pupuk kimia
B. pupuk hijau
C. pupuk kandang
D. zat kapur di tanah gambut
E. irigasi
Sikap yang benar dalam menggunakan sumber daya
alam adalah …
A. dieksploitasi secara maksimal karena secara alami
akan beregenerasi
B. dikelola penggunaannya secara optimal, efektif
dan efisien
C. dibiarkan saja karena yang ada telah dikuasai
D. dibiarkan saja agar tetap terjaga kelestariannya
E. dieksploitasi secara besar-besaran agar diperoleh
hasil yang optimal
Jaringan memiliki ciri-ciri sebagai berikut :
– Melapisi atau menutupi permukaan organ tubuh
– Inti lonjing dengan posisi horizontal
– Terdapat di pembuluh darah dan jantung
Ciri-ciri tersebut dimiliki oleh jaringan
A. epitel pipih
B. ikat serabut padat
C. epitel pipih silindris selapis
D. ikat linggar
E. epitel kubus selapis
Sifat jaringan yang menunjang bersatunya batang pada
waktu menyambung adalah …
A. sel-sel parenkim berubah menjadi meristem
B. sel-sel parenkim berfungsi sebagai tempat
cadangan makanan
C. sel-sel kolenkim mengandung serat untuk
menyatukan batang
D. sel-sel sklerenkim berperan sebagai penguat
E. semua sel di sekitar batang dapat membelah secara
Perhatikan tabel data pengukuran pertumbuhan pada
kecambah berikut ini !
Tanaman Tinggi kecambah pada minggu (cm) Ke-1 Ke-2 Ke-3 Ke-4 Ke-5
1 0,4 1,6 2,8 4,0 5,6
2 0,3 1,5 2,0 3,5 5,2
3 0,6 2,0 2,8 4,1 5,7
Dari data di atas dapat disimpulkan bahwa tanaman
yang paling cepat tumbuh adalah tanaman …
A. 1, minggu ke-3
B. 1, minggu ke-5
C. 2, minggu ke-5
D. 3, minggu k4 2
E. 3, minggu ke-5
Lapisan ektoderm pada fase gastrulasi dalam perkembangannya
akan membentuk organ-organ …
A. otot dan rangka
B. saluran pencernaan dan rangka
C. sistem saraf dan otot
D. otot dan mata
E. mata dan sistem saraf
Macam gerak tumbuhan pada gambar berikut adalah
A. Hidrotropisme
B. Tigmotropisme
C. Kemotropisme
D. Fototropisme
Kontraksi otot bisep menghasilkan gerak …
A. rotasi, yaitu gerak melingkar satu sumbu sentral
B. ekstensi, yaitu gerak meluruskan tangan
C. fleksi, yaitu gerak membengkokkan tangan
D. abduksi, yaitu gerak tungkai menjauhi sumbu
E. adduksi, yaitu gerak tungkai mendekati sumbu
Pengangkutan air dan unsur hara dari dalam tanah ke
daun secara berurutan melalui …
A. epidermis, endodermis, korteks, silem
B. epidermis, korteks, endodermis, silem
C. epidermis, korteks, endodermis, silem
D. epidermis, korteks, floem, silem
E. bulu akar, endodermis, silem, korteks
Hewan-hewan berikut yang mempunyai sistem
peredaran darah ganda adalah …
A. serangga dan cacing tanah
B. ular dan cumi-cumi
C. katak dan cicak
D. ikan dan kadal
E. burung dan kepiting
Arteriosklerosis merupakan kelainan sistem sirkulasi
yang disebabkan oleh …
A. gangguan proses pembekuan darah
B. pengerasan pembuluh darah oleh senyawa lemak
C. produksi sel-sel darah putih tak terkendali
D. gumpalan lemak pada nadi tajuk
E. pengerasan pembuluh darah oleh zat kapur
Perhatikan tabel hasil percobaan uji makanan terhadap
suatu jenis makanan (X) berikut :
Perubahan Nama yang terjadi setelah diuji dengan
makanan lugol Fehling A+B
Dioleskan di
kertas koran
X hitam Tetap seperti
semula (-)
gumpalan transparan
Berdasarkan data di atas, dapat disimpulkan makanan
tersebut mengandung …
A. karbohidrat dan protein
B. amilum dan protein
C. karbohidrat dan amilum
D. amilum dan lemak
E. karbohidrat dan lemak
Berdasarkan gambar, erepsin dihasilkan oleh organ
yang berlabel …
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5
Peranan enzim selulosa yang dihasilkan oleh bakteri
yang bersimbiosis dengan hewan memamah biak
adalah …
A. membentuk vitamin K dari selulosa
B. menguraukan selulosa menjadi asam lemak
C. menghancurkan makanan sehingga selulosa
menjadi halus
D. menetralkan kembali keasaman lambung
E. membantu pembentukan feses
Fungsi kantong udara pada burung di saat terbang
adalah untuk …
A. menyaring bakteri yang membahayakan dari udara
yang diambil paru-paru
B. memisahkan udara yang mengandung O2 dan yang
mengandung CO2
C. memperkecil ruang siring sehingga dapat
memperbesar suara
D. membantu proses pengambilan O2
E. membantu kontraksi otot pada sayap sehingga
dapat terbang lebih cepat
Pada tabel berikut ini, manakah yang benar
menunjukkan mekanisme pernapasan dada dan fasenya
Pernapasan dada Fase
A Otot antartulang rusuk luar
B Otot sekat rongga dada
C Otot antartulang rusuk dalam
D Otot dinding perut berkontraksi Inspirasi
E Otot antartulang rusuk luar
Perhatikan gambar nefron berikut ini !
Bagian berlabel X adalah …
A. Tubulus kolektipus, berisi urine sebenarnya
B. Tubulus kolektipus distal, berisi urine sekunder
C. Lengkung Henle, berisi urine primer
D. Tubulus kolektipus proksimal, berisi urine primer
E. Kapsula bowman, terjadi proses filtrasi
Perhatikan sel saraf berikut ini !
Bagian yang berfungsi untuk membawa impuls dari
badan sel saraf kepada neuron lain adalah …
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5
Bagian mata yang berfungsi untuk mensuplai nutrisi
dan O2 bagi retina adalah …
A. sklera
B. kornea
C. iris
D. lensa
E. koroid
Tumbuhan yang pemencarannya dibantu hewan
biasanya memiliki …
A. kulit biji keras
B. biji kecil ringan
C. kulit buah tiga lapis
D. biji bersampul
E. kulit buah mudah pecah
Pada gambar di samping, organel sel yang berperan
dalam pembentukan lisosom ditunjukkan nomor …
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
Pengangkutan secara aktif adalah …
A. Gerakan molekul dari konsentrasi tinggi ke
konsentrasi yang lebih rendah
B. Gerakan air dari konsentrasi yang rendah ke
konsentrasi yang tinggi
C. Pengangkutan air masuk ke dalam sel dan
merupakan gerakan dua arah
D. Pengangkutan yang tidak memerlukan energi
dengan gerakan bolak-balik
E. Pengangkutan yang memerlukan energi dan
merupakan gerakan satu arah
Bagian yang hanya terdapat pada sel tumbuhan adalah

A. nukleus dan vakuola
B. lisosom dan butir plastida
C. butir plastida dan dinding sel
D. lisosom dan dinding sel
E. mitokhondria dan dinding sel
Gambar berikut ini adalah salah satu fase mitosis pada
tahap …
A. metafase
B. anafase
C. telofase
D. interfase
Metafase miosis pertama ditunjukkan oleh gambar …
Perhatikan gambar spermatogenesis ini !
Tahapan manakah yang
bersifat diploid ?
A. 1 dan 2
B. 1 dan 3
C. 2 dan 4
D. 3 dan 5
E. 4 dan 5
Megasporofit yang terdapat dalam ovarium tumbuhan
bunga (Angiospermae) pertama-tama mengalami
meiosis I dan menghasilkan …
A. dua megaspora haploid
B. dua sel diploid
C. dua sel haploid
D. empat megaspora haploid
E. empat sel haploid
Perhatikan gambar
di samping ini !
Pernyataan yang
benar mengenai sifat
enzim berdasarkan
gambar adalah …
A. mempercepat reaksi kimia
B. menghambat reaksi kimia
C. terdiri dari atas protein
D. kerja enzim spasifik
E. bekerja dua arah
Perhatikan grafik hubungan antara aktifasi sel dengan
enzim berikut !
Manakah kesimpulan yang tepat tentang katalisator
berdasarkan grafik tersebut ?
A. Tidak mempengaruhi aktifitas sel sehingga reaksi
kimia relatif tetap
B. Mengurangi energi aktivasi yang diperlukan
sehingga reaksi kimia dapat berlangsung cepat
C. Meningkatkan energi aktivasi yang diperlukan
sehingga reaksi kimia berlangsung lambat
D. Meningkatkan suhu dalam sel sehingga
aktivasinya menjadi tinggi
E. Menghambat jalannya reaksi kimia pada suhu
Tiga hasil terpenting dari peristiwa glikosis pada
proses respirasi adalah …
A. asam laktat, asam amino dan ATP
B. asam laktat, asam piruvat dan ATP
C. asam laktat, NADH dan glukosa
D. asam piruvat, glukosa dan ATP
E. asam piruvat NADH dan ATP
Perhatikan gambar eksperimen fotosintesis berikut ini !
Berdasarkan gambar dapat disimpulkan bahwa faktorfaktor
yang berpengaruh dalam fontosintesis adalah …
A. Hydrilla dan tabung reaksi
B. Hydrilla dan H2O
C. cahaya dan CO2
D. cahaya dan O2
E. H2O dan NaHCO3
Seekor keledai jantan mempunyai 62 kromosom di
dalam setiap sel somatisnya. Artinya pada setiap
sperma terkandung kromosom …
A. 30 autosom + 1 gonosom (X atau Y)
B. 31 autosom + 1 gonosom X
C. 31 pasang autosom + 1 gonosom X
D. 60 autosom + 1 gonosom X + gonosom Y
E. 60 autosom + 2 gonosom X
Di bawah ini tahapan-tahapan sintesis protein
1. ARNd meninggalkan DNA menuju ke ribosom
2. DNA melakukan transkipsi sehingga terbentuk
3. Asam amino berderet sesuai dengan kode
pembentukkan protein
4. ARNt menterjemahkan kodon yang dibawa ARNd
5. Protein yang terbentuk merupakan enzim yang
mengatur metabolisme sel
6. ARNt mencari dan membawa asam amino yang
sesuai dengan kodon yang dibawa ARNt
Uraian tahapan sintesis protein adalah …
A. 1 – 2 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 3
B. 1 – 2 – 5 – 4 – 6 – 1
C. 2 – 1 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6
D. 2 – 1 – 4 – 6 – 3 – 5
E. 2 – 1 – 4 – 6 – 5 – 3
Pada tikus, warna bulu hitam dikendalikan oleh gen R
dan C bersama-sama, sedangkan rr dan C menyebabkan
warna hitam. Bila ada gen cc, tikus itu menjadi
albino. Perkawinan antara tikus hitam homozigot
dengan tikus albino menghasilkan F1 semua hitam. Bila
F1 disilangkan sesamanya, maka pada F2 didapatkan
keturunan hitam : krem : albino dengan pertabandingan

A. 1 : 2 : 1
B. 3 : 1 : 12
C. 9 : 3 : 4
D. 12 : 3 : 1
E. 13 : 2 : 1
Pada jagung, gen G menyebabkan daun hijau, sedangkan
gen g menyebabkan albino. Apabila jagung
berdaun hijau heterozigot disilangkan sesamanya,
persentase keturunan yang diharapkan dapat hidup
adalah …
A. 10 %
B. 20 %
C. 25 %
D. 50 %
E. 75 %
Seorang anak laki-laki hemofili dari suami istri yang
normal. Dari seluruh anaknya, berapa % suami istri ini
mempunyai anak laki-laki yang normal ?
A. 12,50 %
B. 25,00 %
C. 37,50 %
D. 50,00 %
E. 75,00 %
Padi bibit unggul ATOMITA merupakan hasil mutasi
buatan dari padi Pelita dengan cara …
A. persilangan
B. seleksi
C. hibridisasi
D. dosmetikasi
E. radiasi
Hasil dari evolusi kimia menjelaskan awal terjadinya
kehidupan di bumi sebab …
A. senyawa anorganik seperti molekul DNA memiliki
kemampuan memperbanyak diri
B. hasil evolusi kimia berupa protein yang mampu
menunjukkan gejala-gejala hidup
C. senyawa anorganik kompleks sebagai hasil evolusi
kimia berupa protein merupakan bahan dasar
pembentukan protoplasma
D. dari evolusi kimia dihasilkan asam amino yang
merupakan senyawa anorganik pembentuk
E. hasil evolusi kimia berupa senyawa organik
kompleks molekul DNA yang mampu
memperbanyak diri
Contoh-contoh tentang analogi dan homologi antara
lain :
1. Sayap kupu-kupu dan sayap burung
2. Sayap kupu-kupu dan tangan manusia
3. Sayap burung dan tangan manusia
4. Saya kelelawar dan sayap burung
5. kaki manusia dan kaki belakang kuda
Pasangan organ tubuh yang termasuk organ homolog
adalah …
A. 1 dan 2
B. 1 dan 5
C. 2 dan 3
D. 2 dan 4
E. 4 dan 5
Organ-organ tubuh manusia yang digunakan sebagai
bukti adanya evolusi adalah …
A. tulang ekor dan umbai cacing
B. tulang ekor dan jakun
C. umbai cacing dan tulang rusuk
D. rambut dada pada laki-laki dan tulang rusuk
E. tilang ekor dan rambut pada daun telinga
Pada suatu populasi didapatkan 64 % PTC dan 36 %
bukan perasa PTC. Frekuensi gen PTC (T) dan gen
bukan perasa PTC (t) adalah …
A. 0,80 dan 0,20
B. 0,64 dan 0,36
C. 0,60 dan 0,40
D. 0,40 dan 0,60
E. 0,20 dan 0,80
Ciri-ciri suatu tipe bioma sebagai berikut !
– rumput dominan
– pohon-pohonannya jarang
– pohon satu jenis
– kaya akan fauna
– ditemukan predatot
Berdasarkan ciri tersebut, tipe bioma ini adalah …
A. padang rumput
B. setengah gurun
C. hutan musim
D. hutan lumut
E. sabana
Tujuan utama dilaksanakannya revolusi hijau di
indobnesia adalah …
A. mendapatkan bibit unggul dalam waktu yang
B. menganekaragamkan tanaman unggul
C. memanfaatkan sejengkal tanah di sekitar rumah
secara optimal
D. meningkatkan produksi pangan
E. mengurangi banyaknya tanaman yang tidak unggul
Berikut ini adalah beberapa contoh kegiatan yang
dilakukan manusia.
1. Menangkap ikan dengan pukat harimau
2. Mengembangkan sistem rumpon
3. menebang pohon bakau untuk kayu bakar
4. pembudidayaan rumput laut untuk agar-agar
5. menangkap ikan dengan potas
6. pembudidayaan kerang mutiara
Kegiatan yang termasuk revolusi biru adalah …
A. 1, 2 dan 3
B. 1, 3 dan 4
C. 2, 3 dan 5
D. 2, 4 dan 6
E. 3, 5 dan 6
Tujuan utama pemuliaan tanaman dan hewan adalah …
A. meniadakan tanaman dan hewan yang sifatnya
B. memelihara tanaman dan hewan yang mempunyai
sifat baik
C. menggiatkan pertanian, peternakan dan perikanan
D. mendapatkan tanaman dan hewan yang
berproduksi tinggi
E. mendapatkan tanaman dan hewan yang
mempunyai sifat unggul
Contoh proses bioteknologi tradisional adalah …
A. pembuatan tempe
B. pengolahan limbah
C. pembuatan kompos
D. pembuatan tahu
E. penemuan interferon
Pada tabel berikut hubungan yang benar antara produk,
bahan mentah dan mikroorganismenya terdapat pada

No. Produk Bahan mentah Mikroorganisme
A. Keju Dadih susu Streptococcus lactis
B. Tauco Kacang Rhyzopus oryzaea
C. Biji kopi Buah kopi Candida utilis
D. Saos ikan Ikan laut Lactobacillus plantarum
E. tempe Kesdelai Rhizopus oryzae
Pembentukan organisme penghasil interferon
dilakukan melalui teknik …
A. kultur jaringan
B. biakan murni
C. transplantasi gen
D. transplantasi nukleus
E. transplantasi embrio
Peristiwa pembentukan biogas dari limbah rumah tangga
yang mengandung protein, lemak dan karbohidrat
dilakukan melalui proses fermentasi oleh …
A. Eschericia coli secara anaerob
B. Thiobacillus ferroxidan secara aerob
C. Bacillus thuringiensis secara aerob
D. Methanobacterium omelianskii secara anaerob
E. Escheichia coli secara aerob
Berikut ini adalah tahapan pada rekayasa genetika
1. Pembuatan klon dan replikasi
2. Pembuatan wahana
3. Isolasi gen
4. Produksi
Urutan tahapan pada rekayasa genetika adalah …
A. 1, 2, 3 dan 4
B. 2, 3, 4 dan 1
C. 3, 4, 2 dan 1
D. 3, 2, 1 dan 4
E. 4, 3, 2 dan 1


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